Endpoint device management: Protecting the enterprise front door

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According to Bill Odell, the Dell Vice President of Marketing for Endpoint Device Management , you need to protect the enterprise front door. Since devices are the network’s gateways, endpoint device management is now the key to protecting your enterprise data.

Security and Windows 10 Will Cross Paths for Enterprises


1 area of spending increase in 2015, with nearly half (46%) planning to invest more in access control, intrusion prevention, and virus and malware protection. Outside of the more notable and talked about features—friendlier UI, improved device manageability including MDM, easier operating system deployment (OSD), universal applications, and a customizable store portal for organizations—Windows 10 comes with something even more important - deeper security.

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How to Choose the Best Vulnerability Scanning Tool for Your Business


For any business today, scanning its systems and network for vulnerabilities is of critical importance. To be noted is the fact that a vulnerability scanner is as important as a malware scanner today.

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Sunburn - A Screw's Loose

A Screw's Loose

The first thing that they worry about is whether they can get their email, calendar, and contacts on their device. The first bit of pushback always concerns logging into the device. Most organizations require that users put a passcode on their device. Expense management.