Fountainhead: Only in Silicon Valley: License Plate Sightings in the.


Driving around silicon valley on routes 101 and 280 ("The 101" and "The 280" if you're from California) you can't help but notice this isn't like the rest of America. You'll see dozens of Priuses. Frequently you'll even see Teslas

Cloud Shines Brightly as Future of Disaster Response IT

Cloud Musings

The call for help began as a rumble. Twenty miles beneath the ocean’s surface, a rupture in a massive. tectonic plate ripped a 310 mile-long break in the sea floor, sending an army of seismic waves to the coast of Japan, a geologic event as. unavoidable and uncontrollable as it was unpredictable.

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SiliconANGLE: Great Way To Bring Silicon Valley To Your Enterprise


By Bob Gourley If you love learning about technology this is a great time to be alive. There is so much out there worth learning. And there are so many free and open information sources. The only problem is picking your information sources.

The 7 Stages Of Big Data Analytics That Every CIO Needs To Know About

The Accidental Successful CIO

CIOs need to learn how to ride the tsunami of big data Image Credit. CIOs have always had to find ways to deal with data. Collecting it, storing it, processing it, and eventually archiving it.

Thinking about Robust Strategies for BYOD and Mobile

Eric D. Brown

Sponsored by Dimension Data. BYOD is a reality today. Organizations have been trying to figured out how to manage this new ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) reality but there are very few organizations that have robust strategies and solutions to manage this new mobile world.

Financing News: PerspecSys and the Cloud Data Security Opportunity

The Investing Edge

Last week PerspecSys announced a new financing round that we participated in, alongside Paladin and Intel. We are very excited to be working with the team and our co-investors, and see tremendous potential for this company.

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Citizen Opinion - What Influences It?

CIO Musings

I just finished a graduate degree in public leadership from Virginia State University. My research for the degree focused on the opportunity to improve citizen satisfaction with local government by leveraging the trends of social media and the internet.

Facebook Ops: Each Staffer Manages 20,000 Servers

Data Center Knowledge

Each Facebook data center operations staffer can manage at least 20,000 servers, according to Delfina Eberly, Director of Data Center Operations at Facebook. Featured

Get started as an "Early Expert" on Windows Server 2012 R2 with this FREE eBook!

IT Pros Rock!

Research has shown that approximately 65% to 70% of organizations today have more than one hypervisor deployed. This presents a large opportunity for IT Professionals to increase their technical differentiation and value in the IT marketplace by supporting multiple hypervisors.

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Going To EMC World? Interested In Software-Defined Storage.

Chuck's Blog - EMC

EMC World is right over the horizon (May 6-9 in Las Vegas) and we're all busy making preparations. If you're debating whether or not to attend, I'd strongly recommend it -- every year the event is more amazing: more content

Fountainhead: A Tour of Switch's SuperNAP


I have to admit that I was prepared to be underwhelmed when I toured the Switch SuperNap in Las Vegas. After all, how impressive can a co-location facility be? Just slab, cooling, ping, pipe and power. Right? With thanks to

Take Charge, Lead Change, Do Cloud Right!

Cloud Musings

The theme for next week’s Gartner Data Center conference , “ Taking Charge, Leading Change — Your I&O Transformation Can’t Wait ”, is a real wake up call for today’s I&O leaders.

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Penn & Teller and GoogleGlass: Legendary performers now pioneers of wearable computing


By Bob Gourley Pasted below and at this link is an interesting Google Glass video. I captured it after Penn & Teller both gave me permission to record them while onstage.

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Say Goodbye To The Old CIO and Hello To The New CIO

The Accidental Successful CIO

It’s time for the technology CIO to leave the building… Image Credit. I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but it turns out that it’s time for all of the old school CIOs to get up and get out.

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Big Data isn’t the answer

Eric D. Brown

I’m a fan of data. I love using data to solve problems and find answers. I love combining context and data to help organizations find identify issues and find solutions.

Why “Pivot” Isn’t a Four-Letter Word

The Investing Edge

By Matt Fates and Eric Schultz. In 2011, Eric Ries first used the term “pivot” to mean a “structured course correction designed to test a new fundamental hypothesis about the product, strategy, and engine of growth.” [1]

What the cloud will look like in 3 years

David Linthicum

Althoug many people are calling for a cloud revolution in which everyone simultaneously begins the mass migrations of their systems to the cloud, that''s just not going to happen. Instead, the adoption of cloud computing will be largely around the opportunistic use of this technology. read more. Cloud Computing Cloud computing

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Five Key Agile Practices to Support Architects

Social, Agile and Transformation

How to make sure that architecture needs and review are part of your agile development practice

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Ubiquity Will Convert Sears Auto Centers into Data Centers

Data Center Knowledge

Ubiquity Critical Environments plans to build a national chain of IT facilities by converting dozens of Sears Auto Center stores into data centers. It is partnering with Schneider Electric to build and operate mission-critical facilities in at least 23 second-tier markets around the country.

VMware or Microsoft? Comparing vSphere 5.5 and Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V At-a-Glance

IT Pros Rock!

There’s been lots of buzz on the enterprise hypervisor front over the past month … In August, Microsoft announced the RTM version of Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2 , the latest major releases of the Windows Server and System Center families.

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What's Really Driving SDDC

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Software-Defined Data Center.    While I''m not a personal fan of the specific term, I am most definitely enthusiastic about the ideas and concepts it embodies.      Although it''s a term promoted by VMware, the thinking reflects the industry at large.

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A Tale of Three Cloud Strategies (Upgraded from Two)


Earlier in March I penned a blog titled A Tale of Two Cloud Strategies and observed the two opposing cloud strategies of VMware vs. AWS.

Cloud Musings by Kevin L. Jackson: Fathers of Clouds - A Tribute

Cloud Musings

Utility computing. Time share. Thin client. While concepts have been added and capabilities grown, cloud computing was no more invented by Amazon or other modern vendors in the last seven years

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IBM Claims Advances In Fully Homomorphic Encryption (and I’m claiming advances in an anti-gravity device)


By Bob Gourley For years computer scientists have talked about the very interesting challenge regarding the desire to be able to operate over encrypted data in an advanced way called Homomorphic Encryption.

7 Ways To Rebuild An IT Department After A Global Recession

The Accidental Successful CIO

After the global recession, the clean-up is only part of what IT has to do Image Credit. Ugg, nobody likes a global recession especially those of us who have the CIO job.

How not to make critical decisions

Eric D. Brown

I ran across IBM’s “ How NOT to run a midsize business… ” site and immediately spent some time sifting through the site. You’ve most likely seen the cards from someecards.com running around the web these days.

Experts Tackle Enterprise Mobility at Latest B2B IT Forum

The Investing Edge

Despite the monumental traffic on Tuesday night (where did that come from?!?), we had well over 100 folks at our most recent B2B IT Forum, and the feedback has been universally positive.

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Cloud adoption's tipping point has arrived

David Linthicum

The relative adoption of various types of cloud services. Source: Gartner) read more. Cloud Computing The Industry Standard IT Management Cloud computing

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30 Must Read CIO Bloggers

A CIO's Voice

I am glad “A CIO’s Voice” made the list. Thanks Evolven. “These executives have a tremendous influence on the IT industry, developments and leadership. With their insights, they help to shape IT, identify trends, and make decisions that have far-reaching impact.”

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Google Has Spent $21 Billion on Data Centers

Data Center Knowledge

Google has invested more than $21 billion in its Internet infrastructure since the company began building its own custom data centers in 2006. Featured

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