Nonpublic 5G Networks Will Be A Critical Building Block Of Your Enterprise Network Strategy

Forrester IT

Nonpublic 5G networks promise better privacy, data security, compliance, and cellular network performance; they also offer safer and more private features for dedicated user groups.

How to Create Boundary Groups in ConfigMgr|SCCM Boundaries


Let’s learn how to create boundary groups in ConfigMgr world. Boundary groups are network parameter of SCCM device management. If you don’t have any boundary groups (except Default site boundary group) in Configuration Manager, then you are managing any devices!

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Randstad group to consolidate network infrastructure with BT

Computer Weekly

HR services giant Randstad Group is standardising its global network infrastructure with BT

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Scalable learning founded on small group collaboration and extended networks will drive organizational success

Trends in the Living Networks

He describes how the most powerful form of learning is creating new knowledge by learning from action , the accelerated learning of small groups that challenge and help each other , and the opportunity to connect to broad and diverse expertise beyond the organization.

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Co-operative Group overhauls retail store networks

Computer Weekly

The Co-operative Group has brought in BT to revitalise and upgrade legacy networking infrastructure at its food retail business

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IGMP: Joining a Host Group

IT Toolbox

To eliminate unnecessary multicast traffic on a network, hosts and multicast routers use the Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP

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Civil rights groups urge companies to suspend Facebook advertising

Venture Beast

civil rights groups called on companies to pause advertising on Facebook, saying the social network is not doing enough to stop hate speech. Read More.

Microsegmentation – Secure Your Internal Network


The problem I have with these statements is that every network engineer I know segments their network more than just at the subnet level and their segmentation is not limited to just north-south traffic. This is something you can’t do with static network ACLs at layer 2.

Case study: Tamer Group boosts bandwidth and network connectivity

Computer Weekly

Saudi Arabian firm chooses point-to-point wireless to ensure it provides the connectivity required for a fast-growing business

4 Informative LinkedIn Groups for Higher Education


Information Technology Blog - - 4 Informative LinkedIn Groups for Higher Education - Information Technology Blog. The biggest platform of professional networking where employers post jobs and job seekers posting their CV’s, resume and achievements altogether.

Network testing group builds new playground with Juniper NFV tech

Computer Weekly

Coloclue, an independent network testing association, is building out its next-generation product network on Juniper’s NFV technology

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Russian cyber espionage group targeting hotel Wi-Fi

Computer Weekly

A Russian cyber espionage group is targeting hotel Wi-Fi networks to carry out malware infections and potentially steal credentials, researchers warn

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Step-by-Step: Automate Building Outbound Network Security Groups Rules via Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and PowerShell

IT Pros Rock!

Lately, I’ve been working with several organizations that need to selectively restrict outbound Internet access from within their Azure Virtual Networks (VNETs) to conform to their own internal security policies. CloudLab Powershell Azure Networking Azure Resource Manager

Cybercriminals, state-sponsored groups ramping up attacks exploiting COVID-19 pandemic

Tech Republic Security

IntSights researchers surveyed the cyberthreat landscape, finding a wide variety of coronavirus-themed phishing lures, malware infections, network intrusions, scams, and disinformation campaigns

London Capital Group improves service deployment with SDN

Computer Weekly

Online trading firm has revitalised its service delivery after switching a legacy physical network for VMware NSX SDN

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Enterprise Partner Group Cloud Partner of the Year Award


Hortonworks has just announced that they have won the Enterprise Partner Group Cloud Partner of the Year award at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, held in Orlando. We recognize Hortonworks as a significant member of our partner network who has brought the value of Azure to our joint customers," said Tiffany Wissner, senior director of data platform marketing at Microsoft. "As

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InterContinental Hotel Group reveals extent of malware attack

Computer Weekly

Hotel group InterContinental (IHG) reveals that malware attempting to glean payment card details sat undetected on its network in the US for three months

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Top LinkedIn Groups in 2014 for Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Science


It it he analyzes the Top 30 LinkedIn Groups for Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Science. Gregory identifies 4 group quadrants and find which groups are fastest growing and most active. -bg. The Figure 1 (below) shows quarterly growth rates in top 30 groups.

