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Driving Business Value at Webtrends


Webtrends , a provider of web analytics products, services and solutions for more than 2,000 enterprises, now uses Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) to run Spark on YARN.

Windows 10 will push you to pay more for Office

David Linthicum

Microsoft is the only public cloud provider that owns most of the desktop PCs. As it did with its Microsoft Explorer browser, Microsoft can leverage its desktop dominance to sell other items. In the cloud, that means Office 365 -- and the new Windows 10 pushes the use of Office 365 hard. It has every incentive to do so because Office 365 customers pay up to 80 percent more than customers using the perpetually licensed (traditional) versions of Exchange, SharePoint, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

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The Benefits of Open Data Within an Organization

Eric D. Brown

A recent article by Christian McMahon titled “ Open Data – How Far Do We Go? ” got me thinking about the idea of ‘open data.’

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China: Supercomputer Back Online Following Explosion

Data Center Knowledge

State-controlled media report Tianhe-1 is back in business after days of downtime Read More. Asia-Pacific Downtime Government HPC

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Data Analytics in the Cloud for Developers and Founders

Speaker: Javier Ramírez, Senior AWS Developer Advocate, AWS

You have lots of data, and you are probably thinking of using the cloud to analyze it. But how will you move data into the cloud? In which format? How will you validate and prepare the data? What about streaming data? Can data scientists discover and use the data? Can business people create reports via drag and drop? Can operations monitor what’s going on? Will the data lake scale when you have twice as much data? Is your data secure? In this session, we address common pitfalls of building data lakes and show how AWS can help you manage data and analytics more efficiently.

Cognitio Cloud Transition and Cyber Assessment Offerings Available on Major Government Wide Acquisition Contract CIO-CS


Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC) are pre-competed vehicles that enable any government agency to buy cost-effective, innovative solutions to meet information technology requirements.

Lazy logging in the cloud will cost you big

David Linthicum

How much of your public cloud do you need to log? According to enterprise managers, everything. And why not? They have access to virtually unlimited processing and storage resources, so they turn on all logs. Logging comes in different flavors. You can log the use of storage systems, such as Amazon Web Services' S3, log the use of databases, log the use of server instances, log the network, log security, and log governance.

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What Keeps Intel’s CISO Up at Night?

Data Center Knowledge

On making sense out of the constantly morphing enterprise security landscape Read More. Enterprise Featured Infrastructure Intel Security

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Kindle Version of The Cyber Threat Provided Free 20-21 August 2015


Thanks to we are able to provide our readers with a free copy of the Kindle version of our book on The Cyber Threat during a special three day promotion running 20-21 August 2015. The book was written to provide actionable insights into the cyber threat specially aimed towards the leader who should know more about threats to protect business objectives. You can read this version of the book on any Mac, PC, Tablet, or Smartphone.

Looking for Security Peak Performance?

Cloud Musings

You can find it at Dell Peak Performance 2015 !!! I'll be there at the Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas attending as a social media representative with a full access pass and an invitation to meet and interview Dell executives and security technology leaders.

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Congrats to Blue Coat – PerspecSys buy is wise choice

The Investing Edge

Congratulations to enterprise security industry leader Blue Coat Systems on their acquisition of PerspecSys. Our portfolio company PerspecSys , an early leader in the rapidly emerging cloud data protection market, was recently acquired by security gateway leader Blue Coat Systems.

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The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

New Submarine Cable to Connect Equinix Data Centers in New York, London

Data Center Knowledge

Aqua Comms’ AEConnect system to increase much needed transatlantic bandwidth Read More. Connectivity Equinix London New York

Video Presentation on Abusing Software Defined Networks


See the video at this link and embedded below: Im a huge fan of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and so many other related applications of advanced enterprise tech. But watching this video is giving me pause.

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How to Get an Agile Product Owner to Pay for Technical Debt

Social, Agile and Transformation

It's the most common question I get when discussing agile development as a CIO with a team of developers that are enthusiastic about maturing their practice. How do you get the Product Owner to prioritize fixing technical debt above new features, enhancements, special requests for customers, and improvements to internal tools? How do you get business stakeholders interested in seeing. agile planning agile software development cio DevOps security site performance software development software qa

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Step-By-Step: Enabling Automatic DHCP Server Backup


Like any database, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server also at times may require actions such as backup and restore in the event of hardware failure, software failure, migration or in fault configuration change. Microsoft eases this process.( read more ).

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How to Choose the Best Embedded Analytics Solution to Modernize Your Application

If you are looking to modernize your application to improve competitiveness, then one of the quickest wins you can have is to embed sophisticated analytics that will wow your existing and prospective customers.

Flash Boys, the Capital Markets…and Solving Enterprise Application Performance in the Cloud

Data Center Knowledge

Mirroring the evolution of technology within the global capital markets, many of today’s digital enterprises are migrating to next-generation architectures that integrate network and cloud hubs into enterprise data centers and the WAN. Read More. Industry Perspectives

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Cloud Computing: What do Government Executives Need to be Thinking about to Make a Successful Journey to the Cloud?


In 2011 the US Federal Government issued a Cloud First policy mandating that agencies take full advantage of cloud computing benefits to maximize capacity utilization, improve IT flexibility and responsiveness, and minimize cost. Cloud computing is a design style that allows for efficient use of compute, storage, and memory in order to decrease cycle time for mission delivery and promises to change the way that agencies deliver services to citizens for the next twenty years.

Titan Graph Database Integration with DynamoDB: World-class Performance, Availability, and Scale for New Workloads

All Things Distributed

Today, we are releasing a plugin that allows customers to use the Titan graph engine with Amazon DynamoDB as the backend storage layer. It opens up the possibility to enjoy the value that graph databases bring to relationship-centric use cases, without worrying about managing the underlying storage.

