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What’s Free at Linux Academy — March 2019

Linux Academy

By adding free cloud training to our Community Membership, students have the opportunity to develop their Linux and cloud skills further. Stay tuned to the Linux Academy blog for further details. Are you a non-technical person just wanting to know what this “Linux” thing is?

Linux 63

Weekly Update 5-20-2019

Linux Academy

This week, we’re diving into brand new DevOps courses. Great news for all of our Linux Academy students; Red Hat Enterprise is already available to try out in Linux Academy’s Cloud Playground! Implementing an Auto Scaling Group and Application Load Balancer in AWS.

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AIOps and our Robot Kubernetes Kops

Linux Academy

On the heals of the still wet DevOps movement we are introduced to the new era of DevOps that reaches beyond pipeline automation and into the realm of pipeline evolution. AIOps is the culmination of the DevOps pipeline automation to accommodate this need for automated and continuous deployment as well as automated and continuous scaling. These metrics makeup a great data source for further analytics. Most of them are proprietary and few open source solutions exist.

Technology Short Take #48

Scott Lowe

Matt Oswalt recently wrapped up his 3-part “DevOps for Networking” series. Part 2 talks about source-driven configuration for NetOps (which discusses the use of Git and Gerrit to manage network device configurations), while Part 3 walks through a continuous integration pipeline for networking (which adds Jenkins to the mix described in part 2). A quick perusal of the ONF web site does not indicate that the OpenFlow materials are available anywhere under any open source license.

Liveblog: DockerCon 2015 Day 2 General Session

Scott Lowe

Chris Buckley, Director of DevOps at Business Insider, took the stage to provide an overview of how Business Insider (BI) started using Docker. Johnston points out that one of the most popular images on the Docker Hub is the open source Docker registry (6.5 There’s a lot of redundancy here, and Booz Allen was engaged to create an “open source first cloud-based” common platform that would modernize and streamline these stovepiped applications.