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2018 Goal: Re-position Cybersecurity As An Enabler


As long as cybersecurity is viewed as a pain, it’ll never be integrated into the fabric of an organization. Fortunately, there have been significant advances in cloud-based security services that enable new ways to embed cybersecurity into enterprise services people want. Ever wonder why dentists re-positioned themselves as teeth whitening experts? Answer: no one likes […]. CTO Cyber Security Mobile News cybersecurity

Researchers warn of new support scam malware

Computer Weekly

Security researchers have identified a new strain of support scam malware and a way of clearing up infected machines

AWS’s Kubernetes support is a step in the right direction

David Linthicum

Kubernetes is open source technology originally built by a Google team that has received support from several enterprises, including Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM. This containers orchestration layer has many advantages, including the ability to process an application on any public cloud. This makes it easy for Kubernetes to migrate from one cloud vendor to another.

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Cheap Ways To Connect Data Centers

The Accidental Successful CIO

Data centers are only valuable if they can share data Image Credit: Sean Ellis. As the person with the CIO job at your company, you have the added responsibility of maintaining your company’s data centers.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Network Virtualization in Your Business


Every business has goals. One of the most important goals for a firm is to keep its current customers happy while at the same time reaching out to attract new customers. In doing all this, the business hopes to improve its market position and cut down on its cost of operations. Proper implementation of network […]. CTO Cyber Security News information technology Network Security Technology Leadership

Executive interview: Antonio Neri, HPE

Computer Weekly

We speak to the man taking over from Meg Whitman as CEO of HPE about how he will continue the company's turnaround

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Colleges don’t teach cloud skills, so AWS will do it in high school

David Linthicum

AWS Educate serves as a path for younger students to understand and get excited about the capabilities of the cloud, namely Amazon’s own AWS cloud. At AWS’s Re:Invent conference in last week, AWS announced the company is expanding its cloud education initiative to students ages 14-17. Obviously, AWS is trying to create customer loyalty early on. Apple did that in the 1980s through heavy discounts and outright gifts to K-12 school students of their respective computers.

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Empower Your Workforce to Play Insider Threat Defense


Your workforce is your greatest asset for mitigating insider threat risk in your organization. Training, equipping, and reinforcing an insider threat risk framework across your enterprise will best posture your organization to prevent, detect, and respond to a suspected insider incident. Here are three approaches to harvesting the defensive capital of your workforce to help […]. CTO Cyber Security News Cognitio

Chief data officer role is key to business success, says Gartner

Computer Weekly

There’s a new chief in business, set to take on stewardship of the company’s data assets, research shows

Machine Learning & Data Analysts: Seizing the Opportunity in 2018


Undoubtedly, 2017 has been yet another hype year for machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). As ML and AI become increasingly ubiquitous in many industries, so does the proof that advanced analytics significantly improve day-to-day operations and drive more revenue for businesses.

The success of our economy depends on companies we do not really understand (i)

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Application-Defined Networking Basics: Definitions and reasons to think ADN vs. alternatives


Virtualization first hit compute in a big way in the late 1990s, fueling VMware’s growth. In a somewhat overlapping timeline, virtualized storage gave administrators the ability to chunk up disks in a similar way. But networking hung in there. Almost every network on the planet today still has to balance collision domains, broadcast domains, subnet […]. Big Data Cloud Computing CTO Cyber Security News

Ransomware up nearly 2,000% in two years as “cyber mafia” hit business

Computer Weekly

Cyber attacks on businesses in 2017 grew in frequency, sophistication and malice, a report on the new age of organised cyber crime reveals

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DDI is a critical component of IoT success

Network World

The Internet of Things (IoT) era has finally arrived, and businesses need to be prepared for a world where everything is connected.

How To Import MBOX To MS Outlook?

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This post looks at importing MBOX to Outlook

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How Technology Has Transformed Education in the 21st Century


Almost every aspect of life has been influenced by technology in the last decade. The impact of technology on education since the advent of the World Wide Web has grown tremendously. Technology has created a new method of learning in graduate schools and colleges through online programs and research. The number of students under the […]. CTO Cyber Security Internet of Things Mobile News Training and Education

Cambridge University deploys Dropbox for file sync-and-share

Computer Weekly

Dropbox replaces numerous consumer file share products and bespoke connections as Cambridge audits 6,500 academics to roll out invisible collaboration for hundreds of use cases


How Blockchain Can Revolutionize Healthcare & Medical Records


Blockchain technology has been at the center of media attention due largely to bitcoin, an upcoming digital currency that uses blockchain technology, increasing in value, netting investors unheard of returns. However, not many people actually understand what blockchain itself is.

Is the CIO the solution to Digital?

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The CIO is effectively an operations manager while the CDO is a de facto digital strategy and architecture lead

Thoughts from a seasoned IT professional and security rookie


Note: I've been asked to post this from a reader that asked to remain anonymous but would like to inject some thoughts into our dialog here. If you have thoughts you would like to insert into the discussion feel free to contact us. -mj mj Allow me to introduce myself. Or perhaps not. I am a […]. CTO Cyber Security News

Hackers steal nearly $80m in bitcoin

Computer Weekly

Hackers have stolen nearly $80m worth of bitcoin from a bitcoin mining service as the cryptocurrency’s value continues to skyrocket


What I Learned about Digital Transformation from Speaking to Hundreds of Leaders

Social, Agile and Transformation

require(["mojo/signup-forms/Loader"], function(L) { L.start({"baseUrl":"","uuid":"786c41758ef1858a45a739f3e","lid":"8918f17d05"}) }) You learn a few things when you spend a chunk of the year on the road attending and speaking at conferences targeting CIOs, CTOs, CDOs (Chief Digital and Data Officers), CISOs and some CMOs. I’ve attended and spoken at over twenty events.

NETSCOUT Rounds Out the G2 Line With Latest LinkRunner

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When it comes to portable, high-feature, easy-to-use network testers for field support staff, NETSCOUT is rewriting the book. I’ve been fortunate to have a front seat on the journey, and the G2 testers in NETSCOUT’s line are fast becoming must-haves for networkers that need bang for the buck

Game Changing Business Software for Your Company


When companies start to grow, they often start to look at upgrading the original software systems that they started out with. Because recent productivity software packages have migrated to the cloud, it can be deceptively easy to convert your users to an online set of services like accounting that you pay a monthly fee for. […].

Government’s cyber security policy: decide or delay?

Computer Weekly

The UK government is leaving too many of its options open and needs to implement effective cyber security rules now

FinTech in the Banking Environment


Who goes there, friend or foe? The emergence and development of innovative and flexible financial startups is causing a revolution in financial markets by proving that financial services can be built from the ground up, in response to real user needs.

The success of our economy depends on companies we do not really understand

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Let me paraphrase here The World Depends on Technology No One Understands. The premise: " Samuel Arbesman, a complexity scientist and writer, who published

The CIO as “Chief Investment Officer” How to Measure Things Right?

Future of CIO

IT investment in many organizations is a controversial subject. Statistically, more than two third of technology initiatives don't have a direct measurable effect on the bottom line, no mention of the IT contribution to top-line business growth.

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Bitcoin industry enters top 10 DDoS targets

Computer Weekly

The bitcoin industry has become one of the top 10 industries most targeted by distributed denial of service attacks, a report has revealed

Office 365 Monitoring and Dashboards in SCOM


Office 365 is a SaaS solution by Microsoft. There are 24.9 million total subscribers as of that last report. This confirms a vast number of people using Office 365 to help manage their businesses. I always had a question whether organizations need a monitoring solution for Office 365 or not.