Hardware In An Era Of Software-Defined Storage

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While many of us are enamored by the vision of a software-defined data center (SDDC), we also know that hardware will still be a very important consideration: how much, how efficient, how fast, etc. Hardware Matters.   Certainly, putting flash storage on a PCIe card makes sense. 

Storage Deflation?

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   Why buy something today when it’s virtually certain that its price will fall tomorrow? While it’s true that I now work for VMware, I came from the storage hardware business.     And when it comes to storage capacity, both seem to be in play.

Who Will Be At Top Of Storage World Next Decade?

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Data storage regardless of if hardware, legacy, new, emerging, cloud service or various software defined storage (SDS) approaches are all fundamental resource components of data infrastructures along with compute server, I/O networking as well as management tools, techniques, processes and procedures. The post Who Will Be At Top Of Storage World Next Decade?

Are Servers The New Storage?

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At one time, almost all storage was directly attached to servers.    Whether that was through disk drives in the server enclosure itself, or external racks directly connected, there was a clear 1:1 mapping between server, application and dedicated storage resources.

Virtual Hadoop: Gaining Traction

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The story of the industry''s adoption of virtualization has a recurring theme: workloads once thought entirely unsuitable for virtualization make obvious sense in hindsight. Virtualize my test and dev environment?    Virtualize a database? 

The New Storage Buyer

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    When it comes to storage, it’s been the same way for as long as I can remember: the storage team makes the recommendation.  But what if a relatively new storage buyer is emerging?  The New Storage Buyer. Servers As Storage: Interest Is Strong.

Did you want a side of SLBS (server less BS) with your software or hardware FUD?

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It turns out, serverless BS (SLBS) and hardware less are still trendy, and while some might view the cloud or software-defined data center (SDDC) virtualization, or IoT folks as the culprits, it is more widespread with plenty of bandwagon riders. SLBS can span from IoT to mobile, VID and workspace clients (zero or similar), workstations, server, storage, networks. To me what’s ironic is that many purveyors of of SLBS also like to talk about hardware.

Server Storage I/O Converged (CI) Hyper-converged (HCI) overview

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The post Server Storage I/O Converged (CI) Hyper-converged (HCI) overview appeared first on StorageIOblog. This page provides insight in to Converged Infrastructure (CI), Cluster in box or Cloud in Box (CIB) along with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) topics along with links to companion resources. CI, CIB and HCI can be complete data infrastructure for smaller environments, or component building blocks in larger organizations.

Physical vs. Virtual virtualization lab

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So, you want to improve your knowledge of virtualization. Doesn’t matter if it’s Hyper-V, VMware, Xen or KVM the major decision of Physical vs. Virtual lab is the same. This is the first major requirement of any virtualization lab. Running a Virtual Machine.

[Video] Storage Field Day 7 Review

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A quick 3 1/2 minute review of Storage Field Day 7 (SFD7). Cloud Computing PC & Server Hardware Virtualization SFD7 Being my 2nd Tech Field Day event, I’m hoping to soak as much content out as possible. You can review all of my by following my SFD7 tag.

Video 91

The Future Of Storage Data Services

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It might seem that we in the storage business are intentionally complicating things.    Up to this point, we''ve mostly thought of physical storage arrays as providing both: persisting data as well as providing important data services.  The New Storage Buyer.

Storage Caching 201

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Three years ago, I wrote a popular post entitled " Storage Caching 101 ".  Using a memory technology for storage caching is different than using it for persistent storage , although that''s becoming popular as well.  Storage VMware

Parallel Processing and Unstructured Data Transforms Storage

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Technology advances that exemplify this transition include: Big Data – The analysis, capture, data curation, search, sharing, storage, transfer, visualization, querying and information privacy of extremely large, complex and unstructured data sets.

How EMC IT Does Storage

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You might be used to getting storage advice from a storage vendor, but the better source might be to speak to someone in their IT group. Srini starts with creating a perspective of the "storage journeys" EMC IT has been on over the years. Storage

Maxta – Storage Field Day 7 Preview

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Up next in our review of Storage Field Day 7 (SFD) vendors is Server SAN vendor Maxta. Maxta, founded in 2009 is a provider of software for end users wanting to build an enterprise storage array from commodity x86 hardware. PC & Server Hardware Virtualization SFD7

Software-Defined Storage -- Where Are We?

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If you''re involved with virtualization or any form of IT infrastructure, you''re probably paying attention to SDDC (software-defined data center) concepts, as well you should.  Now both networking and storage are approaching the same event horizon as server and compute did years before.  

Making The Case For Software-Defined Storage

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My corner of the IT industry is foisting a new concept on enterprise IT shops: software-defined storage.    The existing storage kit seems to be doing the job; why would we need anything radically different? When Will You Hit The Storage Wall?

Data Infrastructure Server Storage I/O related Tradecraft Overview

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The post Data Infrastructure Server Storage I/O related Tradecraft Overview appeared first on StorageIOblog. Tradecraft is knowing about tools, technologies, and trends in your primary domain as well as adjacent focus areas. However, tradecraft is also about knowing how and when to use different technologies, tools with various techniques to address different scenarios.

