Technology Short Take #81

Scott Lowe

Here’s a handy list of deprecated Linux network commands and their replacements. Servers/Hardware. Konstantin Ryabitsev has a series going on securing a SysAdmin Linux workstation. Part 1 covers how to choose a Linux distribution, and part 2 discusses some security tips for installing Linux on your SysAdmin workstation. Here’s a Windows-centric walkthrough to using Nginx to load balance across a Docker Swarm cluster.

Technology Short Take #78

Scott Lowe

The rise of the disaggregated network operating system (NOS) marches on: this time, it’s Big Switch Networks announcing expanded hardware support in Open Network Linux (ONL) , upon which its own NOS is based. The Pivotal Engineering blog has an article that shows how to use BOSH with the vSphere CPI to automate adding servers to an NSX load balancing pool. Servers/Hardware. I use OTR with Adium on OS X, and OTR with Pidgin on my Fedora Linux laptop.).

IDF 2014: Architecting for SDI, a Microserver Perspective

Scott Lowe

A traditional SRF architecture can be replicated with COTS hardware using multi-queue NICs and multi-core/multi-socket CPUs. Workloads are scheduled across these server/linecards using Valiant Load Balancing (VLB). Of course, there are issues with packet-level load balancing and flow-level load balancing, so tradeoffs must be made one way or another. Networking Hardware IDF2014 Intel This is a liveblog for session DATS013, on microservers.

VMworld 2013 – Network Virtualization: Moving Beyond the Obvious (My Notes)

Virtualized Greek

You can save money if you consolidate your Windows & Linux workloads to fewer servers. The network industry has focused on protocols for a long time because of the need interoperate hardware devices between vendors. The Second are is the higher level layers such as load balancing.

Technology Short Take #27

Scott Lowe

First up is Brent Salisbury’s how to build an SDN lab without needing OpenFlow hardware. Not unsurprisingly, one of the key advantages of STT that’s highlighted is its improved performance due to TSO support in NIC hardware. Related to the bare metal provisioning work (see below under “Servers/Hardware”), Mirantis also detailed some bare-metal networking stuff they’ve done for OpenStack in relation to the use of bare metal nodes.

Technology Short Take 119

Scott Lowe

The “TL;DR” for those who are interested is that this solution bypasses the normal iptables layer involved in most Kubernetes implementations to load balance traffic directly to Pods in the cluster. Servers/Hardware. Welcome to Technology Short Take #119! As usual, I’ve collected some articles and links from around the Internet pertaining to various data center- and cloud-related topics.

Technology Short Take 88

Scott Lowe

Romain Decker has an “under the hood” look at the VMware NSX load balancer. Servers/Hardware. This graphical summary of the AWS Application Load Balancer (ALB) is pretty handy. Brendan Gregg has a pretty detailed write-up on migrating from Solaris to Linux (pertinent given the recent layoff of the majority of the Solaris developers). Welcome to Technology Short Take #88!

Technology Short Take 103

Scott Lowe

Servers/Hardware. Scott McCarty explains sVirt and how it’s used to isolate Linux containers. Check out these articles talking about IPVS-based in-cluster load balancing , CoreDNS , dynamic kubelet configuration , and resizing persistent volumes in Kubernetes. Welcome to Technology Short Take 103, where I’m back yet again with a collection of links and articles from around the World Wide Web (Ha! Bet you haven’t seen that term used in a while!)

Technology Short Take #87

Scott Lowe

Vincent Bernat has a really in-depth article on IPv4 route lookup on Linux (and one on IPv6 route lookup as well). Servers/Hardware. Andrew Montalenti discusses the state of Linux on the desktop by examining his own journey with various Lenovo-branded laptops. John Kozej walks through how to configure vCenter HA using the NSX load balancer. Welcome to Technology Short Take #87! I have a mix of newer and older items for you this time around.

IPv6 40

IDF 2013: Future of SDN with the Intel ONP Switch Reference Design

Scott Lowe

Recep will cover the hardware side of ONP; Gershon will cover the software side of ONP (referred to as ONS). ONP fits into this picture by performing VTEP functions in hardware (at line rate). NFV is intended to address the problem caused by having to route/direct traffic from various sources through physical appliances designed to provide services like content filtering, security, content delivery/acceleration, and load balancing. It is hardware switch independent.

Technology Short Take #56

Scott Lowe

Russell Bryant has a couple great articles on OVN— how to test OVN’s “EZ Bake” release with DevStack as well as an article on implementing OpenStack security groups using OVN ACLs (which in turn leverage the integration between Open vSwitch and the Linux kernel’s conntrack module). Servers/Hardware. Welcome to Technology Short Take #56! In this post, I’ve collected a few links on various data center technologies, news, events, and trends. I hope you find something useful here.

Technology Short Take #58

Scott Lowe

If you’d like to play around with Cumulus Linux but don’t have a compatible hardware switch, Cumulus VX is the answer. Servers/Hardware. Normally the hardware space is pretty boring (in fact, I’ve been considering removing it from the Technology Short Take series), but HPE decided to shake things up recently with its Synergy servers and “composable architecture”. William Lam breaks down the real value of load balancing your PSC in this in-depth article.

Technology Short Take #48

Scott Lowe

Tom’s key point is that disaggregating software from hardware—which is kind of a given if you’re buying whitebox networking gear—gives you the (potential) flexibility to repurpose network gear based on the software running on it. The “gotcha” is that these software stacks haven’t been written yet, so the idea of repurposing hardware from switch to firewall to load balancer is still a bit of a unicorn. Servers/Hardware.