Constructor brings project management for software developers back to basics

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Project management company, Constructor, embraces a minimalist design that enables users to easily create and assign new tasks. Read More.

Big Data Project Management: What’s In & What’s Out?


Here’s something to think about when you're planning a big data project: are you planning a project or a program ? Here's a simple distinction: A project typically has a beginning, middle, and end. Projects. Relatively self-contained big data projects may be tied to an ongoing process or program that is already developing or delivering a product or service. Related reading: Agile Software Development and Project Collaboration Tools.


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Product Manager Vs Project Manager


Information Technology Blog - - Product Manager Vs Project Manager - Information Technology Blog. The roles of the Product Manager and the Project Manager are often confused, however, they are very different on a number of levels. What is Product Management?

4 Types of Project Management Offices That Deliver Value


During conversations with clients, Gartner analysts discovered organizations designed project management offices (PMOs) in a variety of setups. This makes it hard for program and portfolio management (PPM) leaders to determine the type of PMO best suited to their organization.”. The most effective way to support the management of projects, programs and portfolios will differ depending on the organization’s maturity level.

New Study: 2018 State of Embedded Analytics Report

Part 3: Analytics Development Platforms Keep Applications Ahead of the Market. Companies no longer have the time or luxury to treat analytics as a standalone project. While I was at this company, new cloud services were developed in weeks and upgraded daily. development.

IT Project Management: What Makes Digital Projects Different


Unsurprisingly, this has meant the management of digital projects and programs has become a critical focus for IT project management offices (PMOs). ” However, PMO and project management processes are considered potential sources of delays by more than 80% of software development teams using Agile processes. The bottom-up, project-based model for funding work that most IT functions use fails to support this pace of changing priorities.

IT Project Management: The PMO’s Role in Agile Organizations


The demands from all parts of a company to digitize products, services, and processes has meant that IT teams have had to speed-up their development of new technology ideas – and how quickly they let the bad ones fail – and this has led many of them to embrace Agile methods. But while the Agile approach has certainly been helpful, the conversations about introducing Agile between business partners and the broader IT team rarely include IT project management teams.

The Tip of the Spear II: Connecting Big Data Project Management with Enterprise Data Strategy


Managing data is not the same as analyzing it. Based on the 20+ personal, telephone, and email interviews I’ve conducted so far [2] as part of my big data project management research I would add a fourth item to McKinney's list: We need to spend at least as much time to planning and managing the people and business processes that make data analysis possible as we do the analysis process itself and the technologies that support it. Portfolio Management. Dennis D.

ZenHub doubles down on automation for GitHub project management

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ZenHub, a 7-year-old startup that offers developers a project management and collaboration tool for GitHub, is doubling down on automation. Read More.

IT Project Management: How PMOs Can Survive in a Digitized Company


Many managers – inside and outside of IT – have strong points of views, and often visceral emotions, about IT project management offices (PMOs). Indeed, some of the most zealous practitioners of Agile and DevOps — both methods of software development that are critical to companies’ digitization efforts — muse about the possibility of a “post-PMO era.”.

LinearB, which brings contextual metrics to software development project management, raises $16M

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LinearB, the company behind a "software delivery intelligence" platform for developers, has raised $16 million. Read More.

IT Project Management: Answers to the Top 5 Questions about Managing Digital Products


Almost 90% of managers now say that digitization is a high priority for their company, and two-thirds say they will lose any competitive advantage they hold if they don’t become significantly more digitized. But digitization requires fundamental change – both to the way managers think about products, markets, and competitive responses , and in how the company is organized. “Products over projects” – what does that mean? What happens to projects?

10 Best Practices in Configuring your Agile Project Management Tools

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If you are serious about agile development then you most likely selected a tool to enable team collaboration and manage the backlog, sprints, and releases. While I have heard of some teams and even organizations staying low tech and using stickies, cards, or spreadsheets, it's really hard to scale to multiple teams, manage distributed teams, or develop metrics to support process improvements.

3 Signs Devoted Agile Development Teams Lack Urgency and What to Do

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Everyone could benefit from a project management course. These are our favorites.

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Looking for a new way to enhance your professional development? A project management course can reap rewards in the workplace and beyond. Getting trained in project management can help you become more organized and extra confident when taking on more complicated projects at work.

What is Risk Management in Project Management?


Information Technology Blog - - What is Risk Management in Project Management? Enterprise risk management and project management have some similarities, especially at first glance. The Meaning of Risk Management in Projects. What is Project Management? In essence, project management combines various activities to drive projects from ideas all the way to the final development phase.

