Apple’s response to Epic threatens the future of VR, AR, TV, and films

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Tribeca Film Festival adds game awards in recognition of cultural impact

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The Tribeca Film Festival has created an all-star game advisory board and plans to add video game awards next year as it recognizes the impact of games.

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Oculus, Phoria, and WWF launch Ecosphere with free hi-def 3D VR movies

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Oculus commissioned high-definition wildlife films to demonstrate the potential of immersive 3D VR video, and the results are surprisingly compelling. AR/VR Business Media Mobile 3D VR category-/Science/Engineering & Technology Ecosphere high-def VR Nature Oculus oculus go Oculus Quest Phoria VR films WWFRead More.

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Nintendo 3DS, 2011-2020: Its strange life, quiet death, and the potential end of a mobile gaming dynasty


Sony seemed to want to use the PSP to open a new front in film distribution, and offered an entire line of movies on Universal Media Disc (UMD) for play on the system.

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How smaller countries and regions can develop their film and screen industries – 5 key issues

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Film. film production has become highly mobile). Trends in film finance (e.g. difficulty in financing independent films in small countries, hedge fund financing for Hollywood productions). diffusion of broadband, mobile etc.).

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The new class of CEOs at Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile

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Over the past decade, the leaders of Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T oversaw a shift from simplistic feature phones into the era of smartphones and streaming. But two of the telecom CEOs who oversaw that shift — Lowell McAdam at Verizon and John Legere at T-Mobile — have now left (McAdam in July 2018 and Legere in April 2020), and AT&T’s Randall Stephenson will step down next month. T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert. T-Mobile.

Free webinar July 19 on the Future of Media – Mobile, Social, Cloud… and Paid? with Ross Dawson and Gerd Leonhard

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As part of our intent of working more together in both public forums and with leading media organizations we are announcing a free webinar: The Future of Media: Mobile, Social, Cloud… and Paid? In this free webinar, Ross and Gerd will present 5 key points on the future of media (print, tv, films, music etc) each – approx. Gerd Leonhard is a greatly valued friend and colleague in our shared calling as media futurists, and work together in The Futures Agency.

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Mojang is now Mojang Studios, reveals mysterious new logo


Mojang—a Swedish word that translates as “gadget”—has teams in Sweden, the USA, Japan, Canada, and the UK working on Minecraft and its related properties: Diablo-like ARPG Minecraft Dungeons and free-to-play augmented reality mobile title Minecraft Earth. The company said it’s also planning a feature film, preparing a live show, and

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Movies Anywhere is the latest service to add a viewing party feature

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Movies Anywhere is rolling out a new “Watch Together” viewing party feature for its movie locker apps, allowing multiple users to sync up and enjoy a film together. Additionally, Movies Anywhere’s Watch Together feature works on both its mobile and desktop apps, something that’s rare for most viewing party services. Additionally, the movie needs to be on Movies Anywhere, which still lacks films from Lionsgate, MGM, and Paramount, along with other smaller studios.

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As protests spread across the country, mobile video creates mosaic of violence and tool for change


It’s one example of how the explosion of mobile video is altering the dynamic between protesters and police across the country. Racism is not getting worse, it’s getting filmed,” actor Will Smith said in a talk show interview in 2016, the year millions of people watched recordings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling die at the hands of police officers. Manjoo noted that the officers responsible for George Floyd’s death knew they were being filmed.

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Amazon wants to put a Ring drone inside your home and LOL WTF?

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Amazon's nightmare surveillance network is going mobile. Not merely content to film both the outside and inside of your home from fixed points, the company announced Thursday a Ring drone that will fly around the interior of your home, shooting and livestreaming video in the process.

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Postcard App


In the pre-mobile phone days, most things were done manually. Cameras had to be reloaded with film, payments were always made by credit card, visiting a website had to be done on a computer, text messaging was done in numerical code on pagers, there was no facebook or social media, and you didn’t know what your friends were doing all the time. Mobile phones are now a computer in your pocket, and apps of all varieties exist to solve every modern day dilemma you can think of.

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How Education Technology Will Revolutionize Learning

Kitaboo on EdTech

Inspired by this idea, teachers can also take advantage of technology to make the reading experience even more interesting and enriching by referring to films, video reviews, interviews with the author and other documents online, conducting diverse research, among other possibilities.

A new world of (lack of) privacy: Here’s looking at you with Google Glass

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His not unreasonable response is to ask why he can’t film them when they are filming him at all times. Future of humanity Mobile Social media Social trends Technology trends UncategorizedThe discussion is heating up around the forthcoming Google Glass augmented reality glasses and what will almost surely be a wave of similar devices from other companies.

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The Insider Guide to Frankfurt Book Fair- Vol.1


Attend seminars and exhibitions that reveal new innovations in the fields of education, film, science, technology, games, STEM, academic publishing which contributes to the publishing industry. An award ceremony for the Frankfurter Buchmesse Film Awards will be held on 19th October 2019, in the Frankfurt Pavilion on the exhibition grounds. Kitaboo is a cloud-based content platform to create-publish-distribute interactive mobile-ready content. It’s that time of the year again!

