4 Ways Blockchain Will Transform Higher Education


New ways to apply blockchain technology in the higher education sector are emerging all the time. The most promising use case for blockchain in higher education is to transform the “record keeping” of degrees, certificates and diplomas. The Gartner 2019 CIO Survey revealed that 2% of higher education respondents have already deployed blockchain. Terri-Lynn Thayer , Vice President, Gartner, says higher education CIOs should remain curious about blockchain’s potential.

Kalam Labs raises $450K for its livestreaming platform for educational games

Venture Beast

Kalam Labs has raised a pre-seed round of $450,000 in funding for its livestreaming platform for educational games. GamesBeat Mobile PC Gaming category-/Online Communities/Virtual Worlds DeanBeat News educational games game livestreaming Kalam Labs lightspeed PC gaming


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Google announces new tools to help with virtual education during the pandemic

The Verge

Google announced on Tuesday a number of new features on the way to help make virtual education easier, including updates to its Google Meet conferencing service and a new homework helper tool that just requires a photo from a phone. Illustration: Alex Castro / The Verge.

Google rebrands G Suite for Education to Google Workspace for Education

The Verge

Google is announcing a swath of new features for its education-focused products today, including that G Suite for Education is being rebranded to Google Workspace for Education. Google is also announcing data storage policy changes for its education customers.

Simplifying Education with Technology


Information Technology Blog - - Simplifying Education with Technology - Information Technology Blog. Nevertheless, there are many ways new technologies are simplifying our education. There is software that allows educators to tap into the activities of their students. New technologies are simplifying our education by enhancing group interactions among students. Today, students can collaborate, meet, create and share content virtually using modern technologies.

How Will Blockchain Transform the Education System?


Bitcoin is the most well-known virtual currency in the world, at one time reaching a value of. The post How Will Blockchain Transform the Education System? Blockchain Contributors Education Featured blockchain technology education school Smart ServicesSmart classrooms aren’t too far off, and blockchain technology may become an integral part of schools all over the globe in a few years. But how will this system help administrators and students?

zSpace: Immersive Exploration For Collaboration, Design, Training and Education


We see great potential for this firm in enterprise IT including workforce training and education, product marketing/sales, product design and executive level decision support. Analytical Tool Companies Company Visualization Companies California Client–server model Companies Eon Reality Facebook Immersion ImmerVision Internet Protocol Motion JPEG OpenVMS Panomorph Personal computer Social Networking Sunnyvale California Twitter United States video management Virtual reality zSpace

Free Tools to Help Manage your Virtualized Datacenter  


Virtual server deployments can get complex quickly. When you are studying for your certification exams, educators typically have virtual labs setup for you that allow you to quickly login to and plug away at your task. Once you begin using virtual servers in a live production environment, it can be easy to get unorganized. By Natalie Lehrer.

Lessons from the pandemic: Top STEM educators offer their insights on the future of learning


The pandemic upended education in extraordinary ways, and shed new light on the social, economic and racial disparities in schools and communities across the country. Join us May 20 for the virtual GeekWire Awards , presented by Wave Business.

3 Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence Can Revolutionize Education


Information Technology Blog - - 3 Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence Can Revolutionize Education - Information Technology Blog. So, the time is ripe for a domain like education to tap into the endless potential of AI-based teaching systems that can reinvent the way classrooms function. Additionally, there are already new-improved systems that will be integrated in the future which will change the way the entire education system works. Education Tech News Blog

Professional Progression: How to Find Educational Opportunities in Your Career


Information Technology Blog - - Professional Progression: How to Find Educational Opportunities in Your Career - Information Technology Blog. Education is the cornerstone of successful careers. You’ll study throughout your youth – and maybe into higher education – in order to accumulate the skills and methods of thinking that make you a confident and competent worker. From time to time, educational opportunities arise in the workplace.

Minecraft: Education Edition is available on Chromebooks just in time for the school year

The Verge

Microsoft is adding Chromebook support to Minecraft: Education Edition , offering another way for schools to teach virtually this upcoming school year. Educators can find user-created lessons on the Minecraft: Education Edition website that cover subjects including history and math.

Reinvention and the virtuous circle of learning by doing: the case of The Virtual Excellence Show

Trends in the Living Networks

For the last couple of months I have been selectively sharing conversations, tutorials, and highlight videos from The Virtual Excellence Show on this blog, but I haven’t written anything about the show itself. Physical events supplanted by virtual events. Everything virtual.

