Kicking the Tires: Verisign DNS Firewall


Cognitio has been evaluating the new Verisign DNS Firewall along with its Recursive DNS service for the last several weeks. Our bottom line conclusion: Integration of the Verisign DNS Firewall into an existing environment couldn’t be more seamless, configuration and management are a breeze, and it delivers immediate benefit to the security posture of any environment. For more information on the DNS Firewall and other Verisign Security Services check out their website: [link].

Why bother with firewalls?

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I get the purpose of firewalls. Every modern operating system has firewalls installed by default these days and even the average modem has a firewall built in. In short, just about every computer under the sun has some sort of firewall built in and you cannot access the internetThey are supposed to block people and connections from doing things they are not supposed to do.

China Is Said to Close Major Hole in its Great Internet Firewall

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1, people familiar with the matter said, thereby shutting a major window to the global internet. (Bloomberg) — China’s government has told telecommunications carriers to block individuals’ access to virtual private networks by Feb. Beijing has ordered state-run telecommunications firms, which. Asia-Pacific Regulation

Are next-generation firewalls legacy technology?

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A few years ago, next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) came out of nowhere to become a network security staple. NGFWs followed in the footsteps of earlier firewalls—physical appliances installed inline to protect private networks from the public Internet. Back then, mobile and remote office workers VPNed into the corporate network and traffic was backhauled for Internet ingress/egress.

Time To Spread The Word on Internet of Things Dangers: Read what FBI and DHS Cyber Centers Need Us All To Know


The FBI led Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is playing an increasingly important role in helping consumers and victims of fraud know the reality of the threats facing them from cyberspace. Many default passwords can be easily located on the Internet.

China Ramps Up Censorship as it Hosts World Internet Conference

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China will take down its firewall in just one city for three days while it hosts the World Internet Conference. Read More. Shared

SoftwareAG Unveils New Internet of Things Solution Accelerator


An Essential Starter Kit for Any CIO Considering the Internet of Things or Software Companies Needing a Jumpstart. The Software AG Internet of Things Solution Accelerator simplifies the tasks necessary to store, visualize and use the growing connectivity and influx of data.”

Cisco discloses PIX firewall, IOS software security holes

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Specifically Cisco said the vulnerability is due to “insufficient condition checks in the part of the code that handles [Internet Key Exchange] IKEv1 security negotiation requests. Cisco has warned of a high priority security hole in its IOS software that could have let attackers snatch memory contents from a variety of products that could lead to the disclosure of confidential information. More on Network World: Cisco buys into containers with Container X acquisition +.

DoS technique lets a single laptop take down an enterprise firewall

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At a time when the size of distributed denial-of-service attacks has reached unprecedented levels, researchers have found a new attack technique in the wild that allows a single laptop to take down high-bandwidth enterprise firewalls. The attack, dubbed BlackNurse, involves sending Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) packets of a particular type and code.

What to expect when the Internet gets a big security upgrade

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Ready or not, the upgrade to an important Internet security operation may soon be launched. RELATED: Firewall face-off for the enterprise. Changing these keys and making them stronger is an essential security step, in much the same way that regularly changing passwords is considered a practical habit by any Internet user, ICANN says. Then again, it might not.

Video: This smart firewall can protect your home office and business from hidden cyberattacks

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billion devices connect to the Internet, and another 50 billion are expected to come online soon. Today 6.4 CUJO CEO Leon Kuperman explains how to say safe in a world loaded with IoT threats

Data Security and its Importance on the Internet


Information Technology Blog - - Data Security and its Importance on the Internet - Information Technology Blog. Below are some useful tips on protecting yourself and knowing about data security and why it is important to protect yourself on the Internet. Turn on your firewall.

Heimdal PRO Review

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Heimdal PRO – the security solution for everyone The Internet is not a safe place to navigate without a security software product installed on your computer. And you need more than an antivirus or a good firewall solution to keep your data safe from all kind of cyber attacks.