Google announces the Open Usage Commons to help open source projects manage trademarks

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Google and partners launched the Open Usage Commons to extend the philosophy and definition of open source to project trademarks. Business Dev Enterprise ai category-/Computers & Electronics/Software developer Google Open source The Open Usage Commons trademarks

5 Ways to Improve Developer Productivity and Quality on Agile Development Teams

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Many leaders that are new to scaling agile ask me about measuring individual developer and tester productivity since most agile metrics such as velocity are aggregate measures around a team's performance. agile software development DevOps digital transformation it management leadership offshore development organizational change product management project management software development software qa

Enterprise Agile Development - Why you still need Project Managers.

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I cover topics for Technologists from CIOs to Developers - agile development, agile portfolio management, leadership, business intelligence, big data, startups, social networking, SaaS, content management, media, enterprise 2.0 Enterprise Agile Development - Why you still need Project Managers. Ive been asked lately about the role of project managers on agile or SCRUM teams. Project managers should be tasked with this scheduling.

20 Bad Behaviors of Agile Development Product Owners

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I've worked with some very strong Agile Product Owners, others that needed a lot of help transitioning from BRD centric waterfall product management, and others that have strong backgrounds in other product roles (product strategy, management, or marketing) and are new to agile product development. agile planning agile software development DevOps innovation it management organizational change product management project management

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How to be a Program Manager in Agile Organizations

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"We don't need program managers," said the agile leader. Surely, many of the responsibilities we expected of program and project managers have shifted since the pre-agile world. . Let's think about that for a few seconds.

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Choosing the right project management methodology

ComputerWorld IT Management

In " How to pick a project management methodology (PMM) ," I covered the some of the most recognized methodologies, as well as a few high-level factors, that may impact selection decisions. These methodologies are repeatable, effective and efficient processes that help organizations streamline project activities. PMMs are definitely not one-size-fits all, even within the same company, project type or industry.

Case study: Using project management for effective crowdsourcing

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One of the most important implications of organizations shifting to crowdsourcing and crowd work is the need for effective project management structures. We cover Project Management in Chapter 14 of Getting Results From Crowds. He relies heavily on crowds in building the company, and uses tight project management processes to manage them. “It Effective project management of crowd workers is enabling his new startup to get out of the gates faster.

16 Top Project Management Methodologies


If you’re new to Project Management, the number of different methodologies (and acronyms) can be mind-boggling. We’ve broken 16 common project management methodologies into bite-sized pieces to help you choose the best approach for your next project. ADAPTIVE PROJECT FRAMEWORK (APF). Improves the project at every stage by learning from the previous stage’s results. Stakeholders review the project

5 Risk Mitigation Strategies for Agile Teams

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I find that agile teams, because they are agile, may leave behind fundamental-to-IT risk mitigation strategies that can make sprints, releases, and application development more reliable and robust. agile software development future of work innovation organizational change project management software development software qa

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How To Question Developers and Learn What is Really Going On

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Anyone who''s ever worked with me knows that I love spending time with developers. agile software development innovation it management organizational change project management I will ask simple questions, "What are you working on?", "Can I see the code?", "Who is also working on this requirement and what are they doing?", and my favorite question, "How will your work help customers?".

8 quick ways to increase your project management knowledge

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With 10 interconnected knowledge areas that incorporate the use of 47 processes organized into five process groups, project management can be a multifaceted maze to navigate. Developing a deeper understanding of this discipline can be an all-consuming and intimidating task at times, and just trying to find out where to turn for training can feel overwhelming.

Looking for talented editors/ writers / project managers / social media on cool tech, media, and future topics

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We have just posted an ad on Elance , looking for editors/ writers/ project managers for some of our existing and forthcoming online publications. Talented editors/ writers / project managers / social media for cool tech and future topics. We are looking for highly talented editors/ project managers who can drive quality content and traffic on these sites. Following our project and content guidelines.

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Seeking talent in Sydney: Amazing Content and Web Project Managers – Part-time

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We have just placed an ad on Seek for Amazing Content and Web Project Managers – Part-time. Amazing Content and Web Project Managers – Part-time. Drive cutting-edge content projects with global visibility. We are running a wide range of projects, and if you’re amazing we will find ways to use you – we have unlimited openings for awesome people. We need people whose talent, intelligence, experience and skills can be applied to our projects.

