U.S. Department of Defense sets its cloud security guidelines

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The CSO itself has to be fully evaluated for the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) compliance. This post was written as part of the Dell Insight Partners program, which provides news and analysis about the evolving world of tech.

An Innovative Board: Setting Guidelines to Catalyze Innovation

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The corporate board plays a critical role in making good policies and setting right guidelines to catalyze innovation. Innovation Management System includes policies, structure, and program that innovation managers can use to drive innovation.

Agility Recovery To Enhance Disaster Recovery Program With Globally Recognized Certification Standard From the MSPAlliance


The International Association of Cloud and Managed Service Providers (MSPAlliance), today announced that Agility Recovery would leverage the Unified Certification Standard audit (UCS) for Cloud and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) for its disaster recovery program. Cloud and Managed Service Providers that wish to participate in Agility Recovery’s Partner Program will now be able to do so by matriculating through the UCS audit and meeting Agility Recovery requirements.

8 Guiding Principles for Pilot Programs: A Key for Enterprise 2.0

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One of the most critical elements of this principle is the ability to establish and run effective pilot programs. on Pilots, which describes 8 guiding principles for pilot programs. In my Implementing Enterprise 2.0 report I put Iterate and Refine at the center of the Enterprise 2.0

Fed Tech Roundup August 3


DISA updates draft cloud security guidelines - GCN.com. Help Us Add Resources to the Updated Mobile User Experience Guidelines! News Joint Strike Fighter program Lockheed Martin Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Northrop Grumman United States Marine CorpsThe following are some of the hot topics in the federal technology ecosystem (from FedTechTicker.com and TopTechTicker.com ): Fed Tech Ticker.

CIOs Need To Change How Their Department Deals With Sexual Harassment

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It’s not like the companies where the sexual harassers are being discovered didn’t have sexual harassment training programs. However, it is becoming more and more clear that these programs just were not working the way that they were intended to work.

Workplace Health and Safety Training – Employer Responsibilities


Through effective workplace health and safety training program, employers can inform the workers about specific industry hazards and provide information on how to protect themselves from those health hazards. Related: [Infographic] Accelerate Employee Engagement With Mobile-Based Corporate Training Program. Conclusion: OSHA has recommended a list of industry-specific as well as general guidelines to be followed by all organizations.

Tech Blogs – Best Must Read Tech Resources 2019


This monitoring software blog covers cyberbullying issues and guidelines for technophobe parents and more. Information and announcements from Program Managers, Product Managers, Developers and Testers in the Microsoft Virtualization team.

The Need for AI Governance in Healthcare


However, because new AI techniques are largely new territory for most HDOs, there is a lack of common rules, processes and guidelines for eager entrepreneurs to follow as they design their pilots.”. If a strategic leadership council for a data and analytics program already exists, then this is the most obvious fit, as AI is a natural extension of an analytics program.

7 Modules Your Compliance Training Resources Must Include


have indicated the need for an effective compliance training program, hence, companies started developing more engaging training modules which the employees would actually want to read and not just skim through. In order to avoid this, you need to put together an effective compliance training program. Similarly, there are certain clauses for acceptance of gifts that are higher than a certain value, from clients and co-workers according to the FCPA guidelines.

Workplace Health and Safety Training – Employer Responsibilities


Through an effective training program, employers can inform the workers about specific industry hazards and provide information on how to protect themselves from those health hazards. A training program can cover information about all the safety precautions and availability of emergency resources, allowing employees to be aware about where to find what without wasting time.

What’s the CIOs Role in Compliance?

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of resources does the company provide to the let compliance program do its job? At the same time, an effective compliance program has now become the cornerstone of cooperation credit allowed under the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines.

My Advice to Engineering Undergraduate Students - Social, Agile.

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Some were part of McGraw-Hills summer intern program and some were family friends, but I decided to write some of my core tidbits of advice in a blog post. In my Bachelor program, I think I took only a handful of non-core engineering classes (including math, science, and other requirements). My best experience in my undergraduate program was to work in a physics lab one summer and an engineering lab the second summer. Shifting to a Market, Program, and Platform Organization.

E-book: Educate Yourself With Dell Insight Partner Views on Cybersecurity

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The “Insight Partner Views on Cybersecurity” captures the latest news, trends and best practices surrounding cybersecurity by influential bloggers in the Dell Insight Partner program.

CIOs Help Banks Prepare For The End Of The World

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The program has a name: “Sheltered Harbor” The participants in the program include the U.S. The program at its heart is actually fairly simple. The program wants to make it so that backed up data can start to be used within 48 hours of an event occurring.

Fed Tech Roundup September 4


Mitre to Support Auburn University’s Drone Pilot Training Program. New Guidelines Require Warrants For Federal Surveillance of Cellphones - Yahoo Tech. The following are some of the hot topics in the federal technology ecosystem (from FedTechTicker.com and TopTechTicker.com ): Fed Tech Ticker. Feds Will Need Warrant to Use Cellphone Scanning Technology Known as 'Stingrays' - ABC News. No Organization Can Defend Themselves By Themselves Anymore.