Virtual Bookshelf: Your All-You-Can-Read Digital Library


What is a virtual bookshelf? As the name suggests, a virtual bookshelf is an online space that allows you to store the books you are reading or track the ones that you want to read in a virtual environment. A virtual bookshelf is one such area that is entirely dedicated to books.

Remote learning at 1 year: Experts explain why the move to online education has been so painful


Jay Inslee has ordered educators to reopen their classrooms next month. ” So why has the remote education experience been so awful? And has it been all bad, or have aspects of distance education succeeded and merit continuing when “normal” returns?

GeekWire Summit: Treat teachers as ‘learning engineers,’ and other insights on future of education


Educators, policymakers, students and parents need to recognize the pandemic and remote learning as an impetus for meaningful change in schools, rather than a pause before returning to the way things have always been done. based company develops math education software.

It’s still Day One for remote learning: A tech dad’s thoughts on the new era of public education


VPN trade-offs: Laptops distributed to students were carefully configured to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) provided by SPS. Tech Education Microsoft Teams online learning SchoolologyBigstock Photo.

Seattle startup Skilljar raises $33M as pandemic sparks demand for its customer education software


They soon pivoted and began targeting independent instructors , offering them a platform to host online education. Lin and Stewart saw a lot of interest from enterprise companies needing help building customer education experiences.

Advantages of Virtual Textbooks over Print Textbooks


The emergence of digital content and its prevalence during the pandemic has given rise to virtual textbooks. This blog post explains how virtual textbooks are different and even better than printed textbooks in many ways. How Can Publishers Benefit From Virtual Textbooks?

eBook 75

Are eTextbooks The Next Big Thing in K-12 Education?

Kitaboo on EdTech

Slowly but surely, they have realized that smartphones and tablets can also be utilized for educational purposes, and that’s how etextbooks became mainstream. Today there are many educational institutes that have incorporated etextbooks as part of their curriculum. Here’s more on Is Online Education Better than Traditional Education? Augmented reality in education takes learning to the next level. Educational institutes can repurpose content.

The future of business education will be centered on contextual learning

Trends in the Living Networks

Earlier this year I gave the opening keynote at the Thought Leadership Forum on The Virtual University , which examined the future of business education. The event organizers, the Centre for Accounting, Governance, and Sustainability and the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia , have now released a book The Virtual University: Impact on Australian Accounting and Business Education based on the conference proceedings.

Minecraft Education is perfectly suited for this surreal back-to-school moment

The Verge

Earlier this year, Microsoft added an “education” section to the Minecraft marketplace, and since March, 63 million pieces of content have been downloaded. While Minecraft: Education Edition isn’t new, its digital nature makes it an almost ideal tool for this strange time.

GeekWire Summit Preview: A glimpse of the future of tech, health, education, jobs and more


The GeekWire Summit will be held virtually over three weeks, from Oct. Tuesday, October 13: First day of the virtual Summit. Other GeekWire Summit sessions including the future of education, the future of travel, and the future of business, will be affected by the vaccine rollout.

We’re looking for the best designers, workplaces, and STEM educators in the Pacific Northwest


This year at the virtual awards ceremony, we will once again name winners in long-running categories such as Startup of the Year; Next Tech Titan; and Innovation of the Year. The GeekWire Awards return on May 20.

The Advantages of a Virtual Bookshelf for Publishers


What is a virtual bookshelf? A virtual bookshelf is the online alternative to the traditional bookshelves where publishers display their catalogues, based on categories, allowing their readers to browse through and find books of choice. Benefits of a virtual bookshelf for publishers.

eBook 52

After huge growth in 2020, Seattle startup Rec Room raises $10M to expand virtual hangout game


Rec Room , the eponymous Seattle-based development studio behind the virtual hangout/game creator Rec Room, has raised $20 million. It’s hard to point to a single reason why Rec Room ‘s taken off on the Xbox, although you can make a few educated guesses. (Rec Room Images).

A list of good things that happened this year in the world of tech, science, education, and more


Entrepreneurs helped educators. Kids continued to explore nature and science through virtual and in-person camps. Ashe, Williams, and their 6-year old daughter connected with a new community and discovered a new appreciation for how hard it is to be an educator.

Virtual Reality Buying Guide: Which Headset is Right for You?