Denver Network Programmability User Group Meeting

Scott Lowe

If you live (or will be) in Denver next week—specifically, on Wednesday, November 1—I’ll be joining the Denver Network Programmability User Group (NPUG) to talk about network programmability and my recent book with Jason Edelman and Matt Oswalt around network programmability and automation. What: Me joining the NPUG to share some thoughts on network programmability.

Illumina Consulting Group (ICG) R&D Case Study Uses Streaming Analytics Platform LUX in Insider Threat Detection


Illumina Consulting Group (ICG) recently conducted an R&D Case Study using their streaming analytics platform, LUX, to process an Insider Threat dataset created by ExactData LLC and Carnegie Mellon University under DARPA sponsorship.

Step-by-Step: Automate Building Outbound Network Security Groups Rules via Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and PowerShell

IT Pros Rock!

Lately, I’ve been working with several organizations that need to selectively restrict outbound Internet access from within their Azure Virtual Networks (VNETs) to conform to their own internal security policies. Network Security Groups to the rescue!

Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Computer Network


Information Technology Blog - - Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of a Computer Network - Information Technology Blog. A computer network, normally referred to as a network, consists of a group of computers and other computing devices like printers, modems, scanners, etc.

DHS urging users to disconnect UPnP, Group halts bank cyber.


Homeland Security urges computer users to disconnect network setting ? DOE Here are the top cyber news and stories. DHS is asking users to disable the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) capability on their home machines

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Security Innovation Network SINET 16 Application Process Now Open


We have previously written about the Security Innovation Network ( SINET ) and the yearly SINET Showcase. This is a group every technology firm should have some familiarity with now. By Bob Gourley.

Amazon group that created Kindle and Echo is working on technology for COVID-19 testing


Amazon is enlisting its cutting-edge Lab126 hardware group, best known for creating its Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets and Echo smart speakers, to help build out its own COVID-19 testing capabilities.

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Groups and Networks

Trends in the Living Networks

is about groups not the individual. is based on the person and personal relationships in networks, not group membership. posits the group as the primary unit of activity; email posits the individual Boyd's drawing a really important distinction here. In our daily lives, we are all members of various groups: our families, neighborhoods, church groups, ethnic groups, etc. But an individual's personal network typically spans multiple groups.

WEBINAR: The Impact of Firewall Sprawl


New research with the Aberdeen Group highlights how network complexity is adding cost and increasing risk. Register >> Network firewalls have long been established as the ubiquitous first line of defense for every organization’s network security strategy. But the evolving needs of the enterprise have dramatically changed the make-up – and complexity – of network infrastructures. Better manage network configurations.

Police used ‘smart streetlights’ to surveil protesters, just as privacy groups warned

Mashable Tech

So reports Voice of San Diego , which, through public records requests, determined that in late May and early June the network of smart streetlights was accessed at least 35 times. Well, we can't say we weren't warned.

Palo Alto Networks Federal Forum 20 May 2015


Learn more about how to better protect your assets from cyber attack at the Palo Alto Networks Federal Forum on 20 May 2015, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the Newseum in Washington, DC. Join Palo Alto Networks and your cyber security, data center and endpoint peers for the 2015 Federal Forum at the Newseum in Washington, DC on Wednesday, May 20! Couldn''t make it to the annual Palo Alto Networks User Forum, Ignite 2015? Rick Howard, Chief Security Officer, Palo Alto Networks.

Relaunch of Advanced Human Technologies Group website and new blog

Trends in the Living Networks

I am extremely happy that we have finally relaunched the website for Advanced Human Technologies Group. Over the last couple of years we have been repositioning our activities so that our major corporate brand is AHT Group, the group of companies, rather than the individual companies.