Steps to Create a Cloud Computing Center of Excellence (CoE)

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Gartner’s definition of a CCoE is broad with an emphasis on governance – i.e. establishing a cloud brokerage, policies and guidelines. The executive sponsor adds visibility to the cloud migration program.

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NIST 800-53 and FedRAMP FISMA


Then find a competent information protection program now. Therefore, you need a program that specifically prescribes controls. To be totally compliant, understand how such a program can be integrated with FedRAMP. Why Do You Need A Data Protection Program?

Security vs Compliance | Hacking In To Cybersecurity

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Compliance is the act of being in accordance with established guidelines or specifications. Basically what happens is we have a group of people who come together to architect some parts of a security program, usually through legislation or regulatory frameworks, that says “this is what you need to have a fully functioning security program.” ” I love this definition because it addresses all of the things that a security program needs to be.

Developing a PaaS Migration Strategy

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Re-platforming applications includes lift-and-shift (containerizing) applications with minor changes, refactoring applications to adhere to twelve factor app guidelines and complete application rewrites to best leverage native cloud and DevOps. Programming language and framework support.

Pros and cons of low-code development platforms

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However, IT can mitigate that risk by providing a sanctioned low-code platform and guidelines on how to use it. This eliminates the program logic testing normally required when building new applications.

CIT (@CITorg) Announces New Solicitation for Commercialization Fund (pls help spread word)


Six programs are available during this limited submission solicitation: Commercialization, Eminent Researcher Recruitment, Facilities Enhancement Loan, Matching Funds, SBIR Matching Funds, and STTR Matching Funds. Details on the FY2014 spring solicitation, including program guidelines, sample applications, proposal and budget templates, FAQs, and webinars are available on CIT’s website at www.cit.org/initiatives/ crcf/fy2014-solicitation/.

The CIO as “Rule Maker”: Setting Principles to Run Digital IT

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Therefore, digital CIOs shouldn’t just follow the outdated rule or the best practices, but know how to set digital principles and guidelines, empower people to evolve, innovate, and accelerate, develop the next practices in order to run a high-performance digital IT organization.

Networking the Cloud for IoT - Pt. 2 Stressing the Cloud

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CarnegieMellon’s Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) , in fact, found that 64% of vulnerabilities in the CERT National Vulnerability Database were the result of programming errors.”


Shaping IT Competency to Drive Digital Transformation

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Setting policies and guidelines to build competency and navigate digital transformation: There needs to establish digital policies for building a cohesive set of business competency. Setting guidelines, tuning structures, and making programs are three levels to build digital competency.

The 7 Step to Develop and Deploy Data Loss Prevention Strategy


DLP is known for a multi-year undertaking, a DLP program can be a manageable, progressive process if organizations focus on a progressive approach. As the data loss prevention program matures, organizations can develop better methods to mitigate specific risks.

Is Data Classification a Bridge Too Far?

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While the competencies required to implement an effective data management program are significant, they are not impossible. Today data has replaced money as the global currency for trade.

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Cognitive Business: When Cloud and Cognitive Computing Merge

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Such services will incorporate the application programming interface (API) building blocks necessary to power your future cognitive products and services. Cloud computing has taken over the business world!

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Top 5 Tools for Creating Appealing Videos Online


We have been surprised by this online program to create videos and put them into circulation on social networks because it is completely free. Once you login, you will be welcomed by a simple guideline.

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CIT Announces Commonwealth Research Commercialization Fund (CRCF) FY2014 Fall Solicitation Awards and Upcoming Solicitation


The CRCF program is a state fund designed to advance, in Virginia, targeted areas of research with commercial promise. The following CRCF proposals will be awarded, contingent upon acceptance of award terms and conditions: Eminent Researcher Recruitment Program . By Bob Gourley.

The Ultimate Guide to SEO Basics


That said, if you need to get more involved in the interests and likes of your audience, ensure that you hire a good SEO expert or enroll in a white label SEO reseller program. The beauty of this type of SEO is that it strictly adheres and abides by the set search engine guidelines.

Should You Build in-house or Outsource Development of Your Mobile Apps?


The owner participates in choice of platforms, technologies, design, development guidelines and code throughout the project. Sunil Thomas.

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Information Governance – Essential Ingredient for Business Value

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To achieve this level of consistency and efficiency, as well as reliability, requires a robust Information Governance Program responsible for overseeing the environment. As I’ve referenced in previous blog entries, Information Governance can be defined as a strategic practice that defines Rules (inclusive of policies, guidelines, laws, etc.) Provides overall strategy and guidance to the Program and how it serves (and benefits) the organization.

Authenticity and the November 2013 Security Updates

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Add in stellar acting and you end up with an epic movie that really makes you miss the shuttle program. An updated version of the program is available today. This update, along with the new configuration guidelines available in KB2862152, helps ensure the authenticity of DA connections.

The Art and Science of Enterprise Framework

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The business framework provides guidelines, checklist, standard, processes, do & don't do as well as tools and building blocks to define and develop business artifacts.