Mon.Jan 13, 2020

Elements Of Reputation: Traits That Indicate A Thoughtful Tech GTM Strategy

Forrester IT

How do you build reputation? How do you gain trust and sustain it? These questions are as fundamental for every organization as it is for every individual personally. Trusting a company is even more critical from a buyer perspective.

Scale the Value of Analytics


Manually identifying patterns in data is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Often there is too much data or the data is too complex for a person to sort through. Augmented analytics uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to automatically identify actionable insights.

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Improving Customer Experience By One Point Can Drive More Than A Billion Dollars In Revenue In 2019

Forrester IT

Want To Know The $ Value Of Improving CX By One Point? We calculated it for you — at least if you are in one of the 15 industries that our new report “How Customer Experience Drives Business Growth, 2019” features.

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3 Expert Questions to Focus on Winning Digital Transformations

Social, Agile and Transformation

About a year ago, around this time a year, I spoke to a CIO about how to best kickoff digital transformation initiatives. His question, "How do I start? How do I find opportunities that will make a business impact and have the potential to drive transformation?"

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How AI Can Radically Change Your Business

AI is quickly becoming mainstream, thanks to its value-driving capabilities. Yet, even with such widespread attention, it still is one of the most misunderstood technologies out there. Here's how to make the most out of it and bring a positive change to your company.

CES 2020: Key Takeaways For Retailers

Forrester IT

At last week’s CES I saw the latest and greatest advancements that will make TVs better and digital humans a reality. But my real focus: What changes will impact the retail industry?

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Five Consumer Lessons From The 2010s: No. 5

Forrester IT

This is the fifth and final entry in a short blog series highlighting lessons about consumer behavior and attitude to take away from the previous decade. Here, you can find the first, second, third, and fourth posts.

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WSL 2: Where is it, and where is it going?

Tech Republic Data Center

With Windows 2004 in the final run-up to launch, what's happening to Microsoft's Linux tools

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December's Most Wanted Malware: Greta Thunberg-themed spam used to spread Emotet

Tech Republic Security

Check Point's December 2019 Index finds Emotet as lead malware for the third month in a row, spreading email spam, some which alleged support of the teen activist

Microsoft's Nadella Says Tech Intensity Will Drive Retail in 2020

Information Week

Data is waiting to be leveraged for better insights on commerce and customer habits in the retail space

Business Agile: A Roadmap for Transforming Your Management & Adapting to the VUCA Environment

Speaker: Peter Taylor, Speaker/Author, The Lazy Project Manager

Businesses everywhere are trying to “get business agile”—but it’s not easy to adapt to becoming this adaptive. How can conventional organizations succeed in this transformation? In this webinar, Peter Taylor will walk through the change process step by step, and look at a tried and tested transformation roadmap: benefits are outlined, solutions to common challenges offered, and tried and tested methods and tools provided. It will be a guide towards a decentralized and management style that offers more successful decision making through collaboration.

The 2020s will be a pivotal decade: we all have a responsibility to believe it can be positive for humanity

Trends in the Living Networks

We have now entered the very-long-awaited year of 2020, and an entirely new decade. I truly think that everything we have experienced so far has just been prelude to the craziness of the 2020s.


6 Ways to Get Your Board on Board with Digital Transformation

Information Week

While cost efficiencies are important milestones, the real value of digital transformation lies in long-term innovation. Here's how you can get some mileage by making your case


CES 2020: Biggest tech trends spotted for business pros

Tech Republic Security

From analytics and AI to 5G and Wi-Fi 6, here's all the enterprise tech that took center stage at CES 2020

Low-Code Player Grabs RPA for Automation

Information Week

Low-code platform vendor Appian is looking to provide a single platform for automation, AI and low code with a new RPA acquisition


More Effective Agile Leadership

Speaker: Steve McConnell, CEO, Construx Software

In this talk, Steve McConnell, CEO of Construx Software, distills hundreds of companies’-worth of real-world experience into the proven Agile leadership practices that work best. Steve will seamlessly thread together traditional approaches, early Agile approaches, modern Agile approaches, and the principles and context that underlie them all—creating an invaluable resource for Agile leaders, their teams, and their organizations.

CES 2020: Why HBO wants us to think twice about data privacy

Tech Republic Security

A Westworld-themed experience gave attendees a creepy glimpse into tech consequences of the future

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Top Priorities for 2020

Information Week

Looking at what will keep you busy in 2020


An Architectural Framework as a Playground to Optimize Organizational Design

Future of CIO

An architectural framework is a collection of knowledge composed of different groups of information and knowledge.

FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

Forrester IT

Ai, Privacy and Transparency Dominate The Marketing Discussion At CES 2020 Rather than trolling the floor of the more than 4,400 exhibits at this years’ Consumer Electronics Show (CES) looking for the technology of the future, Jay Pattisall tried something different – listening to the conversations of marketers and agency executives for hot issues. Artificial […]. age of the customer application development & delivery B2B marketing B2C marketing chief information officer (CIO) chief marketing officer (CMO) customer experience digital business infrastructure & operations security & risk

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Architect Your Organization for Effectiveness, Productivity, and Joy

Speaker: Ron Lichty, Consultant: Interim VP Engineering, Ron Lichty Consulting, Inc.

As a senior software leader, you likely spend more time working on the architecture of your systems than the architecture of your organization. Yet, structuring our teams and organizations is a critical factor for success. In fact, the impact of software architecture parallels the impact of organizational structure. We are excited to welcome Ron Lichty, co-author of a seminal book on managing software teams and a well-known speaker, he’ll speak to organizing for effectiveness, productivity and joy.

The Best “Persona” Quotes of “Digital Master” Jan, 2020

Future of CIO

"Digital Master” is a series of guidebooks (28 + books) to perceive the multi-faceted impact digital is making to the businesses and society, help forward-thinking organizations navigate through the journey in a systematic way, and avoid “rogue digital.”

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Understanding Explainable AI


Read Ronald Schmelzer’s article in Forbes discussing what is Explainable AI (XAI) and why AI implementers are increasingly demanding explainable and transparent systems: However most of us have little visibility and knowledge on how AI systems make the decisions they do, and as a result, how the results are being applied in the various fields […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data and Analytics CTO Featured News AI artificial intelligence explainable AI forbes machine learning ronald schmelzer use case XAI

The Monthly “CIO Master” Book Tuning: The CIO’s Reflection and Resolution in the New Year Jan. 2020

Future of CIO

Compared to the other executive positions, the CIO role continues to be shaken up, refined, reinvented and reenergized. The magic “I” of the CIO title sparks many imaginations and modern CIOs need to wear different hats and play multiple roles.

Top 20 IT Reads for 2020


From enabling DevOps to optimizing your resource utilization to refreshing your datacenter technology, we’ve compiled 20 must-have IT reads

An Adult Conversation About Estimates

Speaker: Beekey Cheung, Software Consultant, Professor Beekums, LLC

Estimates are a contentious topic in software development. Most of our development teams hate providing estimates and many managers are starting to view them as unnecessary. As senior software leaders, how can we determine whether estimates are helpful or harmful to our teams? We are excited to be joined by Beekey Cheung, a software consultant and blogger known as Professor Beekums, who has helped many leaders and teams go from fearing estimates to using them appropriately. He'll walk us through the value of estimates, how to overcome the hesitancy many have in giving them, and how to provide better estimates.