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Gain Decision Advantage With Innovative Enterprise Software


For over 10 years CTOvision has consistently provided strategic context on the nature of technology and how to best leverage it for your personal and business objectives. We maintain the […]. CTO News

3 Ways CIOs Can Help CEOs Restore Growth


The CEO of Australia's national science agency knows that innovation is the key to a post-pandemic future. COVID-19 accelerated digital business and transformed working habits. Australia has been at least 10 years behind the U.S. in digital,” said Dr. Larry Marshall, Chief Executive of CSIRO, in a recent article , “but I would argue that because of COVID, Australia has accelerated at least five years in the last five months.”.

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Tableau Software integrates with Einstein Analytics for powerful data analytics


Tableau Software has announced it will bring together Tableau and Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics, providing customers with access to a broad and deep analytics platform. Einstein Analytics will be renamed to Tableau […]. News Tableau Software

Deploy Windows 10 20H2 Using SCCM Task Sequence | ConfigMgr


Subscribe YouTube Channel [link]. and Facebook Page to get latest updates. link]. This post will cover all the steps needed for bare metal deployment (Windows 10 20H2) using the configuration manager.

The Pro’s Guide To Getting The Best ROI From Your New LMS

You need a Learning Management System when your courses and training programs need to be accessible online. Quickly build the perfect business case and easily determine which LMS will provide the best return on investment you need with this how-to eBook!

Splunk acquires Plumbr and Rigor to build out its observability platform


Data platform Splunk today announced that it has acquired two startups, Plumbr and Rigor, to build out its new Observability Suite, which is also launching today. Plumbr is an application […]. News Splunk

5 Jobs You Could Get with CompTIA PenTest+

Association of Information Technology Professional

Learn how the specific skills covered in CompTIA PenTest+ translate into actual on-the-job responsibilities and how you can earn that promotion


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Security firm identifies 5 biggest cybersecurity risks for hospitals and healthcare organizations

Tech Republic Security

Wandera finds malicious network traffic and configuration vulnerabilities on mobile devices as popular entry points for cybercriminals

Don’t Let Strategic Debt Suffocate Your Organization


“I have to do everything myself, and I don’t have time to fix all of this.” ” The CEO who said that to me was a successful entrepreneur who had grown […]. CTO News


Tilt Five raises $7.5 million for AR goggles for tabletop board games

Venture Beast

Tilt Five has raised $7.5 million in funding to build its augmented reality glasses so that fans can play tabletop board games in AR. Read More. AR/VR Business Games augmented reality category-/Business & Industrial category-/Games DeanBeat News Jeri Ellsworth tabletop games Tilt Five

Why Apple And Microsoft Are Moving AI To The Edge


Read Mohanbir Sawhney explain why Apple and Microsoft are moving artificial intelligence to the Edge on Forbes : Artificial intelligence (AI) has traditionally been deployed in the cloud, because AI […]. News Apple Microsoft

Testing at Every Stage of Development

Up to 80% of new products fail. The reality is harsh and the reasons why are endless. Perhaps the new product couldn’t oust a customer favorite. Maybe it looked great but was too hard to use. Or, despite being a superior product, the go-to-market strategy failed. There’s always a risk when building a new product, but you can hedge your bets by understanding exactly what your customers' expectations truly are at every step of the development process.

Study identifies thousands of Twitter bots amplifying conspiracy theories ahead of the U.S. elections

Venture Beast

Researchers at the University of Southern California found evidence of bots spreading conspiracies ahead of the U.S. elections. Read More. AI Big Data Business Dev Social ai artificial intelligence bots Conspiracy conspiracy theories elections machine learning study Twitter U.S. 2020 elections

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Polestar Solutions And DataRobot Announce Partnership To Bring Enterprise AI And Analytics Solutions


Polestar Solutions, a leading player in the analytics and performance management space has unveiled its partnership with leading enterprise AI platform provider, DataRobot. Building on Polestar Solutions’ deep domain expertise […]. News DataRobot

Ways to Help CIOs and CFOs Calculate Cloud Costs and ROI

Information Week

More tools are available to give enterprise leadership greater clarity on the expenses and opportunities that come from cloud migration

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A Sobering Message About the Future at AI’s Biggest Party


Read why researchers say that deep learning, which led to great advances in AI over the past decade, is nearing its limits and new approaches are needed for further progress […]. News Google IBM

How Embedding AI-Powered Analytics Can Give You a Competitive Advantage

Embedding dashboards and reports aren’t enough. Futureproof your application by offering instant, actionable insights that will give you and your customers a competitive advantage.

DreamWorks Animation and SAP HANA partner with Lenovo for high-performance computing

Tech Republic Data Center

The announcements around high-performance computing and data center upgrades were made Wednesday during the Tech World conference

Taxpayers against cities paying up in ransomware attacks, says survey


While paying ransom in cyberattacks may be a viable strategy, local governments are going to have to answer to taxpayers should the choose that option, according to an IBM Security […]. News IBM

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CIOs Investigate How To Use IT To Improve Food-Supply Management

The Accidental Successful CIO

Grocery Store CIOs are using technology to manage the food-supply chain Image Credit: Nick Saltmarsh. I am willing to bet that when you go to the grocery store, the store is filled with food products.

