May, 2017

Crisis Response Using Cloud Computing

Cloud Musings

Cloud computing is more than servers and storage. In a crisis situation it can actually be a lifesaver.

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Windows Server 2016 – What’s New for Web Servers with IIS 10

IT Pros Rock!

Windows Server 2016 includes a new version of Internet Information Server IIS – in this episode we will reveal all of the great new features and performance enhancements included so that you can understand how this may affect your deployment decisions with Windows Server 2016.

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The Skills all IT Professionals Will Need for 2020


Digitization is changing every aspect of a big company , from the way it uses technology to create its products, to the way it markets and sells them to customers, to the way it runs its operations to make all of that happen.

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Executive Order Underscores Need For Leadership Accountability In Reducing Digital Risk


Bob Gourley. The 11 May 2017 Presidential Executive Order on Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure is notable for several reasons.

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Why You Are Getting Disrupted

Forrester IT

The overriding theme of every disruption story I've ever heard is that firms thought they had more time than they did. So, I've been pondering the why. We can see disruption happening all around us, but why is it so difficult to get out in front of it?

Oracle's Massive Cloud Deal With AT&T

Chuck's Blog - EMC

For those of you following industry cloud adoption -- and trying to figure out how the horse race between the four big players is shaking out -- today's news is certainly worth considering. AT&T is agreeing to move a significant number of their Oracle databases to the Oracle Cloud.

Steps for Fortifying Your Organization’s Data in the Cyber War


Roger Hockenberry. The most recent ransomware attacks should make every executive in every company take notice, and be worried. Last week, I spoke at a cyber event and came with a message: the continued focus on legacy endpoint and network security is almost worthless.

Massive, Six-Story Data Center in a Norwegian Mine Comes Online

Data Center Knowledge

It's cooled by fjord water, it expands one or several containers at a time, and it's enormous. Read More. Colocation Design Europe

Check Out Our New Website!

The Investing Edge

No, you haven’t landed on the wrong page. We at Ascent Venture Partners are proud to present our shiny new website! I think you would agree – it was about time. Being a 30+ year old firm, we’ve gone through a number of website iterations.

How Quantum computing with DNA storage will affect your health

Cloud Musings

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How Digitization is Changing the Structure of Corporate IT


For some time now, IT functions have been rethinking their entire operating model as they help – and often lead – their companies through digitization. This has understandably forced them to consider what they should do with all their IT strategy, governance, and management functions.

Agile development an 'IT fad' that risks iterative failure

Computer Weekly

Agile promises continuous improvement through an iterative process, but without proper checks, project failure is commonplace

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How Cybersecurity Benefits from Hackers


Carol M. Evenson. With the number of cyber crimes climbing every day, and the costs of each cyberattack higher than the last, the word “hacker” has come to carry a very negative connotation. Business owners who are afraid of litigation cringe when they hear the word.

The Fat New Pipes that Link Facebook Data Centers

Data Center Knowledge

Putting the social network’s inter-data center backbone in perspective Read More. Business Facebook Networks

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Local Administrators Automated Reporting Tool

Mick's IT Blog

Back in November 2016, I posted the blog entry on reporting local administrators on machines. That script is deployed to machines via an SCCM package that reports the local administrators back to SCCM to be able to be queried into a report.

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Sidecar Raises Series C to Fuel Rapid Growth

The Investing Edge

About 18 months ago, we led the Series B investment round in Sidecar Interactive. We were excited to back Andre and his vision for applying advanced analytics and machine learning to transform the ecommerce ad market.

DevOps Has Reached “Escape Velocity”, CIO’s Need To Get Onboard!

Forrester IT

In an era where velocity and agility are driving technology management organizations over simple cost reduction, every business must constantly evolve to drive business differentiation.

Dealing with data under GDPR

Computer Weekly

With the General Data Protection Regulation due to be enforced next year, Computer Weekly looks at how to address the requirements to suit your business

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The 6 Reasons Employees are Lax about Information Security


Information security teams can spend all the money in their budget on fancy technology but it’s for naught if employees don’t use it.

Data Center REIT Results Show an Impressive New Normal

Data Center Knowledge

Strong Q1 results welcome after slow leasing at the end of 2016 Read More. Colocation Investing

CTOvision Assessment On The Megatrend of Artificial Intelligence


Bob Gourley. There are seven key megatrends driving the future of enterprise IT. You can remember them all with the mnemonic acronym CAMBRIC, which stands for C loud Computing , A rtificial Intelligence , M obility , B ig Data , R obotics , I nternet of Things , C yberSecurity.

Ascent B2B IT Forum – CX in the Age of Innovation: The Convergence of Digital & Physical

The Investing Edge

It’s hard to dispute that we’re living in an increasingly digitally-driven world, proven by the fact that Americans log more than 10 hours of screen time per day presenting a huge, new market opportunity.

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Bimodal IT Is Past Its Due Date: Providing Speed And Innovation Need To Top The CIO's Agenda

Forrester IT

Many CIOs have embraced bimodal IT as a way to create relevance for the technology organization in the age of the customer. With marketing, CX, and other teams increasingly building their own development teams or turning to outside agencies for their technology needs, CIOs have recognized that they need to help drive fast change, not be a source of friction. They also need to be a source of innovation for the business.

Aruba Atmosphere: Businesses at odds with IT departments over IoT

Computer Weekly

A survey of business and IT leaders conducted for wireless networking supplier Aruba has found a lack of cohesion between departments is affecting IoT usage, confidence levels and security across Emea

Corporate IT’s Big Role in Customer Centric Design


The likes of Google, Amazon, and many other “digital disrupters” have changed our expectations of a good customer experience forever. While this is undoubtedly a good thing – one of the key benefits of free market capitalism is that people are provided with more choice and better goods and services than they would otherwise be – it hasn’t made life easy for many of the world’s customer service teams.

Cyxtera Puts a Fresh Spin on CenturyLink’s Former Data Center Empire

Data Center Knowledge

Colo veteran Manny Medina’s new firm attempts to carve out a niche in a highly competitive space. Read More. Business CenturyLink Colocation Deals Featured

How New Home Automation Systems Are Disrupting The Security Business


Jeremy Sutter. For a long time, the home security industry has been dominated by big companies that offered an all-inclusive home security system. The wholesome security system was ideal for many consumers with various security needs. However, in recent years, emerging companies that use innovative technology have invaded the home security industry. Technology-based Innovations. These companies and startups mainly focus on providing specific security solutions at affordable rates.

Good news: CIOs have stopped fighting the cloud

David Linthicum

I call them the “folded-arm gang”: those CIOs who invite the “cloud guy” into a meeting and then push back on everything you say and do so for no good technical reason. It’s frustrating. But things are changing. CIOs who once pushed back on cloud computing have either changed their minds or have been fired. Either reason is fine with me. [ The cloud storage security gap—and how to close it. | The InfoWorld Deep Dive: How to make document sharing really work in Office 365. ].

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