Stop Malware Attacks and Online Identity Theft


Affecting a mobile phone, a computer, a laptop, or a network server, malware interrupts computing operations, hijacks networks, or access systems. Enable a firewall and a comprehensive malware removal program like Malwarebytes to detect and keep all types of malware away.

Managing the People Side of Cyber Security


For instance, inappropriate Internet use by people within your company can let in malware or spyware, which can compromise your system or leak important information. We tend to imagine cyber security as a wall we need to build around a company to keep invaders out.

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Here are some of the best wireless routers you can buy


For systems with high-speed internet connections, a wireless router can act as a firewall too. It can also limit the Internet access time for guests and kids, as well as prevent you from being subject to spyware and phishing. Best Wireless Router with Firewall.

What?No Angry Birds? - A Screw's Loose

A Screw's Loose

There’s nothing wrong with trying to protect your users from malicious apps, malware and spyware. Is the best way to handle that to cut off the streams at the firewall? Next post: 10 plagues of Mobile. Going Mobile. Enterprise Mobility. Mobile. Enterprise Mobility. Mobile. Mobile Strategy. About. Standard Disclaimer. A Screw's Loose. What…No Angry Birds? by Brian Katz on March 20, 2013 · 2 comments.