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Crafting an AI-Relevant, Data-First, Agile Methodology for AI & ML Projects


Companies of all sizes are implementing AI, ML, and cognitive technology projects for a wide range of reasons in a disparate array of industries and customer sectors. Some AI efforts are focused on development of intelligent devices and vehicles, which incorporate three simultaneous development streams of software, hardware, and constantly evolving machine learning models. Other […]. Artificial Intelligence CTO News agile Cognilytica crisp-dm methogologies Microsoft training waterfall

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Artificial Intelligence Has A Probability Problem

Forrester IT

AWS just announced Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth to help companies create training data sets for machine learning. This is a powerful new service for folks who have access to lots of data that hasn’t been consistently annotated.

Is your data ready to help you make game-changing decisions?

Eric D. Brown

Organizations today are facing disruption on all fronts, which should viewed as a good thing as it allows organizations to redefine their strategies, their markets and re-create their organization to be better prepared for the future.

Don’t let AWS Re:Invent blind you to your real cloud needs

David Linthicum

I went to Amazon’s AWS Re:Invent trade show this week for the first time ever. It’s more of a place to meet people than to learn about what’s latest with Amazon Web Services these days, but AWS does a great job in updating the faithful on what’s new, what’s relevant, and what tech IT will be using in the next year. But you need to be careful about what you take back from these trade shows. They’re full of information and advice in service of the vendor’s agenda. Not yours.

Picking The Best Password Managers: Advice meant to share with friends and family


This post provides information on password managers for personal and small business use. Please share with any business associates, friends or family you think can benefit from these tips. Password managers automatically remember and fill in passwords for you. And they do that with an architecture designed to deliver this convenience with more security. You […]. Cloud Computing CTO Cyber Security News

2018 Marked 20 Years of Customer Experience Research at Forrester!

Forrester IT

I didn’t want to leave 2018 without noting a milestone for all of us here at Forrester who cover customer experience. It was 20 years ago, all the way back in September of 1998, when we inaugurated our customer experience research by publishing our first report about CX.

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How to avoid Cyber Monday stress in your cloud systems

David Linthicum

Did your cloud application, retail or not, make it through Cyber Monday? Most did fine, but some found that a lack of architecture and the lack of enabling technology led to some stressful hours. Today, cloud-based applications that had had as many as 10,000 users a day are now up to 50,000 users a day—and are going quickly to 100,000 and more.

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The Growing Importance Of Cyber Security Skills


As data breaches have become the order of the day, Adi Gaskell explains the growing importance of having cyber security talent in your company on Forbes : Cybercrime costs the UK several billion pounds per year. Indeed, a recent government report showed that 46% of all businesses identified at least one cyber attack in the last […]. CTO Cyber Security News Training and Education

Top Insurance Tech Trends To Watch In 2019

Forrester IT

How will the “whats” of insurance — underwriting, claims, and compliance — translate into new “hows” in 2019? Watch the video below for more information on what’s driving changes in insurance business strategy and the tech that enables it. Do you need more help?

5 Driving Digital Predictions for 2019

Social, Agile and Transformation

With Thanksgiving behind us and the new year approaching, it's time to take stock on where we collectively are in our various transformational journeys. You'll see that I have a mixed message in my predictions. While some technologies and transformation programs will see increases in 2019, there will be strong culture and financial headwinds that will challenge CIO, CDO, CEO, Boards and. about me AI big data cio citizen development data management DevOps digital transformation enterprise 2.0

The Sovrin Ecosystem

Phil Windley

Summary: Sovrin is a vibrant ecosystem with many players. This post talks about the relationships of some of those players. People often ask me how Sovrin relates to Evernym or Hyperledger Indy. It can be confusing, so I created a diagram that seems to help.

Want A Bigger Bang From AI? Embed It Into Your Apps


Read Alan Zeichick’s article about how companies could make use of artificial intelligence by embedding it into their Apps on Forbes : How might your everyday working life change if you have artificial intelligence and machine learning? Here’s one very simple example. Consider an employee who normally fills out his weekly time card on Thursday afternoon, […]. Artificial Intelligence CTO News

An Omnichannel Black Friday

Forrester IT

US consumers have turned their attention from consuming turkey, cranberry sauce, and pie to starting their holiday shopping both online and in stores. The National Retail Foundation (NRF) predicts that 59% of Americans, or an estimated 137.4

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What will be hot for Cisco in 2019?

