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Deep learning – when should it be used?

Eric D. Brown

“When should I use deep learning?” ” I get asked that question constantly. The answer to this question is both complicated and simplistic at the same time.

How Artificial Intelligence is Making Big Data Better Than Ever


The concept of Big Data is a relatively new one. It denotes the availability of vast volumes and sources of data, which were not available before. By itself, Big Data is powerful, and when combined with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, the opportunities presented by this combination are just endless. As big data moves to the […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data

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Royal Caribbean and EY Embark On A Digital Transformation To Put Cruising Back On The Grid

Forrester IT

All companies face a new digital reality, where the accelerated pace of change today is the slowest it’s ever going to be. Partnering with EY, Royal Caribbean is taking on this challenge by transforming the once “off the grid” cruise vacation into a connected, tech-enabled experience. I recently attended the Sea Beyond event for a […]. application development & delivery continuous delivery digital transformation EY Royal Caribbean

Trying to Market a Horizontal Technology? Think Again.


Why marketers fail to focus on industry-specific buyers I was recently speaking with 2 CEOs of leading-edge technology companies about how they go-to-market. One is a brilliant open-source software firm, the other a groundbreaking virtual networking startup.

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3 Reasons Why On-Premises PBX Won't Go Extinct

IT Toolbox

In the spirit of point–counterpoint, let me discuss why traditional and voice over IP (VoIP) on-premises private branch exchanges (PBXs) will be around for years to come. Like many previous technologies, from fax to modems, precedents have been set that we must consider. If you read my posts, you know that I’m a strong proponent of the cloud, but I know many business owners and IT leaders


Universal Credit moves into Amazon Web Services cloud

Computer Weekly

Parts of the digital system underpinning the controversial welfare reform programme are now running on AWS under DWP’s hybrid cloud strategy

Scaling Amazon ElastiCache for Redis with Online Cluster Resizing

All Things Distributed

Amazon ElastiCache embodies much of what makes fast data a reality for customers looking to process high volume data at incredible rates, faster than traditional databases can manage.

5 Insights on Infrastructure Cyber Attacks


To state the value of technology at this point would be a needless redundancy, but for as great a resource as the world of cyber information is, it also leaves crucial infrastructure vulnerable in a way that it has never been before. Without question this (relatively speaking) new threat is.

5 Little-Known Benefits of ERP You May Have Missed

IT Toolbox

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) was once thought to be too complicated, too unreliable, and too expensive. However, ERP software systems are now used in businesses of all sizes, aiding business practices and procedures in every department. An ERP system offers benefits for revenue, profitability, workforce, and productivity, but there are other benefits that are just as important.

Use GDPR to future-proof business models

Computer Weekly

Businesses should look beyond compliance with new data regulations to ensure that their business processes and models are in line with future requirements, advises a privacy innovation expert

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AI Will Change Organizations From Within

Forrester IT

Over the past year I’ve spoken formally and informally with hundreds of companies about their AI initiatives. The biggest AH-HA moment comes when these companies realize the difference between implementing traditional technology and applying analytics with adopting AI. AI is a change from within. New rules for AI are emerging that seem counter intuitive to […].

If You’re Still Doing These Tasks Manually, You’re Out of the Loop


Making changes to the way you do business can seem scary, but some new technologies could help you get work done significantly faster — particularly if you focus on automation. Below, we’ll look at several tasks you can automate to save time. Ordering Office Supplies Restocking your office supplies is tedious, and if you […].


5 Ways VoIP Can Increase Productivity

IT Toolbox

Businesses of all sizes and types are consistently striving to increase profits. Companies can reach this goal in a variety of ways—reduce overhead spending and waste, increase workforce efficiency—but one reliable way is to increase productivity in the workplace. One often-overlooked way to increase productivity is to use the benefits of voice over IP (VoIP) telephony.


