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16 Retail Trailblazers To Learn From In 2019

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On our morning news feeds, we see headlines chock-full of emerging tech that is supposedly changing the game for next generation retail experiences.

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How "Big Iron" Does "Big Regulation"

Cloud Musings

According to Verizon, there were over there were over 53,000 security incidents in 2017, with over 2,200 of those identified as confirm data breaches. A Ponemon Institute study also showed that companies experiencing a data breach took an average of 147 days to detect that breach.

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New tool automates phishing attacks that bypass 2FA


A new penetration testing tool published at the start of the year by a security researcher can automate phishing attacks with an ease never seen before and can even blow through login operations for accounts protected by two-factor authentication (2FA). Named Modlishka –the English pronunciation of the Polish word for mantis– this new tool was created […]. Cyber Security News

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In the Digital Evolution of Entertainment, Data Gets a Starring Role


The digital revolution has completely changed the way we buy and rent movies. Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Google and other on-demand entertainment service providers have made the brick-and-mortar video stores irrelevant.

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Team Leadership in the Age of Agile

Speaker: Roy Osherove, Technology and Leadership Consultant

Why is implementing new frameworks, from SCRUM to self-organized teams, so much harder than understanding them? Roy Osherove has the solution. Tune in and learn to recognize what state your team is in, to support them accordingly, and to help them adopt the best practices given where they are today.

Marriott data breach exposed 5 million unencrypted passport numbers


More than 5 million unencrypted passport numbers were stolen as part of the Marriott data breach last year, according to an update from the hotel giant. The information accessed in the breach, which was first disclosed on Nov. 30th, also includes approximately 20.3 million encrypted passport numbers, the Bethesda, Md.-based based hotel chain revealed in an online […]. Cyber Security News

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Malvertising Campaign Delivers Info-Stealer Plus Ransomware


Security researchers have warned users of P2P sites of a new malvertising campaign featuring a twin threat: info-stealing malware and ransomware. By registering rogue advertising domains, the attackers are able to direct torrent site visitors to two different exploit kits: Fallout EK and GrandSoft EK, according to Malwarebytes. Those unlucky enough to be pushed according to geolocation […]. Cyber Security News

Now That You Have IoT, How Do You Manage It?

Information Week

A key to success with an IoT strategy is to keep the IT group involved in the process even at the pilot stage

German cyber-attack: man admits massive data breach, say police


A 20-year-old man has admitted to police that he was behind one of the country’s biggest data breaches, in which the private details of almost 1,000 public figures were leaked. The man, who lives with his parents in the central German state of Hesse and is still in the education system, told police he had acted […]. Cyber Security News

Build an Influencer Spectrum for Successful Organizational Change

Perficient - Digital Transformation

What are the first thoughts that come to your mind when you hear the title of “ influencer ”? For people active on social media, an influencer is someone who has established credibility, a large audience, and the ability to influence others by virtue of their trustworthiness and authenticity ( 1 ).

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Schema Evolution Patterns

Speaker: Alex Rasmussen, CEO, Bits on Disk

If you want to make your development team squirm, ask them about database schema changes or API versioning. Most development teams struggle with changing database schemas and updating API versions without breaking existing code. Alex Rasmussen is an expert in helping teams through these struggles. His talk will examine database schema changes and API versioning as two instances of schema evolution: how your systems respond when the structure of your structured data changes.

Protecting businesses from insider threats with machine learning


Machine learning and AI are the latest tools being utilized by businesses to help prevent cybercrime and stop cyber attacks. However, what if these same tools could be used to help stop insider threats such as employees leaking or misusing company data? TechRadar Pro spoke with Jazz Networks’ CEO Hani Mustafa who explained how businesses have […]. Cyber Security News

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Looking at 2019 Software Trends with Pivotal

Perficient - Digital Transformation

2019 is here, and with a new year comes new trends and technologies. In the digital age, the amount of information available is endless, and learning about what’s to come can be overwhelming. Over at our partner, Pivotal, they are bringing together experts, customers, and leading technologists to forecast transformative trends for 2019.

Change Impact Assessment

Future of CIO

Change is the new normal with increasing pace. The only certainty leaders of organizations will have is that their business will change. It is only a matter of time. Corporate change can be a simple modification of strategy, a business process improvement or a more radical digital transformation.

Exploring the economic realities of cybersecurity insurance | Salted Hash Ep 43

Network World

Guest host Juliet Beauchamp talks with senior writer J.M. Porup about the newly created cybersecurity insurance industry, and how a policy could fit into an organization's overall security strategy to help minimize risk

Best Practices for Micro-Services Management, Traceability and Visualization

Speaker: Robert Starmer, Cloud Advisor, Founding Partner at Kumulus Technologies

Moving to micro-services, or even working with distributed applications in a traditional environment, brings with it a host of interactions that are often difficult to understand. This session will provide an overview of service mesh, a review of the Istio service mesh itself, and dive into best practices and integration models for integrating the traceability model into a distributed application.

Playing Innovation Oddballs: Diversify the Diversity

Future of CIO

The world now moves to the new era of hyper-connectivity, over-complexity, and fierce competition. Although information is abundant and knowledge are only clicks away, many say well still live in the age of the information rich and insight poor.

Top Technology Trends for Smarter, Strategic Customer Care

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Whether its online, in-store, or multichannel, customer experience (CX) is a key differentiator for businesses. Extending beyond the front-end purchase experience, CX encompasses the total journey of a customer’s interactions with your brand. Customer care, how well customers are taken care of while they interact with your brand, is a giant piece of the customer experience pie. In light of this, this is why smarter, strategic customer care strategies pay dividends.

The Weekly Insight of the “Future of CIO” 1/11/2019

Future of CIO

Blogging is not about writing, but about thinking, brainstorming, innovating and sharing. The “Future of CIO” Blog has reached 2.8 million page views with 5300+ blog posting in 59+ different categories of leadership, management, strategy, digitalization, change/talent, etc.