Storage roundtable: flash, hardware, and supporting the channel

Computer Weekly

MicroScope gathered together a group of storage industry representatives to discuss hardware, the growth of flash, and their channel strategies

Private cloud storage 101: Key components and hardware options

Computer Weekly

Private cloud makes consumption of storage easier for the user and simplifies delivery for the IT department. We walk through the key components and the platform choices

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3 Quick Ways to Optimize Storage – Without Adding Any Hardware

Data Center Knowledge

There must be better ways to improve storage performance without adding more disk. Too often administrators resort to more shelves or controllers to resolve storage challenges. Now, take a look at three quick ways to help you optimize storage; without needing to add hardware. Cloud Computing Storage optimizationRead More.

Report: Third of Q3 Hardware Spending Was on Cloud Hardware

Data Center Knowledge

Blades Cloud Computing Networking Storage Cloud infrastructure spending grew 16 percent year over year Read More.

Guide to Facebook’s Open Source Data Center Hardware

Data Center Knowledge

Mark Zuckerberg’s social networking giant is the world’s biggest open source hardware design factory Read More. Blades Cooling Data Center Design Facebook Featured Networking Open Compute Power Storage

Hardware In An Era Of Software-Defined Storage

Chuck's Blog - EMC

While many of us are enamored by the vision of a software-defined data center (SDDC), we also know that hardware will still be a very important consideration: how much, how efficient, how fast, etc. Hardware Matters.   Certainly, putting flash storage on a PCIe card makes sense. 

Why Amazon’s hardware makes more sense than Google’s

The Verge

A tale of two hardware divisions. Hardware boss Rick Osterloh reportedly held a meeting where he tells everybody “he did not agree with some of the decisions made about the phone” — are these decisions not things he himself is in charge of ? We know what Amazon hardware is for.

Gulf Air refreshes storage and server farm hardware with Dell EMC

Computer Weekly

Airline completes major project to revamp its storage infrastructure with Dell EMC technologies

Red Hat Ceph Storage 3 brings file, iSCSI and container storage

Computer Weekly

Latest version of open source OpenStack-targeted software-defined storage adds CephFS, ISCSI and storage that can be deployed in containers to save hardware

OCP Launches Marketplace for Open Source Data Center Hardware

Data Center Knowledge

Online catalogue lists servers, storage, network gear and vendors ready to deliver Read More. Blades Networking Open Compute Storage

Report: Cloud Providers Will Spend $23B on Data Center Hardware This Year

Data Center Knowledge

IDC predicts 19 percent uptick in hardware spend by public cloud providers, while traditional IT spend contracts slightly Read More. Blades Cloud Computing Colocation Infrastructure Networking Storage

1 Terabyte of Samsung SSD Storage for Just $100


Information Technology Blog - - 1 Terabyte of Samsung SSD Storage for Just $100 - Information Technology Blog. The end result is that with QLC, SSD makers can offer greater storage capacities at a lower cost. Terabyte-level capacity eliminates the need for multiple storage Solutions.

Closer Look: Microsoft’s Cloud Server Hardware

Data Center Knowledge

As it joins the Open Compute Project, Microsoft can now show the world the custom server and storage designs that power its global armada of more than 1 million servers. Here''s a closer look. Blades Microsoft

Containers will oust VMs and storage arrays, says Red Hat

Computer Weekly

Red Hat launches storage delivered via containers and predicts a future in which costly and inflexible storage hardware and pricey hypervisors will be a thing of the past

Storage Deflation?

Chuck's Blog - EMC

While it’s true that I now work for VMware, I came from the storage hardware business.     And I think I could construct a plausible argument that we are in a sustained deflationary period for storage capacity: disks and arrays.  Storage

NetApp Introduces New Flash Storage

Data Center Knowledge

NetApp (NTAP) introduced two new hardware platforms - the EF550 and E2700, and updated a third - the E5500, to address particular workloads, and the broad performance requirements of data-intensive applications. Storage NTAP

Dell EMC World brings “bigger, faster, stronger” storage upgrades

Computer Weekly

All-flash additions plus hardware and software upgrades see platform refreshes across all Dell EMC storage offerings, as well as design changes in Isilon and Xtremio

Dell 161

News UK dumps tape for backup with Zadara cloud storage

Computer Weekly

News publishing corporation saves up to 40% on hardware and software costs by switching in-house hardware for a cloud-first policy, using Zadara cloud storage as a backup target

Backup 149

Cloud firm adds Cloudian object storage to satisfy S3 demand

Computer Weekly

Calliog puts Cloudian object storage on Lenovo hardware to add a tier of storage for customers that want Amazon S3-compatible cloud services, but not from Amazon

IT firm gets Scality object storage to boost S3-based offerings

Computer Weekly

Blue Chip deploys Scality Ring object storage on commodity hardware with S3 connectivity to enable new cloud, backup and archiving product offerings at “a few pence a gigabyte

Backup 140

Are Servers The New Storage?

Chuck's Blog - EMC

At one time, almost all storage was directly attached to servers.    Whether that was through disk drives in the server enclosure itself, or external racks directly connected, there was a clear 1:1 mapping between server, application and dedicated storage resources.

