Thu.Aug 17, 2017

The Data Digest: Understand Emotion To Drive Technology Engagement

Forrester IT

Thanks to the rise of empowered consumers, products and experiences that once seemed improbable, such as (literally) instant delivery, are now integral to our lives.

Docker Can Now Containerize Legacy Apps Running on Mainframes

Data Center Knowledge

Latest Enterprise Edition release also beefs up security Read More. DevOps Docker Security

Enterprises will need more bandwidth than public internet

Computer Weekly

As enterprises continue to digitise their operations over the next few years, their demand for data and bandwidth capacity will massively increase, says Equinix

State Of The Gopher Nation - Aug 17


I am at GolangUK in London, having just finished giving the opening keynote. I was a bit more nervous than usual, in part, due to the length of time since my last talk, and in part I was representing the entire Go project for the first time in a keynote. This talk is an overview of the entire Go project. It covers “what we’ve done”, “why we did it” and “where we are going” as a project.

Video 123

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Coherent vs. Direct Detection in Metro Data Center Interconnectivity

Data Center Knowledge

High-availability metro-regional clusters can only be effective if the data center interconnectivity (DCI) between them doesn’t become a bottleneck. Read More. Industry Perspectives DCI

Cyber criminals command top-level attacks, warns Check Point

Computer Weekly

Businesses need to rethink cyber defences with nation-state attack tools in the hands of ordinary cyber criminals, warns Check Point

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The Case for Decentralized Identity

Phil Windley

Summary: We cannot decentralize many interesting systems without also decentralizing the identity systems upon which they rely. We're finally in a position to create truly decentralized systems for digital identity.

The correlation between creativity, diversity and the future tech workforce

Computer Weekly

Many believe the UK computing curriculum should put more emphasis on creativity to prepare young people for an automated future


BT Exploring Open Data Center Switch Tech to Transform Its Network

Data Center Knowledge

Joint research project with Dell EMC to validate use of disaggregated networking for telcos Read More. Dell Design Networks

Top skills you need to avoid being replaced by a machine

Computer Weekly

A-level results have shown an increase in Stem subjects but tech skills remain a problem, warn some in the industry

Formulating Your Collaboration Strategy - be a Leader

IT Toolbox

Over the past two posts, I’ve been examining the “disrupt or be disrupted” theme in terms of collaboration. This mantra applies to many flavors of technology, but my focus here is to help decision-makers choose the right strategy. With strapped resources and outsized expectations to support the business, these days IT is more likely to be a follower than a leader with new technology

LG Electronics hit by suspected WannaCry attack

Computer Weekly

LG Electronics have been hit by ransomware that uses malicious code that could signal another WannaCry attack


Maryland Offers Local Data Centers Grants for Energy-Reducing Projects

Data Center Knowledge

Awards expected to range from $20,000 to $200,000 per project Read More. Power and Cooling

Energy 117

Boys outperform girls in 2017 computing A-levels

Computer Weekly

This year’s A-level results show more male students gaining higher grades than female students, but girls continue to steam ahead in ICT


Cloud Security and Why It Deals with Your Health Records

IT Toolbox

The Internet has made our wide world feel small by offering not only better ways to connect with people internationally but to share our thoughts, photos, and personal information. Time hasn’t made the Internet diverge from this interconnected path, either; it seems more and more likely that

Microsoft acquires Cycle Computing to lower barriers to HPC using cloud

Computer Weekly

Microsoft hits cloud acquisition trail to make high-performance computing accessible to a wider pool of enterprises

Perform Exchange EDB Recovery & Repair Exchange Database Using Eseutil Command

IT Toolbox

This post looks at how to recover your exchange DB using Eseutil

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Facebook sets out plans to open 10th datacentre by 2019

Computer Weekly

Social media giant to build new datacentre in New Albany, Ohio, to future-proof its infrastructure in the face of growing user demand

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Cisco Outlook Shows Robbins Turnaround Hasn’t Spurred Growth

Data Center Knowledge

Company reports seventh contraction in quarterly revenue; CEO Robbins is pushing business into software and services Read More. Business Cisco Investing

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UK rail passengers don’t trust on-board Wi-Fi

Computer Weekly

YouGov survey commissioned by Cobham Wireless finds UK commuters are increasingly frustrated with connectivity standards on the rail network

Women in cybersecurity: IBM wants to send you to a hacker conference for free

Tech Republic Security

A new IBM scholarship will cover 100% of the entry fees for any woman interested in attending EC-Council's Hacker Halted conference. Here's how to take advantage of the offer

Openreach adds 26 locations to roll-out

Computer Weekly

Openreach has added 26 more locations to its fibre-based broadband network, bringing the total number of properties served to half a million

A “Structural CIO”: How to Manage IT Systematically

Future of CIO

The “structural CIOs” can practice scientific engineering disciplines and take systematical approaches to manage an insightful IT organization. Information becomes omnipresent and technology is the disruptive force behind the digital transformation.

Barclays ring-fencing project means downtime for customers

Computer Weekly

Many Barclays services will be unavailable this weekend as part of the bank's project to separate retail and investment operations

Retail 110

Hacker claims to have decrypted Apple's Secure Enclave, destroying key piece of iOS mobile security

Tech Republic Security

iOS users beware: A hacker has just published a decryption key for the Apple Secure Enclave, which is responsible for processing Touch ID transactions

Apple 82

Cisco pivots strategically but still loses money

Computer Weekly

Cisco is betting big on intelligent, automated networking, but its revenues are dropping as it makes the strategic shift

Azure Managed VM Images – Using Premium Data Disks

IT Pros Rock!

Azure Managed VM Images provide a great way to capture customizations to a base Virtual Machine that can be reused over-and-over as a custom image - and these images can include the Managed Disks for both OS and data disks! However, when saving an image, disks are defaulted to using Standard storage to save on costs. When provisioning a new VM from this image via the portal or PowerShell, we can override this default to use Premium storage for OS disks but not currently for data disks.

Raspberry Pi owners: Update now to block this Wi-Fi hack

Tech Republic Security

The update from the old Debian Jessie-based version of Raspbian includes various security fixes, including a patch for the Broadpwn Wi-Fi vulnerability