Sat.Oct 12, 2019


Future of CIO

As the saying goes: History repeats itself. Some things from the past are circular and keep coming back in. LESSON LEARNED is what you learn from the past to increase your opportunities for future success. LESSON LEARNED also helps you learn what not to do for avoiding pitfalls to failures.

The Monthly “Performance Master’ Book Tuning: Key Differentiators between Top Performers and the Rest Oct. 2019

Future of CIO

Corporate Performance Management is a management control from strategy to the shop floor. "If If you can't measure, you can't manage," legendary management guru Peter Drucker once asserted.

Transforming IT from Monolithic Hardware Oriented to Mosaic Software Driven

Future of CIO

With overwhelming growth of information and rapid changes, The role of IT in the current business environment should become strategic, enable business outcomes, build organizational competency, and catalyze business growth.