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Move Big Data To The Public Cloud With An Insight PaaS

Forrester IT

In five years you’ll be using Insight PaaS for big data in the public cloud. On-premise won’t be an option. Here is why. Cloud Is The Hottest Market For Big Data Technology The shift to the cloud for big data is on.

How to Prepare Tech Leaders in Your Company


A survey by the United States Department of Labor unveiled that in America, an average individual born in the late 50s or early 60s had to hunt for a job virtually 18 times till they attained the age of 48. This only signals that the search of employment is obligatory. With many job applicants today, […]. CTO News

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Corporate IT: Why Fusion Teams are Essential to Digitalization


In the face of unprecedented challenges, sometimes the powers of Ironman, the Hulk, or even demigod Thor are not enough. It’s only when those complementary powers come together in a team — such as The Avengers — that the contest begins to seem winnable.

Step-By-Step: Intro to Managing Azure AD via PowerShell


As IT Professionals know, time is never on our side. Hence the reason PowerShell is so important. It provides a quicker way of completing tasks and can even provide some automation if harnessed correctly.

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Stuff Worth Reading – August 2017

The Investing Edge

This post is the first of a new feature on the Ascent Venture blog hosted by Baiyin Zhou ( @BaiyinVC ), a Senior Associate at Ascent, and Eric Schultz ( @ericebs ), an author and former Ascent portfolio CEO. Every so often we’ll highlight a handful of articles from our reading, mostly things we stumble upon in the course of doing our real jobs, but which seem relevant to the Ascent audience. These posts are not meant to be comprehensive, and we don’t necessarily endorse everything we post.

Government to strengthen UK data protection law

Computer Weekly

New legislation will require social media platforms to delete information about children and adults when asked

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Three Ways to Generate Profit With the Data You Already Have By Andrew Wells and Kathy Chiang


Editor's note: This article captures insights from Andrew Wells and Kathy Chiang, co-authors of the new book, Monetizing Your Data: A Guide to Turning Data into Profit-Driving Strategies and Solutions. -bg bg Build it and they will come. That is the view many organizations maintain about their data lakes and data warehouses. Companies are rapidly investing in […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data CTO News

IDG Contributor Network: The new branch office SD-WAN model

Network World

Wrapping up an SD-WAN workshop session with a client last week, I reflected on how rapidly the branch office WAN connectivity and management model is changing. Some great opportunities are emerging for enterprise IT teams that can materially impact how the network is designed, paid for and managed. Here are some thoughts: 1. Public cloud is driving a lightweight edge security model.

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IBM’s Tape Breakthrough May Change Cold Storage – But Not Anytime Soon

Data Center Knowledge

Researchers find a way to jam more data than ever onto a square inch of tape Read More. Design Featured IBM Storage

Cultural change a critical but neglected element of IoT security

Computer Weekly

Managing how people within an enterprise deal with data is a vital element of shoring up security around the internet of things, says Vodafone

Back To the Future: The Benefits Of TV Advertising

Forrester IT

Marketers are having a Back to the Future moment: AdWeek, MarketWatch, MarketingProfs, and others have sung the praises of television. And in January, the CMO of Coca-Cola presented analytic proof that TV delivers stronger ROI than digital. With cable-cutters, cord-nevers, and Millennials’ preference for over-the-top (OTT) TV viewing, it’s easy to predict the demise of […]. advertising B2C marketing brand building branding marketing & strategy media media buying

Don’t waste your time with a hybrid cloud

David Linthicum

I’m often asked about paired private and public clouds, aka hybrid clouds. What are they? How do you use them? Should you use them? I’m not talking about hybrid clouds that are defined as traditional systems paired with public clouds or as multicloud architectures composed of more than one public cloud, but hybrid clouds as defined by NIST in 2011. The definition is important because I’m finding that people use the “hybrid cloud” term very sloppily still. [ To the cloud!

