5 Examples of the Best Workplace Tech Available in 2018


Advice CTO Cyber Security NewsOver the past decade, the concept of work has transformed. From coworking spaces to remote work retreats, productivity in the workplace is no longer dependent on sitting in an office for eight hours a day, seven days a week. One of the biggest outcomes from this shift has been the rapid development of technology that […].

Another Great Example Of Pattern Analysis Over Hacker Activity


Big Data Cyber SecurityRecorded Future has just posted another nice piece of analysis on the cyber threat. This one in particular deals with interesting patterns which can be observed in hacker forums. Summary of the analysis: Forums can be analyzed at traffic level, without an analyst knowing foreign languages or tracking individual posts. Analysts can detect patterns in timing, forum participant product and vulnerability, etc.

Fountainhead: A Community Cloud: Real-World Example


A Community Cloud: Real-World Example. For example, most clients will tend to use a common set of "Big Data" - ranging in size from Terabytes to Petabytes. What does this example say to me? A Community Cloud: Real-World Example. skip to main | skip to sidebar.

Gartner Keynote: Leverage Automation for Modern Security


When Amy, the CISO of a healthcare provider, looked at cloud security across the enterprise, she realized the default access control models were creating a variety of access issues. BeWell’s infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers defaulted to a secure state, allowing only the owner access. We’re now being asked how we’re helping the enterprise realize more value while assessing and managing risk, security and even safety. Security

Examples of Two-Factor Authentication & Why They Matter


This technology improves security for both businesses and consumers. Not only does it enhance security, but it also provides you with better peace of mind. In addition, implementing two-factor authentication is a cost-effective security measure. Examples of Two-Factor Authentication. Some of the most common examples of two-factor authentication include: Banks – Most banks now have two-factor authentication available to their customers.

Explosion of IoT in Consumer Electronics: 6 Real-World Examples

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IoT examples present in today’s consumer electronics are only the beginning. Going back to the household chores example, IoT will not only be valuable for offloading household chores, but it will also integrate with cognitive technologies to predict what the homeowner needs and begin scheduling their own routines. Additional examples include: Smart refrigerators/pantries that use weight-based sensors and re-order food items.

Verisign: Security Services


This feat alone requires world class best technology design, operation, maintenance and security skills. Verisign provides services and technology capabilities to enterprises including Managed DNS, Recursive DNS, DDoS protection and security threat intelligence offerings.

Examples of Two-Factor Authentication & Why They Matter


This technology improves security for both businesses and consumers. Not only does it enhance security, but it also provides you with better peace of mind. In addition, implementing two-factor authentication is a cost-effective security measure. Examples of Two-Factor Authentication. Some of the most common examples of two-factor authentication include: Banks – Most banks now have two-factor authentication available to their customers.

Strategies for Securing Nonprofit Networks

Doctor Chaos

For example, they often don’t […]. Nonprofits often think about how to attract more volunteers or achieve a greater reach with their fundraising initiatives. However, getting targeted by cybercriminals is a possibility that may not come up for discussion.

Wireless Security | Roadmap to Securing Your Infrastructure

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Wireless security is not only a huge subject, but it’s also extremely important. It was patched quickly but this raised wireless security questions about WPA2. This is a great example of being proactive in security. Six Tips for Upgrading Your Wireless Security.

Is your enterprise software committing security malpractice?

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Well, apparently that’s nothing compared to what enterprise security, analytics, and hardware management tools are doing. ExtraHop deliberately chose not to name names in its four examples of enterprise security tools that were sending out data without warning the customer or user.

Innovative Thinking Is Hurting Security; We Need Disruptive Ideas


Security professionals by their nature are risk averse. Thus it’s no surprise that the security industry is defined by incremental innovation. Unfortunately "innovative security" strategy is leading to an increase in cyber security failures. Junaid Islam.

Information Security: What You Should Know About Agile, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery


10 Ways Digitalization is Upending Information Security. A recent survey of around two dozen heads of information security produced a useful overview of the nature of this problem and how some of the world’s most forward-thinking teams are responding.

How to Secure Your Windows PC


Information Technology Blog - - How to Secure Your Windows PC - Information Technology Blog. With the increasing threat to cybersecurity, it becomes necessary for a user to place all preventive measures to avoid damage to data security. Best ways to secure your Windows PC.

Information Security: Four Ways to Prepare for Cyber Crises


Information security staff play a critical role in resolving all these problems. Document “tribal knowledge” to improve security’s response : Fast, effective responses to cyber crises require a lot of detailed knowledge, much of which resides with individuals on the information security team.

Dedrone: Leading provider in airspace security


Dedrone is the leading provider in airspace security. They are attracting lots of attention in the security community, as well as from investors. They are one of the portfolio of JC2 Ventures, for example. Company Robotics Companies Security Companies

The Internet of (Secure) Things – Embedding Security in the IoT


These are examples of consumer-oriented sensors and devices, but that has occurred in parallel with business, professional, infrastructure, government and military applications. Here are some examples…. With these burgeoning capabilities, there needs to be some focus on cyber security.