Survey: Zero Trust benefits remote work during pandemic

Network World

(Editor’s note: An August 2020 Enterprise Management Associates survey of 252 North American and European IT professionals found that most had accelerated their adoption of Zero Trust networking framework. This article by EMA Vice President of Research Networking Shamus McGillicuddy further details the results of the “ Enterprise Zero Trust Networking Strategies: Secure Remote Access and Network Segmentation ” report.)

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Building Like Amazon

Speaker: Leo Zhadanovsky, Principal Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services

Amazon's journey to its current modern architecture and processes provides insights for all software development leaders. To get there, Amazon focused on decomposing for agility, making critical cultural and operational changes, and creating tools for software delivery. The result was enabling developers to rapidly release and iterate software while maintaining industry-leading standards on security, reliability, and performance. Whether you're developing for a small startup or a large corporation, learning the tools for CI/CD will make your good DevOps team great. We are excited to be joined by Leo Zhadanovsky, a Principal Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services.

CIOs Brace for 2021: A Bumpy Ride With Lots of Opportunity

Information Week

How can CIOs help their organizations compete in 2021? Here's a look at the challenges ahead and the traits you need to succeed during what will be a bumpy year that is filled with opportunity


AMD reveals Radeon RX 6900 XT, 6800 XT, and 6800 with Rage power

Venture Beast

AMD is launching the Radeon RX 6900 XT, 6800 XT, and 6800 to compete against the best Nvidia has to offer. Competition is back. Read More.

IDC: Worldwide IT predictions for 2021 that CIOs need to know

Tech Republic Cloud

Informed and cautioned by the COVID-19 crisis, predictions say CIOs need to consider remediation of shortcomings, identifying which IT areas should be accelerated, and which new tech to leverage


Scopely raises $340 million at $3.3 billion valuation as mobile games thrive during pandemic

Venture Beast

Scopely, the publisher of games like Star Trek: Fleet Command and Marvel Strike Force, has raised $340 million. Read More.

Why Distributed Tracing is Essential for Performance and Reliability

Speaker: Daniel "spoons" Spoonhower, CTO and Co-Founder at Lightstep

Many engineering organizations have now adopted microservices or other loosely coupled architectures, often alongside DevOps practices. Together these have enabled individual service teams to become more independent and, as a result, have boosted developer velocity. However, this increased velocity often comes at the cost of overall application performance or reliability. Worse, teams often don’t understand what’s affecting performance or reliability – or even who to ask to learn more. Distributed tracing was developed at organizations like Google and Twitter to address these problems and has also come a long way in the decade since then. By the end of this presentation, you’ll understand why distributed tracing is necessary and how it can bring performance and reliability back under control.

Don't wait for a breach before implementing cybersecurity, expert says

Tech Republic Security

Professor who specializes in security says we often treat a breach like a home break-in, adding security after the theft. More students are choosing security as a career, she adds

Adobe: 86% of U.S. users say voice tech could make events more sanitary

Venture Beast

According to Adobe's 2020 Voice Survey, people are increasingly turning to voice technologies to avoid touching high-contact surfaces during the pandemic. Read More.

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Gas Stoves Are the Scariest Thing in the Kitchen

GizModo VR

As a Climate Person, I strongly believe we urgently need to electrify everything and ditch natural gas completely. The problem is, I love my gas stove. I find the heat from an electric stove’s coils basically impossible to control—last time I used one, I burned a beautiful pan sauce to a brown crisp.


Junior Geek of the Month: Inventor Maxwell Mamishev adds COVID safety device to resume


Remote learning can be a stressful experience, but 15-year-old Maxwell Mamishev has come to love it, if only because it has given him more time to focus on the things he likes to do and build.

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Nine Developer Enablement Practices to Achieve DevOps at Enterprise Scale

In this eBook, Christian Oestreich, a senior software engineering leader with experience at multiple Fortune 500 companies, shares how a metrics-driven mindset can dramatically improve software quality and enable DevOps at enterprise scale.

Everyone Should Be Able to Use the Public Restroom: When ADA Is Not Enough

GizModo VR

Kal Cobalt is a disabled trans man. Relying on accessibility devices when out in public means using accessible bathrooms, which means that Cobalt knows all too well that so-called accessible bathrooms are sometimes only “technically” accessible. Read more. ada disability egineering design bathrooms


How TikTok’s unique mix of social and broadcast media techniques sets it apart

Venture Beast

TikTok's efforts to monetize its platform point to the future of social media, TV, and one-to-many media in general. Read More. Big Data Business Cloud Commerce Enterprise Entrepreneur Marketing Media Social broadcast media category-/Arts & Entertainment monetization shoppable ads Social Media TikTok

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Hot Damn, AMD Did It

GizModo VR

AMD put on one hell of a show-stopper when it revealed all the details about its next-gen processors earlier this month. And it’s done it again with its full-reveal of its next-gen graphics cards today.

Capacity raises $11 million to automate enterprise help desk tasks

Venture Beast

Capacity, a platform that aims to automate knowledge aggregation and serving for enterprises, has raised $11 million. Read More.

The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!