Cloudflare wants to secure IoT connections to the internet

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Many people are worried about putting smart internet-connected devices in their homes or offices because of flaws that could allow attackers into their private networks. Web optimization and security firm Cloudflare is trying to alleviate those fears with a new service that could allow internet-of-things manufacturers to protect devices from attacks and deploy patches much quicker.

Bayshore Networks: Cloud- and on-premises-based IoT cybersecurity technology for industrial enterprises


The company’s policy-based Information Technology/Operational Technology (IT/OT) Gateway, an alternative to next-generation firewalls in some settings, inspects and filters industrial data for customers in fields such as manufacturing, connected cars and smart cities. Research Team.

What Business Users Should Do To Mitigate DDoS Threats


Use a DNS firewall to reduce two major issues: 1) users visiting sites known to have malicious code that threatens your enterprise and 2) malicious code inside your enterprise that seeks to beacon out to its controller. We recommend Verisign's DNS Firewall. Cyber Security cyber attack Denial-of-service attack DNS Dyn Dyn (company) Internet IP address TwitterBob Gourley.

What Local, State, Federal Governments Should Do To Mitigate DDoS Threats


Governments and agencies at Local, State and Federal levels should all ensure DNS firewalls are in place. We recommend Verisign's DNS Firewall. Cyber Security Cloud Computing Internet of ThingsBob Gourley. Governments have special roles in helping prevent DDoS attacks.

A Flicker Of Light: A new security stack points the path to safety


Lateral movement in the data center is stopped as partitions are protected with host-based firewalls to ensure only provisioned VPN connections gain access. CTO Cyber Security News Access control Computer security Data center Internet security Tamper resistance Virtual private network

American Industry Benefiting From Government Cybersecurity Executive Transitions


Businesses in every sector of the economy and of all sizes are realizing that effective cyber risk mitigation is not just a matter of buying new technologies or turning on a firewall. CTO Cyber Security Internet of Things News Central Intelligence Agency FBI NSABob Gourley. One of the bright spots in the cybersecurity community is the corporate awakening to the need for highly competent executive level talent.

Microsoft Releases Security Advisory 2887505

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Today we released Security Advisory 2887505 regarding an issue that affects Internet Explorer. There are only reports of a limited number of targeted attacks specifically directed at Internet Explorer 8 and 9, although the issue could potentially affect all supported versions. Running modern versions of Internet Explorer ensures that customers receive the benefit of additional security features that can help prevent successful attacks. Security Advisory Internet Explorer (I

ActiveX Control issue being addressed in Update Tuesday

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Late last Friday, November 8, 2013, a vulnerability, CVE-2013-3918, affecting an Internet Explorer ActiveX Control was publically disclosed. Configure Internet Explorer to prompt before running Active Scripting or disable Active Scripting in the Internet and local intranet security zones This action will help prevent exploitation but can affect usability , so trusted sites should be added to the Internet Explorer Trusted Sites zone to minimize disruption.

Your Enterprise has too many Cyber-ish People


Jobs like keeping software updated, tracking down holes in the firewalls, waiting for alarms to go off, being fed alerts about out-of-date software: in short lots of controlled firefighting. Analysis Company CTO Cyber Security Computer security cyber CYBERCOM Enterprise Network Security Security Tech/Internet Technology Leadership By John Scott.

Eight Ways Consumers can Protect Their Home Networks


Do not open any ports on the router firewall – there is no reason for a household to be reached by the outside – no matter what the advice may be from the vendor. CTO Cyber Security Internet of Things Mobile News IoT Wi-FiCesare Garlati.

A Conversation With Marc Andreessen: The impact of emerging tech on jobs, training, education and home life


Projections are that by 2020 there will be over 100 Billion Internet-connected devices, and easily 1 Trillion sensors generating data around us all. the average home will likely have between 300 to 600 high powered chips in devices capable of communicating directly with each other and with the traditional Internet connected computers in the house. Simply having a home firewall is not the answer here. Bob Gourley.