Overcoming the Equation: Security = Friction


Why does security have to be so onerous? Is this password secure enough: Mxyzptlk? Now that’s secure – good luck remembering it! As you try to simplify the user experience and reduce friction, the cost for security goes up. Can we overcome the friction of security?

The 6 Reasons Employees are Lax about Information Security


Information security teams can spend all the money in their budget on fancy technology but it’s for naught if employees don’t use it. They should base their campaigns on the six root causes that are most likely to motivate employees to behave securely or not.

A Flicker Of Light: A new security stack points the path to safety


Defense-in-depth, the gold standard in cyber security, has failed. The basis behind defense-in-depth is to deploy redundant layers of security products to defeat every part the cyber kill chain. Conceptually the new security stack is a hardware-based virtual enclave.

Enterprise IoT threatens to undermine cloud and IT security

David Linthicum

Yet most of the Global 2000 companies are unaware of the risks that they are bringing to IT and cloud security with their IoT adoption. Well, for example, as thermostats and sensor fail in buildings’ HVAC systems, they are often replaced with smart devices, which can process information at the device. The internet of things, or IoT, is pervasive these days in your personal life. However, this technology is just getting into the Global 2000 companies.

Security requires long haul planning

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It also complicates many aspects of data security for any enterprises doing business across the Atlantic Ocean. This recent ruling highlights the value of having a strong security partner shepherding your enterprise through these types of perturbations. Let me give you an example.

Dell 255

Security Awareness Training | Roadmap to Securing Your Infrastructure

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Welcome back to the blog series dedicated to helping you secure your infrastructure in 2019. You’re here, that means you’re interested in what you can do to better secure your environment and that’s awesome! The risk of not providing security awareness training.

Information Security: The 8 Types of Risk Assessment You Should Know About


All kinds of corporate functions, for example – from finance to procurement teams – will ask line partners to help them with a risk assessment. Blog Corporate Data and Information Security Customer Data and Information Security Information Risk Information Technology

Call to Action: Pounding the Table for Security Budgets

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Consider these recent examples: In November 2014, we witnessed North Korea’s attack on Sony , which was successful in causing major disruption and costing the company millions in recovery costs. Many companies believe they have “checked the security box” and are compliant.

Budget 201

Enterprise IT Security: The Wake-Up Call is Getting Louder

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I attended two local industry events recently that highlighted the substantial gap that exists between hackers’ abilities and the average corporation’s information security defenses. There are two types of companies,” said Richard Clarke , former security consultant to Presidents Reagan, H.W.

10 New Information Security Roles for the Digitization Era


High demand and a limited pool of people with the right skills and experience make information security staffing a perennial challenge. Further complicating things is the fact that information security teams have not yet adapted to their changing role in digitizing companies.

Security attacks and countermeasures

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Johnson Cyber security is rapidly becoming a significant issue in the C-suite as well as the population at large. The results of Dell’s Global Technology Adoption Index(GTAI) [1] show that security is a top concern for most of the 2000 global small and medium businesses surveyed. In fact, many businesses are unprepared to address their potential security issues. For example, recent breaches include 3.65 For example, in the first half of 2014, 84.6% by Sandra K.

Information: The Third Pillar Of Business - Chuck's Blog

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You study a situation, you make assertions about what will likely happen -- and then you see real-world examples of those predictions becoming reality. I now have enough observed examples at hand to claim at least partial validation of this effect.  security. Chucks Blog.

Please Help Spread The Word: IEEE Seeks Papers On Bio-inspired Cyber Security


He is highly regarded for his mastery of network cyber security, IP communications technology and TCP/IP networking. The topic of the special focus area Sean is helping edit is "Bio-Inspired Cyber Security and Networking.". Adaptation algorithms for cyber security & networking.

Omphaloskepsis and the December 2013 Security Update Release

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I recognized this during the recent webcast when someone asked the question – “What’s the difference between a security advisory and a security bulletin?” Security bulletins include the following : Details of all affected products. Security bulletin.

Quantum Cyber-Security with QuintessenceLabs


With about 100,000 successful attempts , thousands of taxpayers anxiously awaiting news of whether thieves accessed their personal and financial information, many thought the federal security situation was so poor it would be hard to get worse. These and many other attacks are shifting the collective enterprise mindset around security, especially around encryption. In the IRS example, the exploitation of taxpayer information could have been thwarted with enhanced encryption.

Building A Executive Digital Literacy Program - Chuck's Blog

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Example: I have a friend who's currently looking at oceanfront property.  a comparison of physical business models to digital ones , with examples of well-understood digital business models. detailed examples of organizations that are transforming themselves. security.

Why a Reactive Security Strategy Costs Companies Millions Each Year


With each new threat, digital security companies are learning to react more quickly and put out countermeasures for these malicious programs, but in the time between a piece of malware’s release into the wild and the release of the solution, it can cost companies a staggering amount of money.

Simplifying The Overwhelming Cyber Security World For Boards of Directors


For example, see our post titled Cyber Security and Corporate Governance: The five principles every corporate director should embody. Another source of insight we like is the Security and Exchange Commission. Analysis CTO Cyber Security Treasury Board of directors NACD