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The Impact of a Network of Networks on Censorship

Phil Windley

Summary: Creating a network of networks, where multiple ledgers serve as anchors for credential definitions, has consequences for the overall system's ability to resist censorship. Sovrin Network is based on Hyperledger Indy. A Network of Networks.

Fahrenheit IT Acquires Halo Group and Geneva Technical Services (GTS)

Geneva Technical Services

Fahrenheit IT Staffing and Consulting, a division of Global Employment Solutions and one of the nation’s fastest growing IT staffing companies, announced today its acquisition of Halo Group, a major Midwest IT staffing and consulting firm, and its affiliates Sonoma Consulting and Geneva Technical Services. As one of the largest IT staffing firms in the US, Fahrenheit IT brings significant resources to Halo Group’s and its affiliates’ clients through a strong, nationwide service network. “We’re

Extending SQL Server 2014 AlwaysOn Resource Group with Storage Spaces on Microsoft Azure

IT Pros Rock!

The new Azure Preview Portal makes it super-easy to configure a highly available SQL Server 2014 AlwaysOn Availability Group cluster with a new Azure Resource Group Template.

5G May Be Holy Grail for Telecom, But Energy Sector Feels Much Anxiety Over New Network


energy sector feels anxiety over launch of 5G technology on Forbes : While telecom giants are boasting faster, unlimited wireless connectivity for their mobile phone users under the long-awaited fifth generation wireless network (5G), the energy industry is worried. Energy groups are warning regulators that a 5G rollout […]. Read why Dipka Bhambhani says that the U.S.

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Russian hacker group used phony Google login page to hack Clinton campaign

Network World

A Russian hacking group used spearphishing to steal the Gmail login credentials of Hillary Clinton campaign staff, and that may be how campaign emails now being released were stolen, according to Secure Works. The attack targeted 108 email addresses, and was carried out by a Russian group called Threat Group-4127 (TG-4127), according to Secure Works’ Counter Threat Unit (CTU) blog.

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Killer Networking owner acquired by Intel


Killer Networking products are aimed at gamers looking to gain an edge in online matches by minimizing latency and ensuring less lag.

New Chinese Internet Clampdown Hurts Business, U.S. Group Says

Data Center Knowledge

(Bloomberg) — China’s clampdown on the use of virtual private networks to circumvent the country’s internet controls risks disrupting businesses that depend on them for cloud services and data security. Besides using virtual private networks to gain access to websites like Facebook and Google.

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Social Networking @ Work: Are You Ready?

The Accidental Successful CIO

Do CIOs need to introduce social networking into the workplace? So there’s no question that this whole social networking thing has become very, very popular. What Social Networking Would Do For Your Workplace. Who Would Use Social Networking In The Workplace.

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Network tech helps BT customers cut carbon emissions

Computer Weekly

Telco claims it is now making 22% of its total group revenues from products contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions

Product Review: Paessler PRTG Network Monitor


Information Technology Blog - - Product Review: Paessler PRTG Network Monitor - Information Technology Blog. PRTG Network Monitor from Paessler AG is a powerful network monitoring solution. This network software is not only powerful but also easy to use.

Informal Networks Require Leaders to Look Below the Waterline

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Leaders in corporate or business-line roles receive information from executives and these leaders cascade the information down the hierarchy through predictable channels like email and town hall and group meetings. These networks form through a web of relationships founded on many reasons.

The Security Innovation Network Showcase: 3-4 Dec in DC


We have been long-term supporters of the Security Innovation Network (SINET) and believe this group plays an important role in being a catalyst for innovation around enterprise cyber security. Of the many virtuous activities of this group, my favorite event is the yearly Showcase held in DC. Networking Lunch – Information Sharing Hour. 7 hours Networking and Networking Reception.

Augmented Reality and the Network

Spearline Testing

The execution of VoIP , playing around with the idea of cognitive networks , the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT), using enhanced features like A.I. The network is key. Complex networks can attract complex problems.