The Small Business Guide to Information Security


Information Technology Blog - - The Small Business Guide to Information Security - Information Technology Blog. Information security is a major issue in the business world, and security breaches cost businesses millions of dollars per year.

Is Information Security the Right Profession for Me?

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Wondering if information security is the right profession for you? I’ve been working in information security for many years and have had the opportunity to fill a variety of roles. First off, there are many different jobs within information security.

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How OPM Could Have Avoided the Data Breach


Recently, a data breach at the Office of Personnel Management ( OPM ) demonstrated once again the vulnerability of data and how even when an organization has seemingly deployed the right tools, security holes can be exploited to gain access to highly sensitive information. This includes highly sensitive records about individuals with clearances and even information that could expose those living undercover.

Information Risk: How to Manage the Company’s Demand for Your Services


Information security teams face an unprecedented level of demand for their services right now. The strain on the time and resources of information security teams is understandable ( as Yahoo can attest ), and even though their companies are stumping up money, information security budget growth is slowing. Automating operations and governance activities offers the best chance to meet information security demands.

InfoSec Policies and Standards: Some strategic context for those just diving into this world


Organizations are giving more priority to development of information security policies, as protecting their assets is one of the prominent things that needs to be considered. So an organization makes different strategies in implementing a security policy successfully. An information security policy provides management direction and support for information security across the organization. Policies can be enforced by implementing security controls.

How To Use The AWS API With S3 Buckets In Your Pen Test

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In the AWS Management Console, look for the “IAM” link in the Security, Identity, & Compliance section as seen above. Review the information seen on the review page, then complete the “create user” operation by clicking on the “Create user” button.

5 Tips to Start a Lucrative Career in Cyber Security

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Information Security professionals are akin to our policemen. They are equipped with advanced firewalls and porn filters, secure email and web traffic gateways, encryption keys, IPS signatures, security policies, and intrusion detection systems.

Fed Tech Roundup September 30


Northrop Grumman to Feature Maritime Security Capabilities at Pacific 2015. Dynamic firewall to help defend from DDoS attacks - Federal Information Security: Agencies Need to Correct Weaknesses and Fully Implement Security Programs, September 29, 2015. The following are some of the hot topics in the federal technology ecosystem (from and ): Fed Tech Ticker.

How flexible should your infosec model be?

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Security is a top priority at the Bank of Labor , but the financial institution updates its formal information security policy only once a year, maybe twice, regardless of what's happening in the ever-changing threat landscape. That's not to say that the union bank ignores emerging threats such as new malware variants or phishing schemes, says Shaun Miller, the bank's information security officer.

Guidance Software Federal Summit 6 March 2014


Recognized as a pioneer in the field of classified information protection, Mr. Bigman developed technical measures and procedures to manage the nation’s most sensitive secrets. Mr. Bigman is now an independent cyber security consultant and president of 2BSecure LLC in Bethesda, Maryland.

Digital Risk Management Leader RiskIQ Raises New Funding To Expand Platform Ecosystem, Sales and Digital Risk Applications


Threats outside the firewall are vast and dynamic. RiskIQ provides organizations access to the widest range of security intelligence and applications necessary to understand exposures and take action - all without leaving the platform. Since 2009, RiskIQ has enabled security staff to reduce the time needed to understand new threats, speed up investigations, and more effectively prevent and remediate incidents. Bob Gourley.

Self-Audits | Roadmap to Securing Your Infrastructure

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However, in information security, I believe we should embrace audits and advocate for them. Now, before you think I’m crazy — hear me out, because it’s important and here’s why: Security Audits Find Red Flags. Security audits are the same thing.

How to survive in the CISO hot-seat

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After all, information security is no longer solely about managing firewalls and patch management, but rather a varied role encompassing business and technical skills. Indeed, Deloitte says that the CISO today must have four ‘faces’ ; the strategist, the adviser, the guardian (protecting business assets by understanding the threat landscape and maintaining security programs) and the technologist. The CISO is a precarious job.

Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Linux Desktop Security 2017


Having Linux as your operating system is one of the better decisions you can make concerning your computer’s security. Even though Linux prides in protecting its clients more than its other competitors do, it is still susceptible to security issues if you’re not careful.

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The Endpoint Imperative: The Perimeter is Dead; Long Live the Perimeter!

