September, 2017

Information Risk: Balancing the Good and Bad of Data Analytics


Managers like to talk about the power of data and analysis, and the opportunity it gives them to launch new products and reach new customers.

Formula 1: Mercedes team turns to big data in quest for victory in Grand Prix

Computer Weekly

Data analytics could help Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport team gain an edge on rival Ferrari during the 2017 and 2018 Grand Prix season. Its head of IT, Matt Harris, reveals the team’s plans

Hybrid cloud? Private cloud? Public cloud? Multicloud? How to choose

David Linthicum

My article “ Don’t waste your time with a hybrid cloud ” has gotten many people seeing red, and I can understand why. Many enterprise IT shops, and most enterprise technology companies, have pledged allegiance to the hybrid cloud model. The intellectual dishonesty of cloud-architecture purists.

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Operational Intelligence: The Next Generation of Business Intelligence


Today, enterprise software is more than a transactional system - it is a decision support tool that enables senior management to effectively run the business. But, given the various technologies available on the market now, it can be difficult for managers to figure out which data analytics tools are needed to optimize their business operations. […]. Big Data CTO Cyber Security

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More than one million new phishing sites created each month

Computer Weekly

Phishing attacks continue to increase in volume and sophistication, according to researchers at security firm Webroot

Are you cloud-savvy? Take this test to find out

David Linthicum

There are a few people who are truly savvy about cloud computing, but most are just posers. Here is a quick test to see if you’ve got the right stuff. What is cloud computing? Everything you need to know now. Also: InfoWorld’s David Linthicum explains how to move into a cloud career from traditional IT. ]. Do you understand that serverless does not actually mean it is serverless? If yes, give yourself 10 points. Do you believe “cloud formation” is actually a formation of rain clouds?

Want to Learn Big Data? These Courses Can Help


One of the best things about the explosion of different kinds of technology across the world, is the fact that many tech-related courses can be easily accessed. Whether you are looking to build your knowledge about big data or build a skill that could help you in your job, there are lots of ways to […]. Big Data CTO News Online Education technology

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More SMB Love Needed

Cloud Musings

In a recent post, titled “ 10 Surprising Facts About Cloud Computing and What It Really Is ”, Zac Johnson highlighted some interesting facts about cloud computing in the SMB marketplace: Cloud Computing is up to 40 times more cost-effective for an SMB, compared to running its own IT system.

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Equifax Versus Pretty Much All of Us

Doctor Chaos

Guess what? You are scuuuuh-REWED!!! Let’s set the record straight right up front. 143 million people had their personal information stolen in the Equifax breach. The entire US population is 324 million. It is estimated there are 125 million households in the United States. The odds of your information being safe and sound is about […]. Data Breach data breach

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Corporate IT: Five Signs of Bad Coaching


Coaching is a critical part of developing employees and helping them acquire the right skills and experience.

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Government wants to remain in EU cyber security club after Brexit

Computer Weekly

The UK government wants to maintain deep links with the European Union’s cyber security working groups following Britain’s exit from the bloc in 2019

It’s hangover time for enterprise cloud computing

David Linthicum

Now that enterprises have done serious work in the cloud, they’re a bit unhappy with their cloud technology providers. It turns out that migrations are not so easy, and service levels aren’t what they expect. According to a recent report by 451 Research, three quarters of organizations are willing to pay a premium for enhanced services from their cloud technology providers. Just under half (48.7 percent) of the 600 IT pros polled said they would pay to enhance their security, 43.3

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a WordPress Blog


Many are looking for the right way to start a blog. It can be a terrifying thought especially for those who have little to no technical knowledge. But, do not despair! Here is the most comprehensive guide on how to start a WordPress blog. The process is easy to follow whether you may be 20 […]. CTO Mobile Trends blogging Cybersecurity information technology

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ATMs Are IT Too!

Cloud Musings

That world of homogenous IT technology managed entirely by the internal IT organization has long disappeared. Operations today require efficient and global management of technologically heterogeneous environments.

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Driving Digital by Isaac Sacolick – a book review

Eric D. Brown

I just finished Driving Digital: The Leader’s Guide to Business Transformation Through Technology by Isaac Sacolick. Note: I received a free copy of this book for review. The short review: Excellent…the best book I’ve read on the subject.