Step-By-Step: Azure Site Recovery – Failover to Azure


Hello folks, My last couple of posts were about protecting your physical servers with Azure Site Recovery or ASR for short. Step-By-Step: Protect physical servers with Azure Site Recovery Step-By-Step: Protect physical servers with Azure Site Recovery.( read more ).

Cloud 102

Machine Learning for Builders: Tools, Trends, and Truths

Speaker: Rob De Feo, Startup Advocate at Amazon Web Services

Machine learning techniques are being applied to every industry, leveraging an increasing amount of data and ever faster compute. But that doesn’t mean machine learning techniques are a perfect fit for every situation (yet). So how can a startup harness machine learning for its own set of unique problems and solutions, and does it require a warehouse filled with PhDs to pull it off?

Five Critical Layers of Next-Gen Data Center Automation and Orchestration

Data Center Knowledge

As more users utilize content delivered directly from cloud resources, the data center will need to be able to handle the influx of new demand Read More. Blades Cloud Computing Convergence Featured Infrastructure cloud orchestration

Michael Stonebraker of Tamr – MIT CDOIQ Symposium 2015 – theCUBE


The video here is another production by the great folks at SiliconAngle , here Paul Gillin and Dave Velante have a conversation with Michael Stonebreaker of Tamr covering topics of data and issues of integration, a problem everyone we know has.

How to Mentor Human Side of Business via Change Management

Future of CIO

Change Management = the human side of change! Change for all of us is inevitable, some of us get it quicker than others. So the challenge for organizations is to recognize who their people are and where these talented professionals can contribute to the business success and feel valued along the way.

PowerShell Approved Verb Cheat Sheet

Mick's IT Blog

Here is a cheat sheet that is a list of all PowerShell approved verbs. You can download cheat sheet from here


B2B Pocket Playbook: End-to-End Guide to Sales Enablement

Sales enablement is the strategic process of providing sales teams with the content, guidance, and mentorship needed to engage targeted buyers. It’s all about equipping sales professionals with the tools they need to put their best-selling foot forward. And if sales teams want to continuously sell better -- and faster -- their sales enablement process must have a game-winning strategy. It's time for you to start selling smarter - and hitting your sales number - with the best B2B database in the market. Get started today.

Vapor IO and Bloom Energy Partner on Gas-Powered High-Density Data Centers

Data Center Knowledge

Integration of Vapor Chamber with Bloom fuel cells aims to create low-carbon data center solution Read More. Data Center Design DCIM News Deals Featured Green Data Centers Power

Fed Tech Roundup August 19


The following are some of the hot topics in the federal technology ecosystem (from and ): Fed Tech Ticker. NASA Taps 5 Institutions to Promote STEM Education at Minority-Serving Colleges. NTIA extends ICANN contract for another year. Mission-driven data visualization - New York to deploy statewide emergency management software - Millennium Challenge Corporation needs a CIO - (blog).

Five Aspects of Wisdom in the Workplace

Future of CIO

Wisdom in the workplace is to have positive mindsets and build an innovative culture. People spend significant time in the workplace. However, statistically, more than two-thirds of employees don’t feel engaged, what’re the negative feeling employees have, but they might never tell their managers?

Non Volatile Memory (NVM), NVMe, Flash Memory Summit and SSD updates

Storage IO Blog

The question is not if NVM is in your future, it is! Instead the questions are what type of NVM including NAND flash among other mediums will be deployed where, using what type of packaging or solutions (drives, cards, systems, appliances, cloud) for what role (as storage, primary memory, persistent cache) along with how much among others.

Microservices: The Dark Side

Speaker: Prem Chandrasekaran

A few years ago, Barclays embarked on a journey to migrate its legacy services to a modern tech stack with the objective of achieving a high level of scale, resilience, and reliability. During the incremental, iterative move towards an ecosystem of focused, distributed services, it’s fair to say that the company discovered the challenges of distributing objects. Join us for an episode you can’t miss if you’re finding it a lot harder to architect in practice than in theory, and learn how you can shed light on the dark side of microservices.

Lightning in Belgium Disrupts Google Cloud Services

Data Center Knowledge

Four successive lighting strikes on data center infrastructure knock cloud storage servers offline Read More. Cloud Computing Downtime Europe Google Power

Google 207

Fed Tech Roundup August 17


The following are some of the hot topics in the federal technology ecosystem (from and ): Fed Tech Ticker. The Cyber Threat: Paperback and Kindle Edition Both Updated For 2015. XLA Unveils New Systems Delivery Solution BCAT (Business Capability Analysis and Training). Keep plugging away. A virtual community of cyber talent - GSA proposes cyber addition to Schedule 70. 18F steps up is acquisition game.

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Digital IT Tuning: How to Harness IT-Business Collaboration

Future of CIO

People tend to have a high expectation of digital flow, very little patience with technology issues. It is a thorny journey for IT to transform from a back-office function and cost center to a digital champion and value creator. What’s the reality of your IT organization?

August Server StorageIO Update Newsletter – NVM and Flash SSD Focus

Storage IO Blog

This months feature topic theme is Non Volatile Memory (NVM) which includes technologies such as NAND flash commonly used in Solid State Devices (SSDs) storage today, as well as in USB thumb drive, mobile and hand-held devices among many other uses. NVM spans servers, storage, I/O devices along with mobile and handheld among many other technologies.

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Pressure Points: How to Ensure Your B2B Pipeline Passes Inspection

This eBook highlights best practices for developing a pipeline management process that helps sales leaders and their team C.L.O.S.E (you’ll see what we mean in this eBook) more revenue through data-driven prospecting, stage analysis, and subsequent sales enablement.