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CIOs Need To Know Why Antivirus Software Can Create False Security

The Accidental Successful CIO

Antivirus software can help but it’s not invincible Image Credit: Gabriel Salvadó. Almost every person with the CIO job currently has some form of antivirus software deployed within their company.

Happy Data Privacy Day — Five Lessons Learned On Regulatory Enforcement

Forrester IT

In the United States, Europe, Canada, and India, January 28 is designated Data Privacy Day to mark the signing of the first legally binding, international treaty that dealt with data protection and privacy in 1981.

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Build security into your IoT plan or risk attack

Network World

The Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer some futuristic thing that’s years off from being something IT leaders need to be concerned with. The IoT era has arrived. In fact, Gartner forecasts there will be 20.4 billion connected devices globally by 2020. An alternative proof point is the fact that when I talk with people about their company's IoT plans, they don’t look at me like a deer in headlights as they did a few years ago. In fact, often the term “IoT” doesn’t even come up.

Behavioral Science Shapes Data Science and Drives Change


Here is why Data Scientists need to think like a behavioural economist or psychologist when they communicate or story tell their insights. This helps companies to take concrete and bias-free decisions to acquire customers, retain employees and deal with managers within the organization.

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Why You Should Adopt the Internet of Things


Read why Charles Darling says that we should embrace the Internet of Thing connected devices with open arms on IOT Evolution World : You approach your front door, you tap the screen of your smartphone and hear the door unlock. When you walk into your house, your home is illuminated by your favorite shade of blue. […]. CTO News

Scoring Big With Data: The New Age Of Analytics In Sports

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Sports: the games we know and love. We love to play and watch these games so much, in fact, that in the US, there are only two days during the year when the four major pro sports leagues aren’t playing a game (i.e., MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL).[i] i] One of the most anticipated games in […].

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Cloud Shift Impacts All IT Markets


Through 2022, growth in enterprise IT spending for cloud-based offerings will be faster than growth in traditional (non-cloud) IT offerings , making cloud computing one of the most disruptive forces in IT markets since the early days of the digital age. When organizations are faced with IT spending decisions, the consideration of using cloud services for new initiatives or replacing existing systems causes a shift in spending from traditional IT solutions to cloud.

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Enterprise digital transformation leaves data security behind


Read why Charlie Osborne says that implementing modern systems could have a sinister cybersecurity side-effect for enterprises on ZDNet : The rush to embrace new technologies in the name of business modernization, supply chain efficiency, visibility, and cost savings is leading to an increased risk of data compromise, researchers claim. The 2019 Thales Data Threat Report, […].

Tech-Driven Innovation: The Inevitable And Revolutionary Future Of IT

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Technology has changed virtually everything: The way we work, the way we live, the way we play and at a basic level, how humans relate to each other.

3 ways the cloud and data centers work well together

David Linthicum

Will data centers will go away as the public cloud grows like crazy? Both are growing to keep up with the booming economy. But getting them to work and play well together will be a challenge. You may also recall the hybrid cloud , which was a paired private cloud and public cloud. Most in the tech field now consider hybrid cloud out of date, and instead push the concept of “hybrid IT.”

How Will Blockchain Transform the Education System?


Smart classrooms aren’t too far off, and blockchain technology may become an integral part of schools all over the globe in a few years. But how will this system help administrators and students? Bitcoin is the most well-known virtual currency in the world, at one time reaching a value of.

What is 5G, and what can we expect from it?


The world’s first 5G networks switch on this year, promising faster data speeds and lower latency to consumers. In addition, 5G opens up avenues to new industrial applications and is a critical element to build widely connected “smart cities.” 5G is the next step to provide better networking in our increasingly technological world. Around the world, […]. CTO News

Welcome to the B2B Marketing Renaissance

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A long time ago, Peter Drucker, a man who BusinessWeek once called the father of business management, wrote: Even though this was written a long time ago, it was still a few years before I embarked on my long career as a B2B marketer. I can attest that for most of that long career, I […].

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Transform Your Portfolio with 2 Key Product Management Practices


Product managers at technology service providers are challenged to update their product portfolios to remain aligned to the needs of a rapidly evolving market. Current and prospective customers too often seek the latest digital technologies that merely hold the promise of improving organizational processes. A product manager’s best response is to factor customer experience (CX) and strategic pricing into product planning to transform product portfolios.

