May, 2014

Don't be scared; it's just the cloud

David Linthicum

There is no question that the use of cloud-based resources affects IT organizations. But how much should your IT organization change to best leverage cloud computing? read more. Cloud Computing IT Jobs IT Management Cloud Computing

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Big Data, People and the SMB

Eric D. Brown

According to the 2014 IDG Enterprise Big Data survey , most large organizations today (almost 49% of survey respondents) claim to be well along the implementation path for big data initiatives and projects.

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Google Using Machine Learning to Boost Data Center Efficiency

Data Center Knowledge

Google is using machine learning and artificial intelligence to wring even more efficiency out of its mighty data centers. The humans remain in charge, but Google expects to reach new frontiers in efficiency in its server farms. Read More. Featured Google

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Accelerating DevOps with the Cloud using Microsoft Azure and Friends: The Series

IT Pros Rock!

Have you heard about DevOps? Enterprise IT organizations are increasingly driven by business demands for faster, better solutions delivered more quickly than ever before.

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An Adult Conversation About Estimates

Speaker: Beekey Cheung, Software Consultant, Professor Beekums, LLC

Estimates are a contentious topic in software development. Most of our development teams hate providing estimates and many managers are starting to view them as unnecessary. As senior software leaders, how can we determine whether estimates are helpful or harmful to our teams? We are excited to be joined by Beekey Cheung, a software consultant and blogger known as Professor Beekums, who has helped many leaders and teams go from fearing estimates to using them appropriately. He'll walk us through the value of estimates, how to overcome the hesitancy many have in giving them, and how to provide better estimates.

Al-Qaeda Innovations Correlated To Unauthorized Disclosures By Snowden: Independent Verification Through Open Source Intelligence


By Bob Gourley. Students of history know what happens when adversaries learn how the good guys collect intelligence on them. They change their tactics, techniques or procedures and it gets much harder to know their intentions.

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How Microsoft's cloud push will affect your job

David Linthicum

Microsoft is going cloud -- or already has gone cloud , depending on whom you talk to. read more. Cloud Computing Microsoft Azure IT Jobs Cloud Computing

Trends in the SMB Technology Space

Eric D. Brown

I just finished reading a report from SMB Group titled “ Vendor Strategies to Bring Game-Changing Technology Trends to SMBs ”. The report is a pay-per-access report but I received a copy from IBM to review and I’m happy I got to see it.

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Data Storage Location: Four Things to Consider

Data Center Knowledge

Deciding where to house corporate data requires an understanding of the relevant laws across countries, as well as a thorough risk analysis, writes John Landry of Intralinks. Read More. Industry Perspectives

Ascent Portfolio Company Invaluable Inks Important Deal with eBay

The Investing Edge

Our portfolio company Invaluable just announced a partnership with eBay. We congratulate Invaluable CEO Rob Weisberg and the entire Invaluable team for this extraordinary accomplishment. This partnership recognizes Invaluable’s leadership of the online live auction market.

The Six Principles of Persuasion

Speaker: Michael Carducci, CTO, Mago:Tech

As senior tech leaders, we often fall prey to thinking that a “good idea” and logical case is sufficient to get the desired response and result. We might be trying to get our CEO on-board with investment in a new technology or a rearchitecture effort, or we might want culture or process changes by our team. Our “good idea” is simply the beginning. An idea must be communicated; a case must be made; and ultimately other people must be persuaded to get onboard. Michael Carducci brings a fascinating background to this webinar. He’s a technologist and regularly works to help senior leaders improve their results. He’s also a professional mentalist and has been a student of psychology, human behavior and the principles of influence for nearly two decades.

Marc Andreessen on the Future of Technology and Implications for Government Service to Citizens


By Bob Gourley. If you are a professional in technology, government and/or business you have no doubt already been exposed to the very interesting Marc Andreessen.

From the Other Side of the Table — CIO Interview Questions to Employers

A CIO's Voice

Sitting on the opposite end on the board room table, CIOs need to understand the type of organization they will be joining. Having been on the other end several times, it is important to get a sense that you will be valuable as a CIO and most importantly have job satisfaction.

Oracle keeps missing the point of cloud computing

David Linthicum

I can''t make this stuff up: Oracle is going to provide you some cloud options. read more. Cloud Computing The Industry Standard Oracle Cloud Computing

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When Icarus Fell

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Do you recall the classic fable?    The master craftsman Daedalus built wings from feathers and wax to escape Crete with his son Icarus.    He told Icarus to not fly too close to the sun, as the wax would melt. 

