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Employee Engagement And Cultural Transformation Drive Customer Experience

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Employee engagement is critical for customer experience. age of the customer culture digital transformation employee engagement employee experience human resources management applications

The case for “stepping stone” private clouds

David Linthicum

Public cloud providers surprised a great deal of people when they came out with proprietary private clouds. That’s where actual hardware and software support a subset of public cloud services.)

The Impact Of Digital Transformation On The Vulnerability Management Space

Forrester IT

As I’m kicking off the next iteration of the Forrester Wave™ for vulnerability risk management in the coming weeks, I’ve been fielding a lot of questions about what I’m going to be focusing on and why.


CIO Power Politics: The Key to Correcting in Public


The general rule for management is “Correct in private, praise in public.” But in larger meeting or gatherings, waiting to correct a behavior can make it seem acceptable to the group.

Schema Evolution Patterns

Speaker: Alex Rasmussen, CEO, Bits on Disk

If you want to make your development team squirm, ask them about database schema changes or API versioning. Most development teams struggle with changing database schemas and updating API versions without breaking existing code. Alex Rasmussen is an expert in helping teams through these struggles. His talk will examine database schema changes and API versioning as two instances of schema evolution: how your systems respond when the structure of your structured data changes.

Service Providers Begin To Get With The New Dynamic At Microsoft

Forrester IT

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made a statement last year at a media briefing that has stuck with me: “ Our business model fundamentally is about creating more surplus outside us. We will only be long-term successful if people are making more money around us.”

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Make Addressing Climate Change A Priority For Your Tech-Driven Innovation Efforts

Forrester IT

If your firm is customer-obsessed, then a key focus should be on addressing emerging customer needs — and, sadly, where and how customers can live is rising fast as a global concern.

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Three Steps To Promoting Productivity In The Workplace With AI


Read James Freeze list three steps you can use to promote productivity in your organization with artificial intelligence on Forbes : Since artificial intelligence (AI) entered popular conversation, the narrative surrounding the technology has been dominated by excitement — and also apprehension. In the media and around dinner tables, among academics, politicians and everyday workers, […]. Artificial Intelligence News

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8 Workplace Safety Mistakes You Must Avoid


An accidental fall could cause a grievous injury. And if this fall occurs at the workplace, the employer has to take responsibility for the employee’s well-being and recovery.

Research indicates the only defense against killer AI is not developing it


Read Tristan Greene’s article about why the only defense against killer AI is not developing it on The Next Web : A recent analysis on the future of warfare indicates that countries that continue to develop AI for military use risk losing control of the battlefield.

Team Leadership in the Age of Agile

Speaker: Roy Osherove, Technology and Leadership Consultant

Why is implementing new frameworks, from SCRUM to self-organized teams, so much harder than understanding them? Roy Osherove has the solution. Tune in and learn to recognize what state your team is in, to support them accordingly, and to help them adopt the best practices given where they are today.

2 IT Modernization Strategies to Avoid the Complacency Death Spiral

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Many organizations face cultural inertia against IT modernization. Companies typically treat IT as a cost center because of a history of expensive programs with cost overruns and missed deadlines.

Artificial intelligence better than humans at spotting lung cancer


Lung cancer causes almost 160,000 deaths in the United States, according to the most recent estimates. The condition is the leading cause of cancer-related death in the U.S., and early detection is crucial for both stopping the spread of tumors and improving patient outcomes. As an alternative to chest X-rays, healthcare professionals have recently been using […]. Artificial Intelligence News

FlexDeploy vs Jenkins for Git Sparse Checkouts


While working with many FlexDeploy customers on DevOps for middleware and enterprise applications, I have noticed that organizations setup a multitude of Git repositories and each repository is used to store source code for many artifacts.

OODA Provides Technology Due Diligence At A Speed That Will Support Your Decision-Making Process


OODA’s leadership team and network of experts have extensive past performance in delivering due diligence support to private equity firms and holding companies. We are skilled at evaluating the cybersecurity posture of target companies.

The Six Principles of Persuasion

Speaker: Michael Carducci, CTO, Mago:Tech

As senior tech leaders, we often fall prey to thinking that a “good idea” and logical case is sufficient to get the desired response and result. We might be trying to get our CEO on-board with investment in a new technology or a rearchitecture effort, or we might want culture or process changes by our team. Our “good idea” is simply the beginning. An idea must be communicated; a case must be made; and ultimately other people must be persuaded to get onboard. Michael Carducci brings a fascinating background to this webinar. He’s a technologist and regularly works to help senior leaders improve their results. He’s also a professional mentalist and has been a student of psychology, human behavior and the principles of influence for nearly two decades.