3 Reasons Why People Aren't Using Your Data Visualizations

Social, Agile and Transformation

Are you getting the expected usage out of your BI dashboards? Are the users of your dashboards just accessing them to download the raw data only to review it as a messy, siloed, spreadsheet? If you taught people how to use one of your dashboards, would they have a basic understanding of how to use other ones developed off the same data sets? require(["mojo/signup-forms/Loader"], function(. agile data big data customer experience data scientist site performance

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Artificial Intelligence Has A Problem With Bias, Here’s How To Tackle It


Read Bernard Marr explain how we can tackle the inherent bias that artificial intelligence has on Forbes : One of the problems in society that AI decision-making was meant to solve, was bias. After all, aren’t computers less likely to have inherent views on, for example, race, gender, and sexuality? Well, that was true back in the […]. Artificial Intelligence News

Engage With Apple to Engage With Patients

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In yet another sign that Apple has its sights fixed solidly on the healthcare industry, the company has secured a strategic partnership with another national health insurer, Aetna. Apple, it turns out, is not just a company that knows how to build high-end consumer electronic devices.

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Kubernetes and Microservices

Linux Academy

Microservices are a great way to architect your applications. In the old days, most applications consisted of a single, large executable containing all of the components of the application. Today, however, more and more people are designing their applications using a series of many relatively independent and decoupled services, known as microservices. Why Microservices? A microservice architecture comes with a host of benefits.

DARPA explores new computer architectures to fix security between systems

Network World

Solutions are needed to replace the archaic air-gapping of computers used to isolate and protect sensitive defense information, the U.S. Government has decided. Air-gapping, used often now, is the practice of physically isolating data-storing computers from other systems, computers, and networks. It theoretically can’t be compromised because there is nothing between the machines — there are no links into the machines; they’re removed.

How Freaked Out Should You Be About The Apple FaceTime Eavesdropping Bug?


Read why Tony Bradley thinks Apple’s FaceTime bug is very frightening on Forbes : Ok, everybody. Breathe. It’s going to be OK. The Facetime eavesdropping bug actually works. I recreated it just like everyone else in the world who has read the article. However, the reaction from the media and even from some cybersecurity professionals […].

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Invest In These Video Technologies That Drive Growth

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In our new Forrester Tech Tide™ on video technologies for customer and employee experience, we took a look at 18 technologies that support video initiatives. Read the report to find out more about those technologies, and listen to the podcast below for a quick summary.

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The Best Tech Gifts for Under $50


Information Technology Blog - - The Best Tech Gifts for Under $50 - Information Technology Blog. The tech gifts are the perfect option to gift for a birthday, on wedding or whenever you want to surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend this coming valentine day.

National pen test execution standard would improve network security

Network World

As the number of cyber attacks increases, the demand for penetration tests – to determine the strength of a company’s defense – is also going up. People are worried about their companies’ networks and computer systems being hacked and data being stolen. Plus, many regulatory standards such PCI and HITRUST require these tests to be performed on at least an annual basis. The demand for these tests is only going to increase as attackers get more sophisticated.

Facebook pays teens to install VPN that spies on them


Desperate for data on its competitors, Facebook has been secretly paying people to install a “Facebook Research” VPN that lets the company suck in all of a user’s phone and web activity, similar to Facebook’s Onavo Protect app that Apple banned in June and that was removed in August. Facebook sidesteps the App Store and […].

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The Three Key Actions That Will Define Insurance Tech Investment In 2019

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The Future Will Temper Insurer Optimism In 2019 Insurance business technology teams caught a few breaks in 2018. There were fewer, though costly, insured weather losses, as well as new thinking by insurance regulators when it comes to disruptive technology. But 2019 is a different story.

Mozilla Firefox One-liner Installer

Mick's IT Blog

Here is a PowerShell one-line installer for Mozilla Firefox. This allows you to download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox during the build process without having to maintain the package each time. The URI used in this is for the 64-bit version of Firefox. If you need a different version, you will need to locate the download URI and copy and paste it in the one-liner thereby changing the value of $URI. I have been using this one-liner to install Firefox in the build for almost a year.


Understanding the Market: 5 Top Tips


Information Technology Blog - - Understanding the Market: 5 Top Tips - Information Technology Blog. If you’re a new business, you may already have a sense of what the current market is like, or who your target audience is.

Amazon Web Services continues open-source push with code behind SageMaker Neo


Amazon Web Services has decided to release the code behind one of its key machine-learning services as an open-source project, as it continues to push back against critics who find its relationship with open-source software out of balance. SageMaker Neo, which lets customers run machine-learning training models across multiple operating environments, was introduced last November at […]. Artificial Intelligence News

New Retail Isn’t The Future — It’s The Present

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The future of retail is already here: Alibaba’s New Retail is reshaping the retail landscape in China and beyond., Tencent, and traditional retailers like Starbucks and Walmart are all jumping on the bandwagon.

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Digital Transformation Rx: Moving Health Care to the Cloud

Information Week

Modernizing an industry that is under federal compliance mandates and historically has been slow to embrace new IT can require an extra bit of finesse