Schneider Makes It Big in Hollywood

Data Center Knowledge

Ships data center container to major visual-effects studio Read More. Design Featured Schneider Electric

Forrester warns CIOs of cloud market consolidation risks and rewards

Computer Weekly

Market watcher's latest cloud report outlines how the consolidation of the cloud software and infrastructure market can mean good and bad news for enterprises

The Battle For Talent

Forrester IT

In last week’s episode of Forrester’s What It Means podcast, Marc Cecere and Jeffrey Hammond discuss today’s real and potentially dangerous gaps in talent — and how companies are making fundamental changes to strengthen their position in the market. Podcast Transcript Victor Milligan: Hi, I’m Victor Milligan. Jennifer Isabella: And I’m Jennifer Isabella. Victor Milligan: Your co-hosts for Forrester’s podcast What It […].

NVMe Wont Replace Flash By Itself They Compliment Each Other

Storage IO Blog

NVMe is the interface and protocol for accessing NVM based storage. NVMe wont replace NVM based flash by itself (at least yet) as they compliment each other. The post NVMe Wont Replace Flash By Itself They Compliment Each Other appeared first on StorageIOblog.

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Exclusive: San Francisco to See Its First Data Center Build in More Than a Decade

Data Center Knowledge

Fifteenfortyseven buys property next to city’s key interconnection hub at 200 Paul Read More. Colocation Featured North America

Systems of insight light way ahead for data

Computer Weekly

Computer Weekly looks at why data management must become oriented towards business outcomes, not technology management outcomes

O’Reilly Velocity Conference NYC 1-4 Oct 2017


The O'Reilly Velocity Conference is the best place on the planet for web ops and systems engineering professionals like you to learn from your peers, exchange ideas with experts, and share best practices and lessons learned for handling modern systems and applications. Register Today for O'Reilly Velocity Conference New York, 2017. Save 20% with code: […]. Artificial Intelligence Big Data Cloud Computing CTO Cyber Security Events News

Stop treating users as the enemy when it comes to cybersecurity

Tech Republic Security

Users get a bad rap for cybersecurity. Find out why making them part of your organization's cybersecurity solution is critical to staying secure

Facebook Thought to Be Behind New Ohio Data Center

Data Center Knowledge

According to the Columbus Dispatch, Facebook is behind a planned $750 million data center to be located in New Albany, Ohio. The newspaper cites “sources familiar with the plans,” who have indicated the social network giant will formally announce plans for the project next week. Facebook data center

Russian cyber espionage group targeting hotel Wi-Fi

Computer Weekly

A Russian cyber espionage group is targeting hotel Wi-Fi networks to carry out malware infections and potentially steal credentials, researchers warn

Like IT Data Centers Do You Take Trade Show Exhibit Infrastructure For Granted?

Storage IO Blog

Think about this for a moment; do you assume that Information Technology (IT) and Cloud based data centers along with their associated Data Infrastructure supporting various applications will be accessible when needed. Likewise, when you go to a trade show, conference, symposium, user group or another conclave is it assumed that the trade show, exposition (expo), exhibits, booths, stands or demo areas will be ready, waiting and accessible?

Brand 2020: A Manifesto In Three Acts – Act I. Crisis

Forrester IT

THE MANIFESTO Summer is a good time for reflection. At this time of the year, many take a week or two away from the crush of meetings and deadlines to spend time with friends, family, and to dwell in the clarity beyond the grind. I spent some of this time thinking about how the work […].

Switch Signals Legal Action on Data Center Design Patents Coming

Data Center Knowledge

Colocation provider says it’s ramping up IP legal team to pursue legal action against alleged patent violators Read More. Business Power and Cooling Switch SuperNAPs

HSBC uses IBM to automate the processing of 100 million document pages

Computer Weekly

In another instance of banks adopting automation to lower costs and drive productivity, HSBC uses IBM analytics technology to cut down on its paper trail

10 bad habits cybersecurity professionals must break

Tech Republic Security

Cybersecurity workers face many challenges on the job. Here are 10 bad habits they must avoid in order to be most effective


Sisense Simplifies Your Data So You Can Focus on What's at Hand

IT Toolbox

A recent benchmark study from Hive9 found that only 40% of C-suite executives are satisfied with their marketing department’s ability to improve business performance. Only 34% are confident in marketing’s ability to derive insights from data. Something

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