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Customer-Obsessed Businesses Driving Infrastructure Transformation

Forrester IT

Access to mobility, social networks, wearable devices, connected cars and hotels managed by robots are rapidly changing the behaviors of how customers engage and purchase. Think how you watch a film, shop or order a taxi. Customers today are hyper-connected and their connectivity is rewriting the rules of business.

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Tom Skerritt’s new Seattle digital media startup launches PNW lifestyle streaming channel


” Some of the initial content includes Leslie and Dale Chihuly’s documentary, “Chihuly Outside,” and selections from the Seattle International Film Festival. ” Grandy is a Seattle tech industry veteran, having worked in leadership roles for RealNetworks, Apple, T-Mobile, Discovery, and Best Buy. Skerritt has appeared in dozens of films and series, including “Alien” and “Steel Magnolias.” (EVRGRN Photo).

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Thnks fr the mmrs: The most iconic onscreen txting moments of the 2000s

Mashable VR

We're exploring the pop culture that shaped us at the turn of the millennium, and examining what the films, shows, and games from the era say about us then and now. Welcome to 2000s Week !

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Former Microsoft leader and FiftyThree co-founder Georg Petschnigg on TikTok, Surface Duo, more


A good model here is the acquisition of Accompli which became Outlook for Mobile or Bungie (developers of Halo). Accompli helped Microsoft understand mobile development for iOS and Android. It will define Microsoft’s take on mobile productivity and creativity.

Understanding Big Data’s Big Impact


Netflix uses big data to decide which films and TV shows to make available next on their TV streaming site and app. Other impacts from big data have been seen in music streaming, online and in-store shopping, mobile maps, wearables like FitBit, and even urban planning. Rick Delgado. In the last decade or so, the collection of data has moved from simple to towering skyscrapers and silos of information.

7-year-old boy saves Seattle from robot invasion — with help from VR engineers and Make-A-Wish


Tri Films Productions Photo). Suited up in superhero garb, the itinerary included a visit to the T-Mobile Park to get a clue to his adventure from the Mariners Moose, stops at Seattle Art Museum and the Pike Place Market, and the VR standoff at the Space Needle.

POSH Training in the Modern Workplace: Creation, Delivery & Best Practices 


Giving out books and showing films that grapple with the realities of sexual harassment. Related: Guide: How to Create Mobile-Friendly Training Content. DISCOVER HOW A MOBILE-FIRST TRAINING PLATFORM CAN HELP YOUR ORGANIZATION?

Alexa will soon be able to launch Android and iOS apps using voice commands

The Verge

Another example Amazon gives is using a voice request to launch TikTok and start a hands-free video recording (in the event you’re filming yourself). And while its tablets, Echo family of devices, and Fire TV line of streaming devices continue to use more advanced versions of that forked OS, Amazon still struggles with the fact that it cannot directly reach consumers on mobile devices without going through Apple and Google first. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge.

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City of Seattle awards $320K to 15 non-profit organizations for digital equity projects


Seattle International Film Festival, SIFF Education Mobile Youth Workshops. The City of Seattle announced recipients of its 2020 Technology Matching Fund , an annual grant program supporting non-profit organizations that help bridge the digital divide. A total of $345,000, which included a $25,000 contribution from the Verizon Foundation, will go to 15 groups around the Seattle region.

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68 countries and counting…. Welcome Nigeria to Spearline Fixed Line Testing!


The country's film industry, known as Nollywood, is one of the largest film producers in the world, second only to India's Bollywood. We have big plans for the remainder of 2019, in particular with a rollout of more mobile phone line testing, as well as increasing our coverage across Africa and the Middle East. Hello Nigeria! 68 countries and counting … Welcome Nigeria to Spearline Fixed Line Testing!

6 of the best cheap TVs with 4K resolution

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Control this 4K TV with Alexa built-in through the RemoteNOW mobile app. £449 Catch up on your favourite shows, music, and film with Prime Video, Prime Music, Netflix, and Freeview Play. £299

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The visual storytelling of Run The Jewels

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So that became the Run The Jewels mobile ever since the second one, which I think is when [Gazin] drew that crazy action scene. Tim: I started referencing [Federico] Fellini films and Terry Gilliam films, these films that are futuristic but also have this theater quality to them.

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Microsoft vet’s new tech startup, SyncFloor, helps creative pros find independent music for projects


In his 20 years at Microsoft, Kirt Debique honed his tech skills as a Windows Media Platform engineering leader and Office Mobile general manager. The platform and commercial marketplace aims to make it easier for creative professionals to find and secure rights to independent music for everything from films to podcasts. SyncFloor co-founder and CEO Kirt Debique. SyncFloor Photo).

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The 'Minority Report' user interface is here

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The film Minority Report featured a user interface in which Tom Cruise's character controlled computer screens and information using gestures, while wearing special gloves. The film below shows the 'g-speak' technology in use.

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How to activate a Guest Pass on Crunchyroll


are all rooted in Japanese film, but Crunchyroll isn’t Japanese at all. You should know that the Guest Pass cannot be activated on the mobile app. If you got here, may the gods of anime be praised. You must be a great fan of this style of animations and the great shows it has provided such as Dragon Ball. Anime, manga, dorama, etc. You guessed it – its American. Crunchyroll is a subsidiary of Otter Media and serves the US and the world at large with anime content.

