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IDG Contributor Network: When SD-WAN is more than SD-WAN

Network World

As the SD-WAN market has matured, one thing has become very clear: SD-WAN will not exist on its own. The technology is merging with other networking technologies, ultimately becoming a feature of a much larger bundle. Predominantly, we’re seeing security and SD-WANs merge. Just consider some of the activity: Velocloud recently announced its SD-WAN Security Technology Partner Program to integrate with other security vendor’s products.

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6 of the best gaming routers for improving your performance

Mashable VR

If you spend a lot of time playing the hottest games online, you're bound to run into some network connectivity issues now and then. Features: 512MB of flash memory, 1GB of RAM, MU-MIMO, Geo-Filter, firewall, data-sharing tools, 10-gigabit connectivity. £449.90

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Some models can also operate in wired LAN’s and mixed networks. For systems with high-speed internet connections, a wireless router can act as a firewall too. These routers are ideal for home and small office networks. It comprises a fast WAN port and three fast LAN ports.