Network World

Software, software and more software. That seems to be the mantra for Cisco in 2019 as the company pushes software-defined WANs, cloud partnerships, improved application programs and its over-arching drive to sell more subscription-based software licenses.

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Using Blockchain to Support Trustworthy Transactions on the IoT

Information Week

Recent computer industry developments set the stage for demonstrations of how blockchain can help to turn Internet of Things networks into trusted environments

In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream


The following was published in Via Satellite: In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream Bob Gourley Complexity is the enemy of cybersecurity. Complexity introduces risk in ways that are hard to predict. The more complex a system is, the easier it becomes for adversaries to attack, and the harder it becomes for defenders to […]. CTO Cyber War News Robots

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Marriott Breach: Starwood’s Hacker Tier Rewards Millions Of Customer Records

Forrester IT

It’s probably as good a time as any to mention that releasing major breach announcements on Fridays is a worn-out trope by this point? That didn’t stop Marriott from announcing a breach of Starwood’s reservation system affecting 500 million people to kick off this Friday with a bang. Another Friday Another Breach Announcement If you weren’t […].

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10 of the coolest and wackiest tech stories of 2018

Network World

It’s not necessarily easy to pick the coolest and wackiest tech stories of the year, especially when you have so much to choose from. Rather than trying to be all- inclusive as we have done in the past, see ( here and here and here ) we have tried to more “exclusive.” Have fun! To read this article in full, please click here


Big Data Governance - Metadata Is the Key

Information Week

A new approach to data governance is needed in the age of big data, when data is scattered throughout the enterprise in many formats, and coming from many sources

Blockchain – The Coming Global Paradigm Shift!


George Gilder, in his latest book, Life After Google: The Fall of the Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy, effectively argues that our current big data IT world (he uses Google as the metaphor and leading provider) is not here to stay because of inherent flaws, the most significant being cyber-insecurity and […]. Big Data and Analytics Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Cloud Computing Cyber Security News

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Insights To Action — For Real This Time

Forrester IT

You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a sequel — a “Part Deux,” so to speak. But in fact, this is Forrester’s inaugural Data Strategy & Insights event. So why “this time”? Because, frankly, you’ve been to other conferences. You’ve been duped by other headlines.

SCCM 1810 Upgrade Step by Step Walkthrough Guide


This post is the SCCM 1810 upgrade step by step guide. Recently, Microsoft released SCCM 1810. In this post, you will get the details about how to upgrade SCCM 1810. What are the prerequisites which you suppose to look at before upgrading? How to get ready for SCCM 1810 upgrade?

Analytics and Privacy: Yes, the Two Can Co-Exist

Information Week

For all the talk about the burden that privacy regulations might place on businesses, it turns out that those regulations actually can help companies leverage their data

Amazon opens its internal machine learning courses to all for free


On Cyber Monday Amazon had one deal for its customers that’s a little unexpected. The company announced that it has made available, for free, the same machine learning courses that it uses to train its own engineers. It’s a lot of information to digest — from a programming standpoint. According to a newly released statement by […].

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LIFT Your Emerging Tech Efforts To The Next Level — Part 2

Forrester IT

Forrester Analytics Global Business Technographics Priorities & Journey survey shows that customer-obsessed firms currently have a 93% customer satisfaction rate — far above the 65% experienced by firms not prioritizing and investing in emerging technologies.

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Refine Your Enterprise’s Approach to AI in 2019

Perficient - Digital Transformation

2019 is the year to stop letting obstacles get in the way of enterprise AI adoption. Of course implementing AI tech comes with its challenges, but addressing two big obstacles may be the key to success.

Protect SaaS Applications with Cloud-Based Security

Information Week

The massive amount of sensitive data being processed by SaaS applications requires new approaches to security, including cloud-based next generation firewalls

4 Reasons That Show How Far Machine Learning Still Has to Go


Read Limesh Parekh list four reasons that show that machine learning and AI still have a far way to go on Entrepreneur : Every day we hear and read about how machine learning is changing the face of technology. From social media to virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa, IoT, and even automobiles, algorithms analyze […]. Artificial Intelligence News

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Experience Points: Level Up With Experience Level Agreements

Forrester IT

We habitually use metrics, even when they are not relevant. Our instincts are based on deeply engrained responses to situations and inherent investment biases (time & cost).

Informal Networks Require Leaders to Look Below the Waterline

Perficient - Digital Transformation

How do communications and influence flow through your organization? The most obvious and visible method is through formal channels.