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Mapping: The Power Hidden in Plain Sight

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I’ll bet you know that Google is reinventing mapping from the ground up, swinging for the the stars with layers of data, intelligence, and real-time insight. But I bet you didn’t know there’s a US three-letter agency dedicated to maps?

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Don’t go overboard at the edge in edge computing

David Linthicum

The whole idea of edge computing is to push some processing and data retention out to the edge of the network. As we move to internet of things (IoT) devices that are gathering gobs of data, it makes sense to process that data close to where it’s gathered. In some cases—like managing a jet engine—you want to return results directly from the edge device, reducing the need for bandwidth and decreasing response latency.

Competition Heats Up In Banking Transformation Services

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After a few quiet years, Thought Machine, the fintech behind a new core banking platform called Vault, is stealing the limelight, first with its announcement of a strategic partnership with Lloyds Banking Group, then with a similar partnership with the digital bank Atom.

Mind the gap: AI and machine learning lag in adoption


Despite acknowledging that AI and machine learning are the harbinger of future technology, most businesses are lagging in AI adoption. A report by RELX Group found that companies are not investing enough for AI and machine learning technologies. More than 91 percent of senior executives polled understood that AI and machine learning were important but […]. Artificial Intelligence News

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DAM or Web CMS Part 2: Find Out Which DX Technology You Need For Workflow, Delivery

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In the second part of our series we take a look at workflow and delivery and where digital asset management and web content management systems excel. If you haven’t seen the first part of our analysis, make sure you check it out. Do you need more help?

Baidu Leads AI Patent Applications In China With 2,368 Filings


Baidu, sometimes referred to as the Chinese equivalent of Google, has filed more artificial intelligence (AI) patent applications than any other company in China, according to a report by Patent Protection Association of China. The search engine company, which is valued at $191 billion, has filed 2,368 AI patent applications, according to the “Analysis on Artificial […]. Artificial Intelligence News

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NVIDIA’s new AI turns videos of the real world into virtual landscapes


New Nvidia AI research project uses objects and scenery from within existing videos to build new interactive environments in realistic city landscapes. With the help of some clever machine learning techniques and a handy supercomputer, NVIDIA has used AI to chew on existing videos and use the objects. Neural networks — specifically generative models — will change […]. Artificial Intelligence News

What to Look for in a Data Protection Officer, and Do You Need One?

Information Week

The hiring of a data protection officer is a key element of compliance with GDPR, but it's also an opportunity to differentiate your company

Even The Hype about artificial intelligence can bring policy benefits


Read why John Thornhill says AI and machine learning are overhyped but that is actually good for the technology such bubbles often the prelude to the deployment of disruptive technologies on Financial Times. Here are two seemingly contradictory but surprisingly consistent statements about artificial intelligence. First, AI is massively over-hyped. Second, this is a good thing. Talk […]. Artificial Intelligence CTO News

The CIO as “Chief Influence Officer”: How to Calibrate Your Impact

Future of CIO

Organizations of the future are increasingly exhibiting digital characteristics in various shades, colors, extensiveness, and intensity. The modern CIOs play the crucial role in driving changes and leading digitalization.

One Of The re:Invent Topics We Almost Missed: New Inferentia machine learning chip


There were an overwhelming number of announcements coming out of AWS re:invent this year. If you haven’t seen our summary list yet, see: Highlights From AWS re:Invent In hindsight we did not give enough attention to the very important announcement of Inferentia. Here is what Tech Crunch said about that: The machine learning chip market […]. Artificial Intelligence News

Playing Innovation Oddball: Expand Boundary

Future of CIO

In the industrial age, the overly rigid hierarchy is often the cause of bureaucracy and leads to the business stagnation.

Intune Win32 App Deployment using Modern Management – Part 1


One year back, I worked for a customer to deploy Windows 10 with modern management tools like Intune. The major limitation we faced is Intune Win32 App Deployment. Intune supported only single Msi file. Because of this limitation, we were unable to deploy applications with EXE, multiple MSIs, MST, batch files, etc. These application deployment […].

The Monthly “Digital Fit” Book Tuning: The Multi-Dimensional Digital Fit Dec. 2018

Future of CIO

Digital makes a significant impact on every aspect of the business from people, process to technology, both horizontally and vertically.

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It’s a Wrap: Highlights from Data Natives 2018


How do you merge the perspectives of the data scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, student and CTO’s under one roof when it comes to data-driven decisions? How do you bring together the likes of Google and IBM with academics and universities to find answers to the most relevant questions in the world. The post It’s a Wrap: Highlights from Data Natives 2018 appeared first on Dataconomy.

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Katrina Roberts, a CIO at American Express, Shares Hiring Strategy

Information Week

Strategies for recruiting IT talent are changing rapidly, and it's not just about challenges. There are opportunities and benefits as well

Benefits of Continuous Integration for Businesses and IT Teams


Software is a key competitive differentiator for companies across industries. The faster companies can get new enhancements and functionality to market, the wider their competitive edge. To achieve this lead, enterprise development teams need to optimize their workflow for efficiency, quality, and reliability. As such, development teams adopt continuous integration (CI) to speed up and. Read more. The post Benefits of Continuous Integration for Businesses and IT Teams appeared first on Flexagon.

Intune Win32 App Deployment using Modern Management


Subscribe YouTube Channel [link]. and Facebook Page to get latest updates. link]. One year back, I worked for a customer to deploy Windows 10 with modern management tools like Intune. The major limitation we faced is Intune Win32 App Deployment. Intune supported only single Msi file.