What Agile Teams Can Learn From 1st Graders

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So much what makes agile teams successful is dependent on their collaboration - establishing a shared understanding of priorities, solving problems, developing solutions, resolving blocks, and improving practices. agile planning agile software development it management organizational change project management software development

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Looking for Amazing Multi-Talented Content Project Manager/ Editor/ Web Dev - Part-time - Sydney

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Amazing Multi-Talented Content Project Manager/ Editor/ Web Dev – Part-time - Sydney. Apply your awesome talent and intelligence to cutting-edge highly visible content projects: reports, web, iPad, events and more: part-time/ flexible. • We are looking for someone extremely talented at content creation and projects. Drive cutting-edge content projects with global visibility. Project management: We have a diverse range of projects on the go.

Reimagine Apprenticeships for Today’s Talent Development


Gartner defines apprenticeships as a system of training and development across the enterprise on the skills and competencies of critical roles with on-the-job training, accompanying study and work that further agency objectives. This person will need good business acumen and networking and project management skills. Using your strategic plan as the guide, determine the skills the apprenticeship should develop. Step 7: Pick the right projects.

Linear raises $13 million to streamline software development projects

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Linear, a project management tool and issue tracker for software development teams, has raised $13 million in a series A round of funding. Read More.

5 Key Lessons for New Agile Product Owners

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At some point, organizations that want to scale to more agile development programs or take on wider scoped digital transformation efforts need to consider how best to cultivate Product Owners. Scaling additional development teams is a lot easier. Once an organization has a defined agile practice, a defined set of technology platforms, and a documented development standard then scaling.

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Enterprise Agile Practices - Scaling from Teams to Organizations

Social, Agile and Transformation

How do IT departments and software development companies achieve consistency with their agile programs? Agile delivery methods make it easy to start small by winning one sprint at a time, one team at a time, and one product release at a time until organizations develop a rhythm of delivery and drive process improvement through retrospectives and self organization practices.

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10 Ways to be More Agile

CIO Dashboard

You might think the word “ agile ” is synonymous with “paralysis” to see some organizations react to the idea of introducing agile development principles to their traditional systems development lifecycle (SDLC). But if the organization’s goals include increasing the speed of development, quickly uncovering defects, improving business-IT understanding and raising the level of overall solution quality, here are 10 agile ideas to consider.

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What is the Most Important Agile KPI?

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Some want to try measuring agile methodologies with the same project management measurements that worked for them in the past, while others are trying to establish some oversight on a process that they don' fully understand.

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How Important Is “Perfect Data” To Data Analytics Programs?


database managers have always had to concern themselves with standards, data cleaning, corrections, and manual versus automated approaches to data quality control. Look first at available data before proposing significant changes to your data management infrastructure. Engage early and often with senior management, not just with your project's sponsor. Also consider upgrading middle and upper management's analytical skills. Dennis D. McDonald.

The Agile CIO as a Business – IT Marriage Counselor

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If the relationship between developers and business users is like a marriage, sometimes the CIO’s job is akin to a marriage counselor. CIOs who can help guide both parties in a business towards mutual understanding and common goals are delivering real value: projects delivered on time, on budget with the functionality the company needs to compete. In our experience agile’s focus on collaboration and flexibility can drive significant improvements in project delivery.

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Why and How to Estimate in Agile?

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agile planning agile software development product management project managementI love this post, Why Estimate? It's a topic I've confronted at organizations adopting agile and I hear all the barriers, "it's not accurate", "don't hold me accountable to it", "isn't estimating a waterfall process?". Mike's points are dead on. You estimated to help make decisions on what NOT to do. If a feature is broken down to12 stories estimated at 150 points and the team's velocity is.

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Old Problem – New Context – Business to IT Translation

Perficient - Digital Transformation

If they had been following a basic project management or software development life cycle it could have been avoided. These tools make it easier to manage the basics with the check box’s included. These tools need to part of our everyday life during a project cycle and simple to use. A little upfront planning and training can deliver astounding results throughout the project lifecycle.


CIO Blogs for July 2011

A CIO's Voice

How to Kill Projects and Develop Agile Programs Part 1 by Isaac Sacolick. Free Answers From Google On How CIOs Can Be Better Managers by Jim Anderson. C-Level Executives CIO CIO/CTO IT Process Leadership Management Chief Information Officer CIO Leader CIO role corporate innovation CTO culture executive IT IT executive IT Management leader leadership style metrics Project Management technology Reinvent Your Training Methods by Chris Curran.

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The 4 Traits Every CIO Should Aim to Develop


It's easy to become bogged down in the day to day of managing the IT department. You should also be an integral part in developing a strategy to overcome those challenges. Stay informed of new technology options that can help with managing remote employees, project management, tracking shipping, or monitoring employee productivity. Brigg Patten. If you’re a CIO, you worked hard to get to where you are. You know a thing or two or technology and business.