Sat.Aug 19, 2017

Top UK directors lack training to deal with cyber attacks

Computer Weekly

The UK’s top firms and charities urgently need to do more to protect themselves from online threats, according to a government-backed audit

The LAN: A History of Network Operating Systems Part 2

IT Toolbox

Before proceeding further, a brief comment on the use of the terms "proprietary" and "open system" is probably in order

Top Five Data Center Stories: Week of August 18

Data Center Knowledge

For your weekend reading, here are the most popular stories that appeared on Data Center Knowledge this week Read More. Featured

A Few More Ubiquiti Discoveries

IT Toolbox

Maybe discovery is actually realization in this case, but no matter- this week a learned several interesting things about Ubiquiti as a company and as a networking solution. If you look at past IT Toolbox and blogs, you’ll find I’ve given Ubiquiti a fair amount of coverage. The company and their products are interesting to write about, and