GDPR could ramp up cyber extortion demands, warns researcher

Computer Weekly

The ransom demanded for stolen or encrypted data is likely to rise after the General Data Protection Regulation compliance deadline in May 2018, according to a cyber security researcher

Private Cloud Platforms And Hosting Grow Faster Than Expected

Forrester IT

In the past year, we’ve seen an interesting change in the private cloud space: Cloud platforms and private cloud hosting are gaining share at the expense of private cloud software suites. In Forrester’s latest private cloud forecast update, we have increased our growth rates for both private cloud platforms and hosted private cloud. ForecastView clients […]. private cloud Uncategorized ForecastView hosted private cloud private cloud platforms private cloud software

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Understanding the value of your customer: CLV 101


At some point, almost every company faces questions like How good are the customers that we acquire? How do they differ from each other? How much can we spend to encourage their first or next transaction? As a measure that determines the amount of profit a customer brings over the.

Marketing Automation Eases the Pain of CRM

IT Toolbox

Marketing automation aims to shift as much of the routine work from sales or marketing to the CRM system. This is one area where CRM systems (and add-ons) are improving rapidly and it is worth a careful look to see where it can save you effort and hassle. This is especially true since marketing automation is aimed at resolving one of the major pain points that slows down CRM

IR35 reforms: Consultation on private sector roll-out confirmed in Autumn Budget 2017

Computer Weekly

The government has confirmed it is preparing to consult on whether or not to roll out the controversial IR35 tax avoidance reforms to the private sector

Ready To Get Serious About Customer Obsession? Start By Benchmarking Against Peers

Forrester IT

Firms everywhere are struggling to translate a ‘customer first’ vision into an actionable customer obsessed strategy. Local firms are no exception. As the marketing director for an Australian manufacturer told us: “Translating the rhetoric of ‘customer-first’ into meaningful action and overcoming legacy attitudes remains hugely challenging.” In a recent report, which Forrester clients can […

Video Tutorial SCCM CB Preview 1711 Upgrade New Features


This post and video tutorial will cover SCCM CB preview 1711 upgrade and new features. This is not a production version of SCCM CB. Hence, we are not supposed to install this version in production environments. SCCM CB 1711 is the preview version and should be installed only in a lab environment.

Video 16

How to Help Your Small IT Team Keep Up with Business Expansion

IT Toolbox

So what is the best approach to help your small IT team get accustomed to new developments

Nordic CIO interview: Emil Dahlin, Svevia

Computer Weekly

Swedish construction company Svevia is transforming digitally, driven by chief information officer Emil Dahlin

Customer Experience Index India 2017 Results

Forrester IT

As promised, Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX IndexTM) results for India 2017 are out. We’re excited to see that over-all, brands in India are doing better this year than they did in 2016! Over half the surveyed 36 brands improved their score.

Can Blockchain Supercharge the Gig Economy?


Countless words have been written in recent years about the rise of the ‘gig economy’. As the natural evolution of the freelance model, the gig economy is based on short-term and temporary jobs handled by contractors and other independent workers.


Learning from Oreos and Hackonomy to Improve Collaboration

IT Toolbox

My last post introduced “hackonomy”, and how Bonin Bough is applying it to create new models of customer engagement. If this is new to you, let’s pause - I’ll continue after you read that post, and then will shift the focus to enterprise communications. Assuming

Google invests £1m to help train UK computing teachers

Computer Weekly

Tech giant will provide grant to help train secondary school computing teachers across the UK

Which Digital Agency Should You Use?

Forrester IT

I believe most firms have an existential need for a great digital experience service provider — an agency or consultancy — that can help them design, build, and sometimes operate the complex digital experiences your customers crave. Your need for help is driven by skyrocketing customer expectations, touchpoint complexity that’s out of control, and the […


Video Tutorial How to Setup SCCM Azure AD User Discovery


SCCM 1706 and later versions allowed us to discover Azure Active Directory users. Azure AD user discovery helps to deploy applications to Azure AD users. Azure AD user discovery helps to deploy apps to AAD users in a co-management scenario.