April, 2017

Digital Transformation Driven by ITaaS

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Photo credit: Shutterstock When executing an effective digital transformation strategy, management is tasked with placing the right workload into the most appropriate IT environment.

10 New Information Security Roles for the Digitization Era


High demand and a limited pool of people with the right skills and experience make information security staffing a perennial challenge. Further complicating things is the fact that information security teams have not yet adapted to their changing role in digitizing companies.

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Google Reveals Espresso, Its Edge Data Center SDN

Data Center Knowledge

Fourth and most challenging pillar of its SDN strategy, Espresso manages performance at peering points Read More. Cloud Computing Google Networking

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Massive Performance, Scale and Manageability Gains in Hyper-V with Windows Server 2016

IT Pros Rock!

In this episode , you’ll learn about the huge performance and scale improvements made available with Hyper-V in Windows Server 2016.

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Corporate IT: Fusion Teams are the Future


Google spent four years and millions of dollars attempting to create the perfect team , and while the scale of Google’s investment may be unique, their focus certainly isn’t. CIOs around the world report that the way they want to build and reorganize teams is undergoing fundamental change.

Google Invests in Submarine Cable to Speed Up Its Cloud in Asia Pacific

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Indigo cable will connect Indonesia, Singapore, and Australia Read More. Asia-Pacific Cloud Computing Connectivity Featured Google

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Windows Server 2016 – Azure-Inspired Software Defined Networking (SDN) in YOUR Datacenter!

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The Azure-inspired Software Defined Networking (SDN) stack that is built into Windows Server 2016 reduces the complexity and cost of network infrastructure. Not only that, you can now define your network infrastructure so that it is portable to your application requirements.

Big Data Can Be Used for More Than Just Targeting A Customer Base


Brigg Patten. Big data has almost always been primarily used to target clients using tailored products, targeted advertising. This has skewed the use of big data that often everyone simply assumes big data is for targeting the customer base. However, there are many other uses for big data in a firm that may or may not be directly related to customer welfare or marketing purposes. The utilization of data depends on the nature and type of data collected and how well it’s stored and curated.

Is Business Intelligence (BI) Market Finally Maturing? Forrester Three Big BI Market Predictions

Forrester IT

The buy side market is nowhere near maturity and will continue to be a greenfield opportunity to many BI vendors. Our research still shows that homegrown shadow IT BI applications based on spreadsheets and desktop databases dominate the enterprises. And only somewhere between 20% and 50% of enterprise structured data is being curated and available to enterprise BI tools and applications. The sell side of the market is a different story.

IBM Interconnect 2017: Cloud, Cognitive and Data!

Cloud Musings

A couple of weeks ago while attending IBM Interconnect 2017 I had the awesome opportunity to participate in the IBM Interconnect 2017 Podcast Series with Dez Blanchfield.

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The End Of The New Shiny Thing

Chuck's Blog - EMC

If you've been in the IT industry for any time at all, you know how analysts and vendors are perpetually in search of the New Shiny Thing :a brand-new super-cool technology that will change everything. Big data. In-memory analytics. Internet of things. AI and machine learning. Blockchain.

This Hacker Can Talk His Way inside a Data Center

Data Center Knowledge

The human factor in cybersecurity is every hacker’s favorite exploit Read More. Data Center World Featured Security

Get the “Lowdown” on Windows Server 2016 Essentials and the “Essentials Experience” Role

IT Pros Rock!

In this episode, we’ll get you up-to-speed on all things relating to Windows Server 2016 Essentials. It covers who should use Essentials edition, scenarios it is good for, organizational sizing considerations, licensing and pricing considerations.

How and When to Quantify Information Risk


Risk quantification is not impossible, it’s just misunderstood. Most people think of risk quantification as the practice of assigning a dollar value to information risk, but even ranking different types of risk into an ordinal scale (first, second, third, etc) involve a degree of quantification.

Pushing Computers to the Edge: Next Generation Security and Privacy Controls for Systems and IoT Devices


Bob Gourley.

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Power Your Digital Ecosystems With Business Platforms

Forrester IT

" Platforms " are fast becoming all the rage in the B2B context. Several traditional businesses like GE or Siemens are claiming to either offer or become a platform operation.

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One in eight people have suffered a healthcare data breach

Computer Weekly

A quarter of victims had their NI number compromised and 18% saw their biometric identifiers compromised, but most people trust healthcare providers with their data

Apple’s Leased Data Center Energy Use Quadrupled Since 2012

Data Center Knowledge

Colocation energy use now accounts for nearly one-quarter of Apple’s total data center energy consumption Read More. Apple Cloud Computing Colocation Featured

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CX in the Age of Innovation – When Digital and Physical Worlds Collide

The Investing Edge

It’s no secret that customer experience (CX) is more critical than ever and a top priority for businesses worldwide. More than 50 percent of organizations will invest significantly in CX by 2018, according to Gartner. Combined with an estimated $1.6

IT Project Management: Answers to the Top 5 Questions about Managing Digital Products


Almost 90% of managers now say that digitization is a high priority for their company, and two-thirds say they will lose any competitive advantage they hold if they don’t become significantly more digitized.

Where CIOs Get the Most Job Satisfaction


Rick Delgado. Today’s CIOs face a large number of responsibilities and pressures that only seem to be growing with each passing day. Businesses are turning more and more to technology to solve problems, making the CIO’s job all the more important. With all that added pressure to deliver results day in and day out, you might be tempted to think CIOs find their jobs frustrating, but the opposite turns out to be true.

Google Next 2017 Review: Google Cloud Is A Serious Contender In the Public Cloud Space

Forrester IT

With Dan Bieler and Glenn O'Donnell. In the past few years, Google has made concerted efforts to target the enterprise cloud computing space.

Cloud, AI and security driving network monitoring industry

Computer Weekly

We explore the latest developments and trends in enterprise network monitoring and management

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How Reno Became a Data Center Hub: a Timeline

Data Center Knowledge

Nevada’s second gambling capital is growing as a cloud nerve center Read More. Data Center Strategies Featured Site Selection

Automated Import of PowerShell SCCM Module

Mick's IT Blog

While writing quite a few PowerShell scripts for SCCM, I got tired of having to look up the location of the SCCM PowerShell module to import. I decided while writing the current PowerShell SCCM script, I would automate this process from now on. This makes it a snap using SAPIEN's PowerShell Studio to make this function a snippet and quickly add it each time I write a new SCCM script. This script allows you to import the SCCM module without having to look up the location.

Corporate IT: Time to Start Building Your Leadership Team for 2020


As IT teams grapple with the digitization of their companies and industries, they must also – and as a result – help transform their company’s strategy and outlook on digitization , and the entire IT operating model to boot.

RiskIQ: Tools to Improve Cyber- Situational Understanding in DoD


Bob Gourley. Operating, securing and defending the Department of Defense Information Network (DoDIN) network and the data traversing through it is inherently a governmental function for the Armed Forces.

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DevOps, Invest For Velocity And Quality!

Forrester IT

Delivering exceptional customer experiences and product for your business take speed and flexibility. More than ever before, speed and flexibility are required from every part of your organization, business and IT alike. DevOps provides your business leaders, enterprise architects, developers and I&O leaders a philosophy to achieve, not only the velocity that customers desire but also drive innovation and enforces quality. One example is ING.