Schema Evolution Patterns

Speaker: Alex Rasmussen, CEO, Bits on Disk

If you want to make your development team squirm, ask them about database schema changes or API versioning. Most development teams struggle with changing database schemas and updating API versions without breaking existing code. Alex Rasmussen is an expert in helping teams through these struggles. His talk will examine database schema changes and API versioning as two instances of schema evolution: how your systems respond when the structure of your structured data changes.

eBay Shifts to Water-Cooled Doors to Tame High-Density Loads

Data Center Knowledge

As power density changes, so does the math driving investments in cooling. An eBay project in Phoenix illustrates the tradeoffs in space, power and density as data center operates seek to optimize the cost of computing power. Read More. Cooling Data Center Design eBay

Big Data Means 5 Big Problems For CIOs

The Accidental Successful CIO

With more data comes more problems for CIOs… Image Credit. If you pick up just about any IT magazine these days, you’ll see that everyone seems to have decided that we are now living in the age of “big data” No data set is too large to be processed by your IT department.

NGA Continues To Engage With Open Source Community Via GitHub


By Bob Gourley. We previously wrote about NGA on GitHub here and have also provided a few tutorials on GitHub and what enterprise professionals should know about it here. With this post I would like to provide an update on what NGA is up to now in this area.

4 Ways to Overcome Obstacles and Rethink the CIO Role

A CIO's Voice

4 Ways to Overcome Obstacles and Rethink the CIO Role – See more at: [link]. Explore more visuals like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.


Team Leadership in the Age of Agile

Speaker: Roy Osherove, Technology and Leadership Consultant

Why is implementing new frameworks, from SCRUM to self-organized teams, so much harder than understanding them? Roy Osherove has the solution. Tune in and learn to recognize what state your team is in, to support them accordingly, and to help them adopt the best practices given where they are today.

How your workout fuels the cloud

David Linthicum

Credit: TommL read more. Cloud Computing Computer Hardware Mobile Technology Consumer Electronics Mobile Apps Cloud Computing

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Software-Defined Storage: An Alternate View

Chuck's Blog - EMC

In the early days of cloud, we were beset by competing (and confusing) definitions, often delivered with generous helpings of vitriol and rancor. When it comes to software-defined storage, things are surprisingly genteel: I yet to witness a good #twitpiss on the topic. Maybe it’s too early?

As Mining Demand Grows, Data Center Firms Begin Accepting Bitcoin

Data Center Knowledge

C7 Data Centers and Server Farm Realty take on customers that pay for data center space in Bitcoin. Both providers believe the digital currency is here to stay. Read More. Bitcoin C7 Data Centers Featured Server Farm Realty

Viper : Go configuration management with Fangs


Viper is a complete configuration solution. Designed to work within an application to handle file based configuration and seamlessly marry that with command line flags which can also be used to control application behavior. Why Viper? When building a modern application you don’t want to have to worry about configuration file formats, you want to focus on building awesome software. Viper is here to help with that.

Architect Your Organization for Effectiveness, Productivity, and Joy

Speaker: Ron Lichty, Consultant: Interim VP Engineering, Ron Lichty Consulting, Inc.

As a senior software leader, you likely spend more time working on the architecture of your systems than the architecture of your organization. Yet, structuring our teams and organizations is a critical factor for success. In fact, the impact of software architecture parallels the impact of organizational structure. We are excited to welcome Ron Lichty, co-author of a seminal book on managing software teams and a well-known speaker, he’ll speak to organizing for effectiveness, productivity and joy.

Optimizing The Data Warehouse: A Big Data Blueprint from Pentaho


By Bob Gourley. We previously wrote about the Pentaho Big Data Blueprints series, which include design packages of use to enterprise architects and other technologists seeking operational concepts and repeatable designs.

An Entrepreneur’s Summer Reading Guide

The Investing Edge

Whether a week at the shore or just a quiet Friday afternoon away from the algorithms, summer is a great time to catch up on reading.

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Moving your apps to the cloud? Beware the slowdown effect

David Linthicum

All clouds are fast and elastic, right? Well, it depends on many factors, but I can say for certain that the way you use cloud determines performance more than the cloud itself. read more. Application Development Cloud Computing Application Architecture

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Software-Defined Storage: Choices Ahead

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Consider “cloud” for a moment.    From a very simple set of ideas, a cornucopia of choices now exist: each its own distinct flavor.    That’s the way technology matures: innovation, differentiation and speciation. I was originally a UNIX guy.

Best Practices for Micro-Services Management, Traceability and Visualization

Speaker: Robert Starmer, Cloud Advisor, Founding Partner at Kumulus Technologies

Moving to micro-services, or even working with distributed applications in a traditional environment, brings with it a host of interactions that are often difficult to understand. This session will provide an overview of service mesh, a review of the Istio service mesh itself, and dive into best practices and integration models for integrating the traceability model into a distributed application.