Whether it's for immersive VR gaming, education and research, 3D design, or development, VR has gained momentum and is piquing the interest of tech enthusiasts everywhere. But which headset is right for you

3D 77

Virtual internships: Tech companies and students adjust as pandemic forces remote experience


And she’s one of 8,000 interns that Amazon has taken on this summer around the world, hosting all of them virtually for the first time. “Funny enough, we wanted to explore virtual internships as we continue to grow and scale,” Kim said.

Intrado acquires Hubb, which builds software for in-person and virtual events


based startup that makes technology for virtual and in-person events. The startup last year quickly expanded into virtual events technology, after focusing largely on in-person events before the pandemic. Hubb CEO and founder Allie Magyar. Hubb Photo).

What’s your Perception about Quality Education

Future of CIO

If life is like a journey, then education is just like the transportation tools; it's the means to end, not the end itself. Like many other important things, people have mixed or even “extreme thinking” about education. This is the domain of the progressive schools in education, also the emerging virtual learning alternatives. Education provides the broader window to see the world with knowledge lenses, but shouldn't become a constraint to limit one's imagination.

GeekWire Awards 2020 revealed: Big winners, celebrities and surprises power virtual event


We couldn’t get together in person, but we still found a way to celebrate the best in Pacific Northwest tech on Thursday as the GeekWire Awards went virtual. Startups Events GeekWire Awards 2020 startups virtual event

New Cyber Attack Target: Virtual Graduations

SecureWorld News

Like most educational institutions across the country, your high school or college opted for a virtual graduation ceremony amid COVID-19. Hacker displays offensive images during virtual graduation. Hacking virtual graduations: an emerging trend.

Remote learning got you down? Here are the best educational sites for kids.

Mashable VR

Whether it’s homeschool parents turning to online resources to help plan lessons, new families looking for activities for their housebound kids over the summer, or high schoolers looking for additional test prep help, the internet is becoming a virtual classroom for a growing number of kids.

Google Is Shuttering the Expeditions App, but Its VR Field Trips Aren't Going Away For Good

GizModo VR

Another one of Google’s virtual reality ventures is biting the dust. The company says it’s ending support for its VR educational app, Expeditions, next year, though it’ll fare far better than Google’s shuttered Daydream VR platform.

Google 101

GeekWire 200 rankings update: E-commerce, virtual event, fintech startups heat up


Also unique: record breaking investment and M&A activity across the country and in Seattle, as companies take advantage of pandemic-driven trends such as virtual experiences, at-home healthcare, remote education and more. Notable mentions: virtual events startup Brandlive (No.

Zoom launches new marketplace to charge for virtual events

Mashable VR

The public beta for OnZoom launched Wednesday with a slew of free and paid online events that cover everything from education and entertainment to health and home. "We Between work meetings, kids' lessons, and chatting with friends and family, most people are feeling Zoom fatigue.

Techstars Seattle reveals latest class — here are the pros and cons of a virtual startup accelerator


But going virtual has actually been beneficial in some ways for Techstars Seattle , which just announced its latest cohort. But participants also get some interesting tradeoffs with the virtual accelerator. (Techstars Image).

Announcing Windows Server Summit Virtual Online Event

Storage IO Blog

Announcing Windows Server Summit Virtual Online Event Announcing Windows Server Summit Virtual Online Event Microsoft will be hosting a free (no registration required) half day virtual (e.g. online) Windows Server Summit Virtual Online Event June 26, 2018 starting at 9AM PT.

Seattle HR startup creates virtual program to meet surge in demand for diversity training


Kiner is teaming up with DEI expert and author Cheryl Ingram to create a virtual program of webinars and online coaching to help diversity and HR leaders create or strengthen their efforts.

Green and Virtual IT Data Center Primer

Storage IO Blog

Green IT is about enabling efficient, effective and productive information services delivery. There is a growing green gap between green hype messaging or green washing and IT pain point issues including limits on availability or rising costs of power, cooling, floor-space as well as e-waste and environmental health and safety (PCFE).

Green and Virtual Data Center Links

Storage IO Blog

Green and Virtual IT Data Center Links Moving beyond Green Hype and Green washing Green hype and green washing may be on the endangered species list and going away, however, green IT for servers, storage, networks, facilities as well as related software and management techniques that address energy efficiency including power and cooling along with […].

Virtual primary care startup 98point6 raises $118M as pandemic sparks demand for digital health tech


Robbie Cape, CEO of virtual primary care startup 98point6, accepts the award for Health Innovation of the Year at the GeekWire Awards ceremony in 2019. Other examples include work collaboration with video conferencing tools such as Zoom, or education with remote learning platforms.