Sun.Jul 31, 2022

Brisbane man arrested for distributing spyware to thousands of cyber criminals since age 15


Jacob Wayne John Keen, 24, was arrested for allegedly selling a trojan virus named Imminent Monitor to cyber criminals, domestic violence perpetrators, among others from as many as 128 different countries.

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Samsung tests smartphone feature that hides your data from repair shops


Now that Samsung has pointed it out, it sounds strange to say that we hand over our phones, with all their sensitive data onboard, to repair shops with the password on a slip of paper. Many minor repairs don't require the phone to be unlocked, but those that do present

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Top 5 Criteria to Evaluate Before Migrating Oracle Workloads to Cloud Providers

Tech Republic Cloud

“Organizations are accelerating their Oracle applications, databases, and middleware workload migration to the cloud as part of their cloud adoption.” To move Oracle workloads to the cloud successfully, Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) leaders should consider 5 top common criteria. Download the Gartner report to learn more. The post Top 5 Criteria to Evaluate Before Migrating Oracle Workloads to Cloud Providers appeared first on TechRepublic. Cloud

The Ultimate User Migration Tool

Because USMT is a toolkit and specifically will not transfer applications, there is a mismatch between IT’s desires and USMT’s capabilities. Microsoft & Intel both suggest PCmover be considered as an alternative for PC migrations & OS refreshes.

OpenFPGA initiative looks to preserve video gaming history through hardware emulation


Originally expected at the beginning of this year, Analogue's 1.1 firmware beta release expands the Pocket's feature set and includes several additions focused on extending the capabilities of 3rd party developers.

UPI (Unified Payments Interface) For Feature Phone Users – A Step Toward Financial Inclusion

Forrester Digital Transformation

UPI is a leader in India’s digital retail payments, processing record-breaking transactions worth 10 trillion in May this year. In this era of instant gratification, payment has become real-time with smartphone apps. However, till recently, this was not the case for feature phone users.

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Sample file: How to build reports in Microsoft Power BI

Tech Republic

This is the demonstration file to accompany the article, How to build reports in Microsoft Power BI, by Susan Harkins. The post Sample file: How to build reports in Microsoft Power BI appeared first on TechRepublic. Big Data Innovation Microsoft Software Tech & Work Tech Industry

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Delivers High Business Value, Enables Organizations Through Cost-Efficient and Flexible Cloud Infrastructure and Applications

Tech Republic Cloud

Cloud infrastructure has fundamentally changed the way organizations approach technology. It is a key enabler of digital transformation, accelerating the pace of innovation by providing resources that can be provisioned quickly and securely scale on demand. IDC predicts that by the end of 2021, 80% of enterprises will put a mechanism in place to shift.

Webcast: IDC on Multicloud Deployments and OCIs differentiated solutions

Tech Republic Cloud

IDC’s Dave McCarthy and Oracle’s Faye Hutsell discuss the value of multicloud deployments for enterprises, and OCI’s comprehensive set of multicloud solutions in the form of specialized deployments, database services, extensive monitoring capabilities, and strategic partnerships to fit enterprise needs. Learn more on how Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure Interconnect provides customers with a simple.