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Just Exactly How Much Should You Be Paying Your Workers?

The Accidental Successful CIO

The question is are you paying too much or too little? Image Credit: Refracted Moments™. As the person at your company who has the CIO job and who understands the importance of information technology, it turns out that you have an additional job. This is building the best IT team possible.

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European Union states question copyright law proposal

Computer Weekly

European states are questioning legality of a new copyright law proposed by the EU


Doing cloud computing? You need devops, too

David Linthicum

I’ve gone from recommending that you should have devops to you must have devops. At least, if a public cloud is in your future. There are two fundamental reasons why cloud computing and devops are necessary complements. What is devops? Discover how to transform software development. Also: InfoWorld explains monitoring in the age of devops. ]. First, the public clouds are all about automation, and so is devops.

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Cybersecurity Isn’t Just An Issue For Tech Companies: 4 Things All Businesses Should Know


News of data breaches typically involve big-name companies, like Home Depot and Target, leading to the assumption that cybersecurity issues are only a concern for larger businesses. In reality, data breaches and cybersecurity should be a concern for all business owners, not just people who work for large companies or in the tech industry. The […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data CTO Cyber Security Internet of Things News

How to Implement Agile on Lowcode and aPaaS Development Platforms

Social, Agile and Transformation

A colleague and friend recently asked me whether agile practices were appropriate when managing development on lowcode or aPaaS (application Platform as a Service) technologies. These higher level languages enable developers to write a class of applications faster and maintain them easier by providing development environments, programming constructs, and other tools. Many of these platforms.

Be pragmatic, not dogmatic

Eric D. Brown

I’m currently reading Scott Brinker’s book Hacking Marketing: Agile Practices to Make Marketing Smarter, Faster, and More Innovative (awesome book – look for a much more complete review here soon) and came across a line in Chapter 7 that says “Be pragmatic, not dogmatic.”


Just Exactly How Important Are Smartphones To Younger Workers?

The Accidental Successful CIO

Smartphones are useful, but just exactly how important are they? Image Credit: Pabak Sarkar. More than one CIO that I know has become very upset when what they were saying during a meeting was interrupted by one or more mobile phones going off while they were speaking.

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Best of VMworld 2017 Europe User Awards: Shortlist announced

Computer Weekly

Find out who made the shortlist for this year's Best of VMworld Europe User Awards, with the winners set to be announced on Tuesday 12 September 2017


How long it takes to move a workload to the cloud

David Linthicum

I get this question all the time: How long will it take to move a certain number of applications to the cloud? Of course, they get the standard consultant answer: “It depends.” But there are some rules of thumb that you can apply to get a general understanding how much work will be involved to make the migration. These rules of thumb deal with function and object points, complexity, data coupling, and use of cloud-native features. What is cloud computing? Everything you need to know now.

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6 Places Poised to be the New Silicon Valley Tech Hubs


The image of a group of computer programmers working in their garage somewhere in Silicon Valley is well known. Start-ups have taken over America’s economy and Silicon Valley has never been stronger. This is changing as more and more people flood the computer science industry. All across America, cities are enticing young entrepreneurs and programmers. […]. CTO Cyber Security News The Future Trends Entrepreneur Redbox Tech Hubs

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Seven Ways ERP Can Improve Risk Mitigation

IT Toolbox

Business is no friend of risk. While fortunes are won and new markets are conquered through calculated risk, firms nonetheless try to avoid it whenever possible. Risk represents lost revenue, disrupted partnerships, idle equipment, brand damage and a host of other effects that aren’t typically advantageous to corporations. So risk mitigation is


4 data-driven ways to digitize your business


In today’s digital landscape, customers expect you to deliver products and services in a fast and efficient manner. Heavyweights like Amazon and Google have set a bar in terms of operations, and they’ve set it high.

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Driving Digital Smarter and Faster - Because Everybody is a Technology Company

Social, Agile and Transformation

I hope you will listen to my recently recorded podcast at AMA Edgewise on my book, Driving Digital: The Leader's Guide to Business Transformation Through Technology. Link is below and here are some of my favorite quotes - New entrants (startups) + consumer choice + availability of technology + falling price point => is driving digital transformation CIOs "get it" - but many organizations (.