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Data Engineers Will Be More Important Than Data Scientists

Forrester IT

Does it seem like the ability to find, hire and retain data scientists is a losing battle? Is spending $500K+ per year for a Data Scientist worth it? What is a data scientist anyway? Those a real questions and are the markers that how you are supporting your insight strategies might be at odds with […]. big data data management data quality & data governance analytics chief data officer data development data engineer data governance data lake data scientist

Cloud, Agile and What Startups Can Teach the Enterprise


Software engineering is still a young discipline. Until the Agile Manifesto challenged the accepted waterfall-based development model, software creation borrowed most of its processes from that of hardware. But those older, hardware-like methodologies failed to take advantage of software’s biggest benefit: that it’s soft. What has emerged in the last 15 to 20 years is […]. CTO News

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Why cloud adoption isn’t slowing datacenter growth

David Linthicum

I’m always interested in datacenters because I live in Northern Virginia, where a new one opens about once a month, leveraging a huge bundle of fiber coming out of the ground near Dulles Airport and cheap power sources. Indeed, they now call my region “Datacenter Alley.”

Digital Transformation Drives Mainframe’s Future

Cloud Musings

Digital Transformation is amplifying mainframe as mission critical to business growth more than ever before. With 70% of the world’s corporate data and over half of the world’s enterprise applications running on mainframe computers, they are at the core of just about every transaction.

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You want innovation? You’ll have to go to the cloud

David Linthicum

Are we at the tipping point with cloud computing? As more technology comes out on public clouds, cloud technology seems to be pushing the limits of innovation. It’s still an emerging approach, yet the degree of innovation in the public cloud seems to have surpassed the innovation of technologies that remain on premises. A case in point is the abundance of machine learning technology that’s now based in the public cloud. But the trend does not stop there.

Predictions 2018: Customer-Obsessed, Data-Driven Retailers Will Thrive In 2018

Forrester IT

In a world of hyper-adoption – and hyper-abandonment – successful retailing in 2018 comes down to obsessing about your customer’s experience. It’s a tall order: Digital and physical touchpoints now must work together flawlessly – yet also do what each touchpoint does best on its own. And organizations must remove silo shackles to unify disparate […]. digital business ebusiness strategy online retail prediction retail

DWP insourced 400 staff from HPE into new IT services subsidiary

Computer Weekly

New arrangement allows Department for Work and Pensions to pay higher base salaries to encourage staff expecting private sector wages


10 Cool Hidden Slack Features

IT Toolbox

Let us have a look at 10 of the coolest Slack features you probably don?t t know about


Artificial Intelligence as a Service – AI off the shelf


In recent years, tech giants such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and IBM (along with a slew of startups) have all begun to offer what’s known as Artificial Intelligence as a service (AIaaS). These services, in a nutshell, make a wide range of AI algorithms available to the public. Examples for.

Lacking Smart Third-Party Risk Regulation, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, And American Express Create Company, TruSight

Forrester IT

The third-party ecosystem continues to flummox risk managers. Regulators keep pushing for stronger oversight, but they fail to offer real standards or tools to make this possible. What’s worse, technology and service providers have only helped large companies become more efficient at asking their third parties hundreds of questions; which means these third parties […].

Private Swiss bank Julius Baer to save $1m a year with cloud HR

Computer Weekly

Julius Baer banks on higher returns after replacing on-premise SAP systems with cloud HR services

SAP 59

5 Tips for Teams Using ERP Systems

IT Toolbox

Those engaged in serious business in the 21st century know the importance of and benefits associated with an Enterprise Resource System (ERP) that's integrated across departments. Getting the system up and running is only one leg of the ERP journey, however. Taking full advantage of your ERP's capabilities is a team sport. Keeping

Video Experience Windows 10 1709 Upgrade Using SCCM Task Sequence


In the previous post, I explained about Creating Windows 10 1709 Upgrade Task Sequence in SCCM CB. I didn’t provide the details about distributing the Windows 10 1709 content to DPs, Deployment of Task Sequence and end user experience of this type of upgrade.