5 Crucial Elements of Application Release Automation


Today’s IT departments are under increasing pressure to release new solutions and enhancements to existing capabilities. Many are expected to deliver updates and new applications in tight timeframes.

Inside Facebook’s New Robotics Lab, Where AI and Machines Friend One Another


Read Matt Simon take a look inside Facebook’s new robotics lab, where the company is teaching robots to walk on their own on the Wired : At first glance, Facebook’s nascent robotic platform looks a bit … chaotic. In a new lab in its palatial Silicon Valley HQ, a red and black Sawyer robot arm […]. Artificial Intelligence News

ERP Giants SAP and Oracle Add AI to Platforms

Information Week

As CIOs and other IT leaders shift their AI programs to incorporate more buying than building from scratch, vendors are adding new artificial intelligence capabilities to their platforms to meet the demand

Intel’s Mobileye chief bemoans tweaking of AI, talks up MaaS, moving beyond LIDAR


Several years back, Amnon Shashua was merely a very eloquent voice for self-driving car technology popping up at trade shows, usually to packed crowds. Then came Intel’s roughly $15 billion purchase of the company, completed in April of last year. Now part of one of the biggest semiconductor companies in the world, Shashua leads a key […]. Artificial Intelligence News

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Best Practices for Micro-Services Management, Traceability and Visualization

Speaker: Robert Starmer, Cloud Advisor, Founding Partner at Kumulus Technologies

Moving to micro-services, or even working with distributed applications in a traditional environment, brings with it a host of interactions that are often difficult to understand. This session will provide an overview of service mesh, a review of the Istio service mesh itself, and dive into best practices and integration models for integrating the traceability model into a distributed application.

Potential Impacts Beyond Cloud Applications & Infrastructure

Perficient - Digital Transformation

This is the next installment in a series of blogs on the subject of Cloud Transformation. When an organization makes a transition to cloud technology it will often cause a change in the way that organization thinks about IT solutions. Cloud technology allows an organization to operate in more of an experimental/disposable way. This freedom allows an organization to “try out” a totally new solution with NO long term cost implications from an infrastructure perspective.

New visual framework: Creating the Future of PR in a rapidly changing world

Trends in the Living Networks

In 2006 I wrote a popular article Six Facets of the Future of PR , which concluded: We are entering a world in which the flow of information and perceptions will drive much of the value creation in a highly networked global economy.

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Ready or Not, Big Data is Bringing Big Changes

Information Week

Companies looking to take advantage of the complex data game need to start by identifying general areas of their business that truly need help

Five Core Elements in Innovation Strategy

Future of CIO

Innovation is about gaining benefit by doing something different. Innovation is an exploration, production, adoption, assimilation, and exploitation of value-added novelty in business, economic and social spheres.

Emergent Risks in 2019 Facing Financial Services


Information Technology Blog - - Emergent Risks in 2019 Facing Financial Services - Information Technology Blog. The security of financial information has always been a cause for concern. The data that the financial industry collects grows vastly every year.

Why Should IT be Considered in the BoD’s Agenda?

Future of CIO

Many organizations are on the journey of digital transformation which represents the next stage of business maturity and will improve how the enterprise works and interacts with its digital ecosystem.

How IT Support Companies Can Better Connect With Clients


Information Technology Blog - - How IT Support Companies Can Better Connect With Clients - Information Technology Blog. The reality is that there’s a massive gap between how you communicate and what your clients can understand (unless you’re speaking with a CTO of course).

The Monthly “CIO Master” Book Tuning:The Traits and Perspectives to Make CIOs Standing Out as Digital Leader May 2019

Future of CIO

Compare to the other executive positions, the CIO role continues to be shaken up, refined, reinvented and reenergized. The magic “I” of the CIO title sparks many imaginations and modern CIOs need to wear different hats and play multiple roles.

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Blogging Break

Scott Lowe

I wanted to let readers know that there will be a break in my blogging over the next few weeks. Crystal and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary and have decided to take a very long trip to someplace very far away from civilization so that we can relax, unplug, and simply enjoy each other’s company. I’ll be back in civilization on June 7, and you can expect a quick post summarizing our trip (maybe with some photos).