Cloudian Integrates With Hortonworks for Hadoop-Ready Distributed Storage

Data Center Knowledge

Cloudian stitches commodity hardware into smart distributed storage systems, which can now also behave like Hadoop clusters Read More. Big Data Enterprise Storage

How to Manage a Storage Array


Information Technology Blog - - How to Manage a Storage Array - Information Technology Blog. Storage arrays that you have bought for your business are very easy to manage, but you need to be certain that you have looked into the details. Futureproofing Storage Capacity.

MongoDB Acquires WiredTiger and its Open Source Storage Engine

Data Center Knowledge

Technology expected to improve hardware efficiency of NoSQL database Read More. Deals Storage

The Top Trending Data Storage This Year

IT Toolbox

We are in a period of storage revolution. Many transitions have been witnessed in both software and hardware. There are trends, which will influence corporate strategy and data pilling preference by the end of 2017

Trends 109

From Storage Admin To Storage Service Manager

Chuck's Blog - EMC

I''ve been talking to storage people in IT for about 20 years now.    Sure, the new technology is always interesting -- but what storage folks are always interested in is how does this change things?  Software Defined Storage Is More Than Marketing.

EMC Upgrades Software Defined Storage Platform ViPR

Data Center Knowledge

features support for commodity hardware, multi-site support and geo-replication Read More. Storage EMC ViPR 2.0

The New Storage Buyer

Chuck's Blog - EMC

    When it comes to storage, it’s been the same way for as long as I can remember: the storage team makes the recommendation.  But what if a relatively new storage buyer is emerging?  The New Storage Buyer. Servers As Storage: Interest Is Strong.

Startup Qumulo Raises $40M for Scale-Out NAS Storage Management

Data Center Knowledge

In managing scale-out storage, the problem isn''t the hardware, it''s the data being stored Read More. Enterprise Storage

Red Hat Acquires Ceph Open Storage Provider Inktank for $175 million

Data Center Knowledge

Expanding its enterprise storage play, Red Hat gets the Ceph capability to turn commodity hardware into storage systems Read More. Cloud Computing Enterprise Storage

Bet365 gets SwiftStack object storage as NAS pulls up short

Computer Weekly

Online gaming firm Bet365 is set to replace NAS for data with 0.5PB of more scalable and elastic object storage, built on SwiftStack and commodity SuperMicro hardware

Storage Caching 201

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Three years ago, I wrote a popular post entitled " Storage Caching 101 ".  Using a memory technology for storage caching is different than using it for persistent storage , although that''s becoming popular as well.  Storage VMware

Storage: Demand And Supply

Chuck's Blog - EMC

That boring stuff -- storage -- is where we keep all of the interesting information we care to own.    The size and growth of the storage market can often be a rough proxy for economic macro-trends such as aggregate capital investment, shifts to digital business models, and more. 

The Future Of Storage Data Services

Chuck's Blog - EMC

It might seem that we in the storage business are intentionally complicating things.    Up to this point, we''ve mostly thought of physical storage arrays as providing both: persisting data as well as providing important data services.  The New Storage Buyer.

How Software-Based Storage Is Changing Servers

Chuck's Blog - EMC

As I track the various server vendor announcements, I couldn’t help but notice a pronounced shift towards designs that are obviously intended to be used as part of a storage or database farm. Here, we’re discussing software- based storage (vs. software- defined storage). 

Store 5TB of data in the cloud for life for just $80

Venture Beast

Business category-/Computers & Electronics/Computer Hardware/Computer Drives & Storage category-/Internet & Telecom/Web ServicesSPONSORED DEALS: Let’s face it; data redundancy is not everyone’s favorite topic of conversation.

How EMC IT Does Storage

Chuck's Blog - EMC

You might be used to getting storage advice from a storage vendor, but the better source might be to speak to someone in their IT group. Srini starts with creating a perspective of the "storage journeys" EMC IT has been on over the years. Storage

DDN raises the bar as data intensive analytics push storage systems


It is no secret that today’s data intensive analytics are stressing traditional storage systems. SSD) to bolster the performance of traditional storage platforms and support the ever-increasing IOPS and bandwidth requirements of their applications. By Dan Cybulski.

Software-Defined Storage -- Where Are We?

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Now both networking and storage are approaching the same event horizon as server and compute did years before.   This inevitability is not lost on industry storage vendors, either.  traditional storage administrators!)

HPE buys Nimble Storage to fill an all-flash and hybrid gap

Computer Weekly

Hardware giant buys Nimble Storage for $1.2bn and plugs a gap below its high-end flash retro-fitted 3PAR arrays with ground-up solid state-based hardware

Making The Case For Software-Defined Storage

Chuck's Blog - EMC

My corner of the IT industry is foisting a new concept on enterprise IT shops: software-defined storage.    The existing storage kit seems to be doing the job; why would we need anything radically different? When Will You Hit The Storage Wall?

Storage Disruption: Choose Your Poison

Chuck's Blog - EMC

An awkward moment: I’m with a customer group, and someone asks me an innocent question: “ so, what’s happening in the storage world these days? ”. Enterprises invest an awful lot in storage technology, the rough cut is about $30B annually in hardware alone.  Storage

Why Software-Defined Storage Matters

Chuck's Blog - EMC

  The more information we produce, consume — and depend on —  the more storage matters.    Software is inevitably changing core data center technologies — compute, network and storage — both individually and how they work together. We want the same from storage.