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The result: Higher productivity, but bigger challenges for security, data protection, and mobile device management. Jackson and Intel’s Yasser Rasheed explore the new normal for security, with a focus on the end users.

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What Does It Take To Become a Computer Security Specialist


Every day new businesses and organizations that use systems to store important information are formed. This information is vulnerable to hacks and attacks from outside users. This is where the computer security specialist comes in. What Does a Computer Security Specialist Do?

The 7 Step to Develop and Deploy Data Loss Prevention Strategy


Information Technology Blog - - The 7 Step to Develop and Deploy Data Loss Prevention Strategy - Information Technology Blog. Hackercombat aims to guide the user with this guide to inform what’s new in data loss prevention systems, including cloud access security brokers.

How to Remove Malicious Code, Malware from Websites?


Information Technology Blog - - How to Remove Malicious Code, Malware from Websites? Information Technology Blog. So, if you want to make sure your website is clean get a website scan for security vulnerabilities with the following tools. Optimize – harden the security.

Steps for Performing a Cyber Security Assessment


Information Technology Blog - - Steps for Performing a Cyber Security Assessment - Information Technology Blog. A chief information security officer for reviewing network architecture. Privacy officer to help with locating personally identifiable information.

How to Develop an IT Vulnerability Assessment


Information Technology Blog - - How to Develop an IT Vulnerability Assessment - Information Technology Blog. One way to protect the information is through the identification, assessment, prioritization and correction of the weaknesses identified in the assets.

A new era of Enterprise Content Management (ECM)


Faced with the demands for process management, enterprise search, access beyond the firewall, mobile device support, social interaction, and cloud deployment, enterprises have been sold add-on modules and product integrations to enable wall-to-wall content management across the enterprise and outside its walls. In addition, 75% of enterprises see ECM/RM playing a major role in their information security strategy.

Five Things Your Startup Has to Do, Even After Your App Is Built


Information Technology Blog - - Five Things Your Startup Has to Do, Even After Your App Is Built - Information Technology Blog. Security. Security is a big deal. It is important that you keep user information secure, and it’s not just credit card information either.

Top Ten Ways Not To Sink the Kubernetes Ship

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To ensure ongoing security site reliability engineers must work hand-in-hand with the CISO’s (Chief Information Security Officer) office to implement Kubernetes security. It is important to use security tooling such as OpenSCAP, the open source version of the Security Content Automation Protocol, to harden virtual machine images prior to their deployment in virtual private clouds. Implement Pod Security Policy. Linux Academy kubernetes security

How to Choose the Best Vulnerability Scanning Tool for Your Business


Information Technology Blog - - How to Choose the Best Vulnerability Scanning Tool for Your Business - Information Technology Blog. After all, it’s all for the security of your business! Networking Security

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When Big Data Changed Security - Chuck's Blog

Chuck's Blog - EMC

An IT industry insiders perspective on information, technology and customer challenges. When Big Data Changed Security. This morning, EMC announced a new landmark product: RSA Security Analytics. Information has quickly become the most critical enterprise asset. 

Cybersecurity: Is AI Ready for Primetime In Cyber Defense?


The 2016 GAO Information Security Report(x) stated quite emphatically that signature based intrusion doesn’t work. BlueVector is now available as a compact security appliance with 48 virtual cores and FPGAs to accelerate packet collection. Nate Crocker. Is AI ready for primetime?

7 web application development challenges you can’t ignore

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It’s all about speed and security. You must create secure applications efficiently, in hours/days rather than days/weeks. Developers are under more pressure to deliver solutions quickly–without sacrificing function or security. Challenge #3: Security.

Hardest tech roles to fill (+ solutions!)

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There are a handful of go-to online communities where software architects learn and share information such as Meetup , IBM Community , Code Project , and Stack Overflow. . This blog provides in-depth information about what Data Science is and how to hire a data scientist.

- Cyber City Armageddon?

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and Loose Laptops Sink Cyber (Security). Constituents depend upon the Internet, web, e-mail , cell phones to communicate with their government for information and services. But, gee, how secure and reliable are these systems, these networks and these communication?

Hardest tech roles to fill (+ solutions!)

Hacker Earth

There are a handful of go-to online communities where software architects learn and share information such as Meetup , IBM Community , Code Project , and Stack Overflow. . This blog provides in-depth information about what Data Science is and how to hire a data scientist.