March, 2022

Everything you need to know about data retention policy


Are you interested in creating or modifying a data retention policy? A company’s data retention policy describes how it saves data for compliance or regulatory reasons and destroys information once it is no longer required.

Marketing Growth Will Accelerate In The Post-Pandemic Era

Forrester Digital Transformation

Marketing’s shift to digital and its rising importance in a rapidly changing world will lead to an acceleration in marketing investment over the next five years. But growth will vary significantly by industry. B2B Marketing B2C Marketing CMO Trends pandemic


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SUG Software Update Group Patch Deployments SCCM Report using SQL Query


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How Low-Code and No-Code Really Helps Reduce Tech Debt and Drive Innovation

Social, Agile and Transformation

Are you feeling the impact of technical debt on accelerating DevOps, delivering innovations, and driving digital transformation?

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The State of Business Intelligence in 2022

Speaker: Howard Dresner & Chandrashekar (a.k.a. LSP)

In this session, Howard Dresner will examine the latest end-user trends surrounding the business intelligence and analytics market, cutting through the hype to focus on what's really happening and why it matters. This interactive session will cover BI drivers, targets, and success factors, as well as the increasing importance of data leadership.

How AI is Making Smart Buildings Greener, More Sustainable

Information Week

Advances in digital systems are making it possible to build and retrofit office buildings, datacenters, factories, and hotels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support maximum sustainability

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Your Next Move: Reporting Analyst

Association of Information Technology Professional

A reporting analyst is the link between raw enterprise data and the management team. Could this be your next move

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Transformation: developing practical Guides

TM Forum

Service providers are continually faced with the need to adapt to changing markets and innovative technologies. But is there a formal way to plan and execute Open Digital Architecture(ODA) transformation projects? Join us on this webinar to learn how your programs can benefit from a.

Last Server Reboot Reporting

Mick's IT Blog

Recently, we needed a report of the last boot time of all servers. I wrote this PowerShell script that queries AD for a list of all windows servers and then does a WMI query on each server for the LastBootUpTime.

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Connecting Everything: 7 Integration Types in Digital Transformation

Social, Agile and Transformation

Digital transformations are not new to organizations, and many are in their third or fourth year of seeking competitive advantages with technology and data capabilities. What does that mean in practice?

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New Tools Measure Green IT, Sustainability Success

Information Week

How can IT leaders know if they’re tracking greenhouse gas emissions comprehensively? The introduction of AI and machine learning are painting a clearer picture

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The Top 5 Business Outcomes Companies Can Achieve From Monitoring Consolidation

In this eBook, learn what the top five business outcomes are that organizations see when leveraging Datadog's end-to-end monitoring tool.

How IT Pros Can Keep Their Organization on the Cutting Edge

Association of Information Technology Professional

By improving technical skills and building durable skills like communication and collaboration, IT pros can keep their companies from getting left in the dust

Can CIOs Lower Costs By Hiring More Robots?

The Accidental Successful CIO

As company’s try to cut their costs, CIOs may step in with more robots to help out Image Credit: e-lame. Let’s face it – companies are under more pressure than ever to do more and provide their customers with a better shopping experience.

Configuration as code: securing the cloud

TM Forum

The great migration to the cloud has created lucrative opportunities for telecommunications companies to generate revenue. However, new challenges have been introduced in the journey to adopt and migrate applications and workloads to public clouds such as AWS, Google, and Azure.

Brain computer interfaces in smartglasses – coming soon

Trends in the Living Networks

Two central themes in the next generation of human interaction with technology are smartglasses and brain interfaces. In that vein, the acquisition by Snap of NextMind (included in our list of top brain-computer interface companies ) is fascinating.

Trends 120

Modernizing Workloads with the Cloud: How to Improve Performance & Reduce Costs

In this eBook, you’ll learn how to migrate workloads to Azure and optimize performance for your serverless and containerized applications in Azure.

Why I Wrote Digital Trailblazer: A Leadership Guide on Digital Transformation

Social, Agile and Transformation

You know that look people make when they’re trying to understand a concept? Their head is tilted, their eyes are squinted, brows furrowed. For me, there’s nothing like watching confusion melt when they truly comprehend a new concept.