Storage Disruption: Choose Your Poison

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An awkward moment: I’m with a customer group, and someone asks me an innocent question: “ so, what’s happening in the storage world these days? ”. Enterprises invest an awful lot in storage technology, the rough cut is about $30B annually in hardware alone.  Storage

Why Software-Defined Storage Matters

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  The more information we produce, consume — and depend on —  the more storage matters.    Software is inevitably changing core data center technologies — compute, network and storage — both individually and how they work together. We want the same from storage.

Hardware In An Era Of Software-Defined Everything - Chuck's Blog

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Hardware In An Era Of Software-Defined Everything. Many might justifiably see SDDC as a linear extension of familiar server virtualization concepts, now being applied to things like storage and networks.  But what about hardware in this new world?  Storage.

Updated Software Defined Data Infrastructure Webinars and Fall 2016 events

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Here is the updated Server StorageIO fall 2016 webinar and event activities covering software defined data center, data infrastructure, virtual, cloud, containers, converged, hyper-converged server, storage, I/O network, performance and data protection among other topics.

Data Infrastructure server storage I/O network Recommended Reading #blogtober

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Data Infrastructure Recommended Reading List and Book Shelf Updated 10/30/17 The following is an evolving recommended reading list of data infrastructure topics including, server, storage I/O, networking, cloud, virtual, container, data protection and related topics that includes books, blogs, podcast’s, events and industry links among other resources.

Fountainhead: IO Virtualization: The ?Hypervisor? for Your.


Insights into Data Center Infrastructure, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing. IO Virtualization: The “Hypervisor” for Your Infrastructure. More than ever in 2010, IO Virtualization (IOV) has been showing-up in products, written about, spoken about. IO Virtualization.

The VMware View Of Software Defined Storage

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VMworld is upon us, and -- amidst all the noise and chatter -- VMware is quietly laying out the first chapter in how it views software-defined storage.  IT infrastructure professionals, please take note: VMware has big ideas on how the storage ecosystem should evolve.

Vmware 185

Software Defined Storage: The Journey Is Yours

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I thought it fitting that I close out this series on software-defined storage with a bit of practical advice for those of you who are intrigued — and motivated — to move in this direction.    Sort of like Huffman coding for storage service delivery :).

What Changes With Software-Defined Storage

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As a part of this series, we’ve already taken a look at the rationale and motivations behind software-defined storage , offered up a working definition, and taken a tour of the key elements found in our software-defined storage model.??. Storage Becomes Just Part Of What People Do??.

EMC is now Dell EMC, part of Dell Technologies and other server storage Updates

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they sell Servers, Storage, I/O and Networking hardware, software and services). The post EMC is now Dell EMC, part of Dell Technologies and other server storage Updates appeared first on StorageIOblog. In case you missed it or did not hear, EMC is now Dell EMC and is future ready (one of their new tag lines). What this means is that EMC is no longer a publicly traded company instead now being privately held under the Dell Technologies umbrella.

Dell 64

Why You Should Consider VMware As A Serious (Future) Storage Vendor

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We can be a tight-knit group in the storage world. Virtualization has completely transformed the server landscape, and the same process has begun in earnest in the network and storage worlds. Today, VMware wouldn''t show up on any list of top storage vendors.

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Various Hardware (SAS, SATA, NVM, M2) and Software (VHD) Defined Odd’s and Ends

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Looking for tool to convert a Windows system to a Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) while it is running? The following are a collection of odd’s and end’s devices and tools for hardware and software defining your environment. Ever need to add another GbE port to a small server, workstation or perhaps Intel NUC, however no PCIe slots are available?

Intel 43

What Storage Might Look Like In Five Years

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  And that''s where storage comes in.    Re-Imagining Physical Storage.   Most of us have come to think of physical storage as big racks of dedicated hardware: blinky lights, lots of air whooshing, cables everywhere, etc.  Storage

NetApp Announces ONTAP 9 software defined storage management

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NetApp has announced ONTAP 9 the latest version or generation of their storage software that defines and powers ONTAP storage systems and appliances (e.g. The major theme of ONTAP 9 is simple anywhere eluding to the software runs on storage system appliances (e.g. tin wrapped” or hardware platform based), virtual storage (e.g. The post NetApp Announces ONTAP 9 software defined storage management appeared first on StorageIOblog.

Data Infrastructure Server Storage I/O Tradecraft Trends

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Trends involving tradecraft include capturing existing experiences and skills from those who are about to retire or simply move on to something else, as well as learning for those new to IT or servers, storage, I/O, and data infrastructure hardware, software, and services. The post Data Infrastructure Server Storage I/O Tradecraft Trends appeared first on StorageIOblog.

Network Virtualization vs. SDN

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Scott Lowe was a guest on the latest episode of VMware Community Podcast and was discussing Network Virtualization. He has deep experience with both Networking and Server Virtualization. He was a guest on the podcast to discuss Network Virtualization. I posed the question in the live chat on the difference between SDN and what VMware is defining as “Network Virtualization.” The claim is that virtualization already exists in network technologies.

Why You Should Care About Software-Defined Storage

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But if you''re in the enterprise IT space, here''s relatively new one to pay attention to: software-defined storage. Software-defined storage won''t be any different -- there will be loud arguments at the outset, followed by people just getting on with things.