Device Management Strategy Planning: Defining the Opportunity


To this day, many organizations still struggle with regards to device management strategy. While email security is still a top priority, businesses are attempting to do more with these devices to further enable their employees.

Device Management Strategy Planning: More Questions Than Answers


Within the last few years, while in meeting discussing a Mobile Device Management (MDM) strategies , I have been frequently told the following by clientele when inquiring about business requirements: “I want to be able to do all my tasks on my iPad.(

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Chrome OS gets cryptographically verified enterprise device management

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Companies will now be able to cryptographically validate the identity of Chrome OS devices connecting to their networks and verify that those devices conform to their security policies. The API relies on digital certificates stored in the hardware-based Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs) present in every Chrome OS device to certify that the security state of those devices has not been altered.

How to Speed Up a Low-End Windows 10 PC for Gaming


Here, you get regular updates automatically from your device manufacturer that helps you update software. Here, you can ensure using the GPU management software that is set to automatically update. It will open a new Device Manager window. Gaming Hardware

How to Use Enterprise State Roaming ESR Feature for Windows Autopilot Deployment


Introduction End-user experience is a crucial factor in modern device management. Let’s consider an Autopilot device break-fix scenario (Laptop hardware is faulty). Subscribe YouTube Channel [link]. and Facebook Page to get latest updates. link].

How to roll back drivers in Windows 10


Search for the Device Manager settings and open them. you can also open the Device Manager using Control Panel if that is easier to you, or just use the keyboard shortcut by pressing the Windows key and the letter X at the exact same time).

Best of Build 2014: Getting Ready for Windows 8.1 Update

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Update include: Improved hardware support for devices with lower hardware specifications, such as 1GB RAM and 16GB storage space. Extended Mobile Device Management (MDM) support. Update experience on client devices.

Microsoft unveils a bonanza of security capabilities

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Microsoft also launched new tools to help organizations get more use out of mobile device management products by giving them tools to migrate group policy settings to cloud-managed devices. What's more, Microsoft has launched a new tool that’s designed to help customers configure the Surface hardware under their administration, doing things like disabling the tablets' cameras.

Security and Windows 10 Will Cross Paths for Enterprises


Outside of the more notable and talked about features—friendlier UI, improved device manageability including MDM, easier operating system deployment (OSD), universal applications, and a customizable store portal for organizations—Windows 10 comes with something even more important - deeper security. Multi-factor authentication for both cloud-based accounts and on-premise Active Directory will now be part of Windows, rather needing a hardware solution to complete.

The Endpoint Imperative: The Perimeter is Dead; Long Live the Perimeter!

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The result: Higher productivity, but bigger challenges for security, data protection, and mobile device management. Yasser: You know Kevin nowadays with the cloud and mobility trends, we as end users we take our devices and work anywhere and everywhere at anytime.

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Best of BUILD 2013: What's New in Windows 8.1 for IT Pros - IT Pros.

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James van den Berg, MVP Cloud and Datacenter Management. Configuration Manager. will improve enterprise end-user and management scenarios. John Vintzel , Senior Program Manager on the Windows team, delivered a great session on the new features in Windows 8.1 Sign in.

VMworld 2014 Day 2 Keynote

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The second major pillar that Poonen discusses is enterprise mobility management. It’s not just about application management, but also about content management, email management, and device management. The partnership brings together AirWatch and SAP Secure Mobile for the secure delivery of applications to mobile devices. This radically simplifies the administration and management of desktops and applications.

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Our first Aurora add-in, which also works on Vail -

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The AWIECO RemoteLauncher add-in for Small Business Server "Aurora" and Windows Home Server "Vail" Beta Refresh is a free and useful add-in, which gives you more administrative possibilities to manage your SBS or WHS remotely. How To Install Windows Home Server 2011 on your MediaSmart or DataVault Hardware. [tech]. Technology Tips, Tricks & News Home | Technical Blog |. Photo Blog | E-Mail Me. Thursday, August 19, 2010.