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The Game of Clouds 2017

Cloud Musings

The AWS Marketplace is growing at breakneck speed, with 40% more listings than last year! This and more insights were revealed when CloudEndure used their custom tool to quickly scan the over 6,000 products available on AWS Marketplace.

Voting Machines Hacked at DEF CON in Las Vegas


Just how secure are the nation's voting machines, and how much should you worry about a hacker changing voting results? Based on what a group of hackers in Las Vegas, the machines are easily hacked, and voting results are not secure. Every year, there is a conference held in Las Vegas, called DEF CON, where ethical hackers […]. CTO Cyber Security News cyber cyber security Cybersecurity DEF CON election Hacking technology voting

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Remove AD Disabled Systems from SCCM

Mick's IT Blog

Recently, I wanted to clean up SCCM of a bunch of systems that still reside in active directory, but are also disabled. The first thing I did was to try and query SCCM for a list of systems that were populated via AD, but have a userAccountControl attribute of 4098. The attribute is normally 4096, but it changes to 4098 when the account is disabled. I learned the userAccountControl is populated in SCCM via AD, but there is a catch. It is only populated while the account is active.

Applying Artificial Intelligence And Robotics To The Customer Journey

Forrester IT

Infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders have traditionally targeted and implemented automation technologies to cut costs.

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Want Recurring Customer Relationships? Choose The Right Billing Platform

Forrester IT

Recurring customer relationships are key to surviving and thriving in the age of the customer. And Billing technology is key to building recurring customer relationships. How so? As we heard from one client, “My billing experience is my top touchpoint.


Virgin America praised for cyber breach response

Computer Weekly

Virgin America’s detection and response to a data breach has been praised by security commentators

Artificial intelligence: the megatrend that’s first among equals


Artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t business as usual. Because of complementary advances in natural language processing, machine learning, and image recognition, the range of tasks for which AI is well-suited is growing daily. And when a critical level of AI saturation is reached, we anticipate profound disruption in the world of work. Imagine a barrel perched […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data CTO Cyber Security Internet of Things News The Future Trends

Step-by-Step: First steps with Azure Container Services


Hello Folks, It’s been a while since I last posted but it’s not because there has not been developments in the Microsoft Azure world. One in particular I wanted to talk about is Azure Container Instances or ACI for short. That capability was announced on July 26, 2017.

Enterprise Service Management Drives Engagement

Forrester IT

Enterprises deliver services poorly, especially to themselves. From onboarding employees to approving contracts, when you need someone else’s help, the results are often dismal. “Send an email to our shared Inbox so we can ignore it” is too often the default. This won’t work in the Age of the Customer. Your employees are full participants in […]. employee engagement infrastructure & operations ITIL shared services user experience workplace services

The GDPR Deadline is Fast Approaching; How Enterprises are Readying Themselves

Network World

The deadline for compliance with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is May 25, 2018. Many organizations have spent countless hours already in their preparation for the deadline, while other organizations are just getting around to reading up on it.

Bringing the Best Data Computing to Mobile


With each passing year, leading smartphone manufacturers unveil a wave of new mobile devices. Each new generation of smartphones is more powerful and capable than its predecessors. We are at the level of technological advancement where anyone with a smart device — smartphone or tablet — has enough computing power to complete most of their […]. Big Data Cloud Computing CTO Mobile News mobile Mobile computing

Information Risk: Third-Party Risk Management Is Failing


Information security teams are busier than they’ve ever been and, although they have been given more funds to cope, there is still a great need to prioritize and focus on the risks that are most likely to harm their business.

Writing Code In Fly-over Country

Forrester IT

As our clients know, I’ve been writing a lot about strategies for recruiting and retaining developers, and building shop cultures where they can thrive. In the U.S. we’re currently in a sellers market when it comes to development talent. According to the BLS, firms will need to find almost half a million developers between 2014 […].