The Easy Kodi Set-up Guide to Keep Handy


Android mobiles & tablets. For instance, setting up Kodi on tablet devices and android mobiles is easy. Presently select Trakt again go to Configure > Synchronize and turn on both “Match up film playback progress to Kodi” and “Adjust film playback progress to Kodi” In the event that you would prefer not to be tried to rate things you watch, go to the “Rating” tab and turn everything off there.

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Three of TikTok’s biggest stars just signed off-platform deals

The Verge

Rae posted a video about an American Eagle partnership today; Dixie did a recent video for T-Mobile; and Charli has posted ads for Aerie and the film The High Note in recent months. Photo: Morphe. Three of TikTok’s biggest stars announced deals outside of TikTok yesterday, giving the creators another way to make money off their immense popularity on the shortform video app.

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Ring’s Traffic Stop feature is about bringing more accountability to policing

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Passengers in vehicles equipped with the Ring Car Cam may not be able to consent to being filmed before the device starts recording. The most important thing in these situations is to make sure that you have the video and so we’ll be streaming the video from the Car Cam to the cloud in real time,” Ring’s head of mobile products, Nathan Ackerman, told CNET.

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How to stream Peacock

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The last of the major 2020 streaming services to launch, Peacock looks to unite NBC’s shows, Universal’s films, and original content into a single service that will put a much bigger emphasis on live, curated content than nearly any other competing service. Peacock Premium will expand that library with even more content, including Two and a Half Men , House , Frasier , Cheers , Law & Order , Law & Order: SVU , Ray Donovan , and the Shrek films.

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Quibi will finally let you screenshot, but it’s a little bit complicated

The Verge

For a mobile-first streaming service, it seemed like a bit of an oversight. Screenshots on any streaming service on mobile devices are prohibited because nearly all of the platforms have such copyright protection built into them already. This is why people can’t screenshot Disney Plus series and films on their phones, either. Tom Conrad/Twitter.

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Identity Relationship Management Market to Exceed $50 Billion by 2020


Identity services must be in place regardless of sector — retail, finance, insurance, healthcare, government, cloud service, education — in order to extend business reach via social, mobile, cloud, and the Internet of Things. ForgeRock estimates that every Internet-connected thing (PC, tablet, mobile phone, car, refrigerator, TV etc.) By Bob Gourley Identity Relationship Management Market to Exceed $50 Billion by 2020.

How to setup and use Sony Crackle on Roku


There are many platforms out there that allow you to stream all of the latest TV shows and films such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO and etc. Go to the com/activate site on your computer or mobile phone. What’s a better way of spending some of your free relaxing time than watching your favorite TV show or a good movie? Although, you are going to have to have a monthly subscription, to be able to stream on one of these platforms.

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Tech Moves: Lighter Capital names new CEO; Amazon exec joins Uber as CTO; and more


tech giant also recently hired Hanno Basse , the former 20th Century Fox Film CTO, as Microsoft Azure CTO for media and entertainment. Melissa Widner. Lighter Capital Photo). Seattle-based ‘alternative VC’ firm Lighter Capital named Melissa Widner as its new CEO.

What Can A CIO Do About The Problem Of Airline Overbooking?

The Accidental Successful CIO

There was that event where a passenger was removed from a flight forcibly and everyone filmed it and put it on social media. Now that flight attendants have been equipped with mobile devices, they can tell the status of each passenger on the flight.

Epic Games announces Unreal Engine 5 with stunning PlayStation 5 demo

The Verge

That way, “film-quality source art comprising hundreds of millions or billions of polygons can be imported directly into Unreal Engine — anything from ZBrush sculpts to photogrammetry scans to CAD data — and it just works,” the company explains. Lumen is Epic’s new dynamic global illumination tool, and Epic says it will work in real time for game development the way advanced computer-generated graphics work for high-quality animation and film production.

Cloak your photos with this AI privacy tool to fool facial recognition

The Verge

Named after the Guy Fawkes masks donned by revolutionaries in the V for Vendetta comic book and film , Fawkes uses artificial intelligence to subtly and almost imperceptibly alter your photos in order to trick facial recognition systems. They have no plans to make a web or mobile app due to security concerns, but are hopeful that companies like Facebook might integrate similar tech into their own platform in future. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge.

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How To Hide My IP Address Using A VPN


Every time you are connected to the internet using your mobile phone or even PC, you leave information traces that can be used to identify your internet service provider and even your IP address.

How the Internet Created Fast-Paced Poker Options to Suit Busy Lifestyles


The 1998 film directed by John Dahl featured Matt Damon as a professional poker player. The mobile gaming industry has had an influence on this as well, as games for the smaller screen tend to be easily accessible and playable in short bursts. For this reason, poker options to suit busy lifestyles and mobile gamers have come about. Information Technology Blog - - How the Internet Created Fast-Paced Poker Options to Suit Busy Lifestyles - Information Technology Blog.