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Thinking about Robust Strategies for BYOD and Mobile

Eric D. Brown

Sponsored by Dimension Data. BYOD is a reality today. Organizations have been trying to figured out how to manage this new ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) reality but there are very few organizations that have robust strategies and solutions to manage this new mobile world.

Let the NSA spy on us -- we're still moving to the cloud

David Linthicum

Guess what? The NSA scandal might have freaked out a few CIOs, but it isn''t delaying their move to cloud computing. I''m not surprised: They really have no choice in the shift to the cloud, considering the alternatives are not as effective. read more. Cloud Computing Security Internet Privacy Network Security Cloud computing

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Hybrid is Hot: Nimble Storage Soars on IPO

Data Center Knowledge

Storage has been a hot topic in 2013, and with the demand for storage only on the increase. We spoke with Radhika Krishnan, Vice President of Product Marketing and Alliances for Nimble Storage, a hybrid flash-disk storage provider at the Gartner Data Center Conference, and she noted the company had.

Omphaloskepsis and the December 2013 Security Update Release

IT Pros Rock!

There are times when we get too close to a topic. We familiarize ourselves with every aspect and nuance, but fail to recognize not everyone else has done the same. Whether you consider this myopia, navel-gazing, or human nature, the effect is the same.

An Adult Conversation About Estimates

Speaker: Beekey Cheung, Software Consultant, Professor Beekums, LLC

Estimates are a contentious topic in software development. Most of our development teams hate providing estimates and many managers are starting to view them as unnecessary. As senior software leaders, how can we determine whether estimates are helpful or harmful to our teams? We are excited to be joined by Beekey Cheung, a software consultant and blogger known as Professor Beekums, who has helped many leaders and teams go from fearing estimates to using them appropriately. He'll walk us through the value of estimates, how to overcome the hesitancy many have in giving them, and how to provide better estimates.

Q&A with TimeTrade’s Gary Ambrosino

The Investing Edge

The retail industry’s transition from “bricks to clicks” has once again been top of mind during the holiday season, as online retailers and traditional brick-and-mortar stores alike have targeted customers with Cyber Monday deals and other Internet shopping sales.

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Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of Dec. 7

Data Center Knowledge

The Week in Review: The cost of downtime is rising, Google building big in Iowa, Microsoft expands Dublin cloud hub, Bitcoin arms race spurs interest in liquid cooling, Node gets traction with Paypal and Groupon. Featured

Foto Friday – Junco on Ice

Eric D. Brown

Captured this Junco in the backyard last week after the ice storm. Captured with Canon 400mm 5.6 L and Canon 7D handheld. See more photos in my flickr photostream and/or my Zenfolio portfolio (where you can buy images).


NRRC Video Series - Video 5 : Boeing Ozone Dashboards for Emergency Management

Cloud Musings

In September, the NCOIC delivered the Geospatial Community Cloud (GCC) demonstration.

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Interview of @Platfora by @SecureNinja at @FedCyber 2013


By Bob Gourley SecureNinjaTV’s Alicia Webb speaks with Reagan Kling about Hadoop and Big Data at FEDcyber 2013 in Arlington, Virginia. Platfora’s mission is to empower customers to transform their businesses into fact-based enterprises.

The Six Principles of Persuasion

Speaker: Michael Carducci, CTO, Mago:Tech

As senior tech leaders, we often fall prey to thinking that a “good idea” and logical case is sufficient to get the desired response and result. We might be trying to get our CEO on-board with investment in a new technology or a rearchitecture effort, or we might want culture or process changes by our team. Our “good idea” is simply the beginning. An idea must be communicated; a case must be made; and ultimately other people must be persuaded to get onboard. Michael Carducci brings a fascinating background to this webinar. He’s a technologist and regularly works to help senior leaders improve their results. He’s also a professional mentalist and has been a student of psychology, human behavior and the principles of influence for nearly two decades.

SolidFire And The Rise Of Flash Among Cloud Providers

Data Center Knowledge

SolidFire makes all-flash storage systems designed for next generation data centers. Nine new customers are leveraging SolidFire’s all-flash architecture. Featured

Security Advisory 2916652 released, Certificate Trust List updated

IT Pros Rock!

Microsoft is updating the Certificate Trust List (CTL) for all supported releases of Microsoft Windows to remove the trust of a mis-issued third-party digital certificate, which could be used to spoof content and perform phishing or man-in-the-middle attacks against web properties. With this action, customers will be automatically be protected against this issue. Additionally, the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) 4.0

How Should A CIO Handle IT Department Conflicts?

The Accidental Successful CIO

When team members don’t get along, everyone suffers Image Credit. I’m currently in charge of a department of skilled IT professionals.

Innovators/Inventors/Entrepreneurs: If You Have The Will And Endurance To Turn Your Security Tech Idea Into A Real Solution Work with Mach37


By Bob Gourley We have written before about Mach37 , the innovative and intensive cyber accelerator located at the Center for Innovative Technology.