Predictions 2018: IoT Will Move From Experimentation To Business Scale

Forrester IT

The term IoT can be confusing, and depending on who you talk to they might choose to focus on one element like connectivity or another. At Forrester we believe IoT extends beyond devices and connectivity. At a technical level, IoT encompasses those two elements as well analytics, sophisticated management and monitoring, and of course pervasive […]. internet of things (IoT) prediction

Violin rises from ashes with new products planned for 2018

Computer Weekly

Bankrupted all-flash pioneer’s CEO says company has learned the lessons of its demise and is planning file, object, software-defined storage and a careful entry into the NVMe market

8 Ways to Build a Better Business Bot

IT Toolbox

The increasing demand for these technological solutions is not a result of blind consumerism, nor is it a case of mindless obsession with AI


5 (more) big challenges facing CIOs and IT leaders in 2018

mrc's Cup of Joe Blog

Summary: As business technology goes through a fundamental shift, the role of the CIO is changing. In the coming years, CIOs will face new challenges and take on new roles. The most successful CIOs are those that recognize and adapt to these changes.

Allocate Your Marketing Dollars More Efficiently

Forrester IT

Marketers are increasingly under pressure to show that their digital marketing investments are generating returns.

Virgin Holidays simplifies holiday experiences with Adobe

Computer Weekly

Tour operator has linked up with Virgin Atlantic to improve its customer service and deliver holiday experiences

Adobe 57

Three Reasons to Focus on Outcomes with Collaboration

IT Toolbox

I’ve been writing extensively about messaging during this current series for good reason. First, messaging has now emerged as an important driver for collaboration, something that would not have been accepted a few short years ago. I’ve addressed the reasons from a variety


Getting the CMO Onboard with Agile Marketing Practices

Social, Agile and Transformation

In my last post, I shared 5 Reasons Why Marketing Organizations Must be Driving Digital and in this post, I'm following up on agile marketing. Many of the marketing departments I've worked with are in fact practicing some form of ad hoc agile. In some cases, timelines are fixed, like when the marketing department is hosting an event or when there is a holiday driven promotion. Other times, agile planning cio cmo digital transformation organizational change

Agile 26

2017 Saw Record-Breaking Breaches – And There’s More Where That Came From In 2018

Forrester IT

In late 2016, the security and risk team at Forrester made its annual predictions for 2017. Let’s take a quick look at how we did. Prediction No. 1: The incoming Trump administration would face a cybersecurity crisis in its first 100 days. What happened. Although in 2017 the US didn’t suffer another breach on the […]. prediction security & risk

Oxford University gets deep learning supercomputer

Computer Weekly

Academics and the IT industry will be able to use university’s Atos-supplied supercomputer as a service

Mistakes to Avoid Before Starting ERP

IT Toolbox

Mistakes at the beginning of an endeavor are notoriously difficult to fix. This is especially true of complex processes like implementing an ERP system. Errors at the beginning of the implementation can doom the project no matter how well it is executed. Unfortunately such early mistakes are all too common in ERP implementations with often disastrous results for the project.

A Look at Ada’s AI-Powered Health Companion


Ada’s AI-powered health companion helps individuals understand and manage their health. In practice, Ada works much like a GP in your pocket, asking relevant, personalized questions, enabling people to self-assess their symptoms and identify possible causes and appropriate next steps.

Inside Infosec Teams

Forrester IT

Announcing Our New Security & Risk Staffing Survey! Information security is one of the hottest fields around. Data abounds about how awesome it is to work in infosec, how many jobs are available, and how much money can be made. That all sounds great, except it’s pretty hard to find great research on what it’s […]. security & risk cybersecurity endpoint detection and response S&R pros Security & Risk security optimization

IT in 2018 underpinned by bots, automation and software-defined

Computer Weekly

The need for speed in IT will drive many to deploy software-defined infrastructure and adopt continuous deployment practices next year

Forrester predicts what’s next for IoT

Network World

What’s in store for the Internet of Things (IoT) in 2018? That’s the question on many people’s minds in the fast-growing IoT industry. One set of answers can be found in a new report from Forrester, called Predictions 2018: IoT Moves From Experimentation To Business Scale.