How to eliminate the default route for greater security

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If portions of enterprise data-center networks have no need to communicate directly with the internet, then why do we configure routers so every system on the network winds up with internet access by default? Part of the reason is that many enterprises use an internet perimeter firewall performing port address translation (PAT) with a default policy that allows access the internet, a solution that leaves open a possible path by which attackers can breach security.

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What Home Users Should Do to Mitigate DDoS Threats


You can use the free Internet tool called the IoT Scanner to do a quick check for devices you have connected that are visible on the Internet. You can also strengthen your network to reduce the chances of infection and also reduce the ability of malicious code to communicate out from your home by strengthening your home network and firewall. Consider using a paid service for your DNS to enable a DNS firewall. Bob Gourley.

The Endpoint Imperative: The Perimeter is Dead; Long Live the Perimeter!

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Cloud, mobility and the Internet of Things have obliterated the traditional perimeter that protected organizations. The concept or the traditional concept of protecting at the perimeter with the traditional firewalls and gateways is really non-existent anymore.

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Hyper-segmentation – How to Avoid Cyber Disasters


After spinning off from Lucent Technologies and AT&T, Avaya became the experts in SIP, Internet telephony, unified communications and collaboration (UCC) and all thing VOIP. There are no ACLs to setup, no firewall rules to configure. Nathaniel Crocker.

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Fed Tech Roundup August 4


Kicking the Tires: Verisign DNS Firewall. International Business Times: Hackers use Yahoo ad network to spread malware to hundreds of millions of internet users. The following are some of the hot topics in the federal technology ecosystem (from and ): Fed Tech Ticker. US Officials Warn That Medical Devices Are Vulnerable to Hackers - Nextgov. Hackers Deface a Trump Website in Tribute to Jon Stewart Software vulnerability - Nextgov.

We Need A National Cybersecurity Strategy That Everyone Can Implement


A quick search on the Internet will reveal many national cybersecurity initiatives. This can be done by configuring the internal Firewall on Internet facing application servers. Step-up: Implement the OWASP Top 10 controls to further insure your Internet facing servers are not vulnerable to front door attacks. Junaid Islam. In a few months we’ll have a new Administration in Washington and a chance to update our national security policies.

Zingbox launhces IoT protection for business

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Zingbox , a cloud-based, internet-of-things security startup, is coming out with its first product that it says can tell good IoT behavior from bad and sends alerts when it finds activity outside the norm. When they are found, it can send alerts to security staff or intervene automatically via integration with firewalls, says May Wang, a founder of the company and its CTO.

Bogons: Do not let them in or through your networks


Private IP addresses are also considered bogons because they are not supposed to be found on the public Internet. Many ISPs and end-user firewalls seek to block bogons, because they have no legitimate use (more details on how successful they can be at this are below).

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6 steps to secure a home security camera

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Don’t put cameras on the public internet. Instead, put cameras behind a firewall and run network address translation (NAT). While NAT is not itself a security mechanism, and has a long and well-deserved history of derision for breaking the Internet’s core principle of end-to-end connectivity, it will at least offer some protection from probes by scanning tools.

Georgia says it's traced an attempted voter hack to DHS

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He said in a Facebook post on Thursday that he had been made aware of the failed attempt to breach the firewall protecting Georgia's voter registration database. The attack was traced to an Internet Protocol address associated with DHS, he said. Georgia's secretary of state says the state was hit with an attempted hack of its voter registration database from an IP address linked to the federal Department of Homeland Security.

Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Linux Desktop Security 2017


Use Linux Firewall. Unless you’re really in the know when it comes to Linux, you’re probably not informed that Linux has got a firewall, and a good one at that. Putting a strong firewall on an already safe OS tells you a lot about how even Linux takes extra precautions to keep you safe.

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