Sun.Jul 15, 2018

The Defense Innovation Board Provides Insights Actionable By Government and Industry Technologists


The Defense Innovation Board (DIB) is an advisory board for DoD. This means it does not have command authority, but can offer food for thought and suggestions for consideration. But my view is the ideas and suggestions the DIB is making are so compelling that everyone in DoD should pay attention and take action on [.]. Artificial Intelligence CTO News

The Toughness and Softness of Digital CIOs

Future of CIO

With continuously technology-driven disruptions and exponential growth of information, Digital is the era for the rise of the CIO role. IT has become “softer” because it shifts from monolithic hardware oriented to mosaic information-driven.

The Monthly “Dot Connections” Connecting Dots to Build Digital Workforce July 2018

Future of CIO

The effects of an increasingly digitalized world are now reaching into every corner of businesses and every aspect of organizations.