Schema Evolution Patterns

Speaker: Alex Rasmussen, CEO, Bits on Disk

If you want to make your development team squirm, ask them about database schema changes or API versioning. Most development teams struggle with changing database schemas and updating API versions without breaking existing code. Alex Rasmussen is an expert in helping teams through these struggles. His talk will examine database schema changes and API versioning as two instances of schema evolution: how your systems respond when the structure of your structured data changes.

Google Opens Two Data Centers in Asia, Shelves Hong Kong Plans

Data Center Knowledge

Google has opened facilities in Taiwan and Singapore, while Shelving plans in Hong Kong. The company is building up its data center presence in Asia in response to immense internet growth. Featured

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Step-by-Step: Offline VM Template Servicing with Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V and PowerShell

IT Pros Rock!

Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V provides the ability to easily export sysprepped virtual machines as reusable VM templates for quickly provisioning new VMs in an on-premises datacenter or on the Windows Azure cloud platform.

ReBoot – Where Is My TV Guide?

A CIO's Voice

The other day I was having a conversation with someone in there 20s and I mentioned a TV Guide. They gave me that look you get when you tell people you remember when TV sets had knobs. As technology marches on, there are some items in print that have or are disappearing.

View On Demand: Best Practices for #BigData Solutions Plus @Pentaho and #MongoDB Partnering for Success


By Bob Gourley If you were not able to watch our webinar on best practices for government big data solutions please review the on demand recording at this link: [link]. The webinar reviews best practices in big data solutions based on surveys and research done here at

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Team Leadership in the Age of Agile

Speaker: Roy Osherove, Technology and Leadership Consultant

Why is implementing new frameworks, from SCRUM to self-organized teams, so much harder than understanding them? Roy Osherove has the solution. Tune in and learn to recognize what state your team is in, to support them accordingly, and to help them adopt the best practices given where they are today.

Gartner: Capacity Concerns Will Make DCIM a $1 Billion Market

Data Center Knowledge

Roughly 36 percent of the audience in a Gartner conference session reported they will be likely to significantly implement Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools in their data center in 2014, and another 25 percent predicted they will implement in the next two years. Gartner analysts.

Links for Dec 8 2013

Eric D. Brown

Innovate on Purpose: Insights, Innovation and Intuition. Quote : Good innovation managers can corral quantitative results, qualitative insights, customer needs, market trends and a host of other kinds of data and insights and arrive at an interesting opportunity, applying the appropriate weight to each kind of insight or data.

NRRC Video Series - Video 6 : Telos Demonstrates Cloud-based Communications System

Cloud Musings

In September, the NCOIC delivered the Geospatial Community Cloud (GCC) demonstration.

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CIT Announces Commonwealth Research Commercialization Fund (CRCF) FY2014 Fall Solicitation Awards and Upcoming Solicitation


By Bob Gourley. Awards target academic research and commercialization activities in the Commonwealth . December 12, 2013 (HERNDON, Va.) – The Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) announced today nearly $1.4

Architect Your Organization for Effectiveness, Productivity, and Joy

Speaker: Ron Lichty, Consultant: Interim VP Engineering, Ron Lichty Consulting, Inc.

As a senior software leader, you likely spend more time working on the architecture of your systems than the architecture of your organization. Yet, structuring our teams and organizations is a critical factor for success. In fact, the impact of software architecture parallels the impact of organizational structure. We are excited to welcome Ron Lichty, co-author of a seminal book on managing software teams and a well-known speaker, he’ll speak to organizing for effectiveness, productivity and joy.

GE Critical Power Gear Supports ViaWest Data Centers

Data Center Knowledge

GE Critical Power is providing a range of electrical distribution equipment to ViaWest''s data centers in Las Vegas, Denver, Dallas, and Minneapolis. Power ViaWest

Cloud OS Challenge - Congratulations to our Winners!

IT Pros Rock!

THANK YOU to the hundreds of entrants that completed the IT Pro Cloud OS Challenge in November to learn more about our FREE bare-metal, enterprise-grade hypervisor, Hyper-V Server 2012 R2 !

Just Pinched Myself ! Part of a "GovCloud Dream Team" !!

Cloud Musings

DBT-DATA provides reliable, flexible, and cost-effective data center solutions to federal, enterprise, and internet customers.

What you need out of your Enterprise Operational Performance Monitoring Solution


By Bob Gourley This post was written on behalf of Corvil to help further the dialog on efficient IT operations. We have previously written about the emerging discipline of an integrated approach to Enterprise Operational Performance Monitoring ( EOPM ).

Best Practices for Micro-Services Management, Traceability and Visualization

Speaker: Robert Starmer, Cloud Advisor, Founding Partner at Kumulus Technologies

Moving to micro-services, or even working with distributed applications in a traditional environment, brings with it a host of interactions that are often difficult to understand. This session will provide an overview of service mesh, a review of the Istio service mesh itself, and dive into best practices and integration models for integrating the traceability model into a distributed application.