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Clearview AI Offers Face Recognition AI to Ukraine

Information Week

The Ukraine government is considering an offer of free software from Clearview AI. The news puts the spotlight on facial recognition technology that has come under fire for the potential for misuse and privacy violations

6 Most Popular Linux Distributions for Ethical Hacking and Pen Testing

Association of Information Technology Professional

Linux distributions are used to assist security pros with ethical hacking and penetration testing. Here are six popular options to consider using

Linux 213

How to become a cybersecurity pro: A cheat sheet

Tech Republic Security

If you are interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity and don't know where to start, here's your go-to guide about salaries, job markets, skills and common interview questions in the field, as well as the top security software.

Prioritizing Customer Experience Using SLIs & SLOs: A Case Study from The Telegraph

Service Level Indicators (SLIs) and Service Level Objectives (SLOs) are a key pillar of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and are the principal tool for eliminating needless alerts and focusing on what really matters to the business.

Hard Talk: Are we building an insecure connected future?

TM Forum

Cyber security is a growing challenge for any business. Telecoms operators have stepped up their efforts to fend off cyberattacks and many are successfully converting their own cyber defense capabilities into products and services that they can sell to their customers.

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Etsy sellers will go on strike in April and want customers to boycott

The Verge

Illustration by Lyssa Park / The Verge. In February, Etsy CEO Josh Silverman had good news to share with investors: sales and revenue were at an all-time high, sending Etsy stock soaring.

Hackers steal $620M in Ethereum and dollars from Axie Infinity maker Sky Mavis’ Ronin network

Venture Beast

Sky Mavis reported its network has been hacked, with thieves taking 173,600 in Eth and $25.5 million, taking a total of $620 million. Read More. Business GamesBeat PC Gaming Security Axie Infinity category-/Games DeanBeat News hacker Sky Mavis

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How To Get Workers On Board With AI

Information Week

Most workers want AI to help them get their jobs done. But attitudes toward how they experience AI in their lives, where they prefer to find it and who they trust to sell them its value vary across generations

How To 163

Detect and Respond to Threats Across Your Applications, Networks, and Infrastructure

Understand how to solve cloud complexity challenges with threat detection tools, analyze security threats anywhere in your stack, and deploy turnkey detection rules mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework with Datadog Security Monitoring.

CompTIA Training, Certifications and IT Careers: Your Questions Answered

Association of Information Technology Professional

Got questions? We have answers. Read on to learn more about CompTIA’s most frequently asked questions and their answers

Scientists Found Microplastics in People's Blood for the First Time

GizModo VR

New evidence indicates that tiny bits of plastics can reach our bloodstream. A small study detected microplastics in about 80% of the people tested. For now, the health implications of this exposure are still unclear. Read more.

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TM Forum Open APIs hit 500,000 downloads

TM Forum

TM Forum members have downloaded a total of 500,000. TM Forum Open APIs. highlighting the important role they play in helping communications service providers (CSPs) modernize their IT systems.

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AI suggested 40,000 new possible chemical weapons in just six hours

The Verge

An instructor at the Fort Leonard Wood Chemical School, who is designated as an agent handler, carries the VX nerve agent to contaminate a jeep in one of the eight chambers used for training chemical defense on April 18, 2003 at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Photo by Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images.

Optimize the Performance of Your Serverless Functions

Run mission-critical applications on serverless without sacrificing visibility.

Despite its beautiful Ori games, Moon Studios is called an ‘oppressive’ place to work

Venture Beast

Current and former game developers at Moon Studios, the maker of the popular Ori games, said it is an oppressive place to work. Read More.

Supply Chain Strategies: 3D Printing Our Way Out of Russia’s War

Information Week

Global supply chains are casualties in Putin’s doomed war, too. Economies worldwide are suffering from the blows. A major rethink in supply chain management could make a world of difference

3D 161

Breaking the Bias: Female Tech Leaders Share How They Overcame Adversity to Find Success

Association of Information Technology Professional

For International Women’s Day and this year's Break the Bias theme, several CompTIA volunteer leaders were asked to share experiences and offer encouragement about overcoming challenges for stereotypes and discrimination in the workplace. Here's their advice


Wildfires Are Fueling a Dangerous Feedback Loop of Arctic Warming

GizModo VR

Wildfires across the globe are contributing to conditions that make future fires more likely, new research finds. The study estimates that brown carbon emissions from sources like wildfires are a greater contributor to warming in the Arctic atmosphere than previously thought.

Study 114

Best Practices for Deploying & Scaling Embedded Analytics

Today, sophisticated capabilities such as adaptive security, predictive analytics, workflow, and writeback are taking analytics far beyond basic dashboards and reports. With cutting-edge capabilities like these, application teams are able to differentiate their products from the competition.