What’s Behind AT&T’s Big Bet on Edge Computing

Data Center Knowledge

The telco wants to turn its sprawling network into infrastructure for the next generation of applications. Read More. Design Edge Computing Featured Internet of Things

4 Tips to Develop an Automated Feedback System


Businesses need to put up feedback systems that will not only attract customers but retain them. Customers determine everything, from sales to product enhancement and delivery. Putting up an automated feedback system that collects information about customer reactions and desires is useful for decision-making, solving customer issues, and influencing product roadmap. Before you start collecting […].

Five Questions Transformational Leaders and PMOs Should Address When Driving Digital

Social, Agile and Transformation

Let's consider the modern Project Management Office or PMO and what transformational leaders need from this function when driving digital transformation programs. The Role of the PMO Before Transformation In many organizations, the PMO is synonymous with bureaucracy and administration since many focus on tracking projects, managing budgets, defining project management standards, and.

Why Facebook’s AI termination raises safety concerns

Computer Weekly

Revelations that researchers at Facebook had to switch off two bots that went rogue have raised questions about the safety of artificial intelligence

Data Center Trends Shift Staff Workloads

Data Center Knowledge

Achieving the promise of new technologies requires changing work assignments and updating skill sets. Read More. Manage

July 2017 Server StorageIO Data Infrastructures Update Newsletter

Storage IO Blog

Hello and welcome to the July 2017 issue of the Server StorageIO update newsletter. It has been busy time with a lot going on, so let’s get right to this months topics which include software defined, data infrastructures, server, I/O networking, storage and related topics. The post July 2017 Server StorageIO Data Infrastructures Update Newsletter appeared first on StorageIOblog.

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You need a cloud exit plan, even for AWS, Google, Microsoft, or IBM

David Linthicum

The cloud computing infrastructure market—IaaS, PaaS, and private hosting—continues to consolidate around the four major providers, as they maintain or even grow market share at the expense of smaller providers. AWS has continued to grow its revenues more rapidly than the overall market. In other words, AWS is the one to beat, and it will likely remain so for sometime.

How the Met Office is handling a deluge of data

Computer Weekly

‘Lazy’ open source tools are helping the UK weather forecasting service open up unprecedented volumes of data to all

Exec’s Departure Hints at Problems in Lenovo’s Data Center Business

Data Center Knowledge

Information is scarce, but what's out there paints a picture of a company treading through troubled waters. Read More. Business Lenovo

3 ERP Trends in 2017 That Will Define the Years to Come

IT Toolbox

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology has expanded in leaps and bounds over the last few years. As technology continues to evolve, ERP solutions typically experience the same evolution. If companies hope to remain competitive, they must be at the forefront of these new innovations. Fortunately, there aren't always drastic changes to keep up with, and these ERP trends of 2017 will likely

PCI FAQ and Myths

Doctor Chaos

PCI compliance is a set of practices that controls data security across a wide array of credit and debit card payments. Businesses must abide by the principles outlined by the PCI Security Standards Council in order for their merchant account to stay in acceptable standing. Every business that accepts debit/credit cards must comply, no matter […]. InfoSec PCI

Cyber criminals make it difficult to follow the money

Computer Weekly

Following the money is a classic technique used by law enforcement to link criminals to crimes by tracing associated financial exchanges, but that may not be easy in the case of the WannaCry attacks

Equinix Positioning for “Next Wave” of Cloud Data Center Deployments

Data Center Knowledge

Next-gen apps and lessons of past deployments are driving architectural changes in cloud infrastructure, and the colo giant wants to stay in tune. Read More. Business Cloud Colocation Equinix Featured

Six CRM Tips for Better Data Management

IT Toolbox

Garbage in, garbage out. That’s one of the first lessons you learn in Comp Sci 101, and it definitely holds true for CRM. A CRM populated with outdated or inaccurate contact information does little for a company, and often it slows down operations. Sales staff call the wrong numbers. Marketing emails reach old addresses for a lower response rate. Customer service details

Why ex-employees may be your company's biggest cyberthreat

Tech Republic Security

Some 20% of organizations say they have experienced data breaches by ex-employees. Here's how IT leaders can protect their business

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