IBM Goes All In On Cloud And Sends Collaboration And Experience Products To HCL

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IBM’s journey to rebalance its enterprise software portfolio around areas such as AI, hybrid cloud, and supply chain shifted into high gear with an agreement to sell a group of its collaboration and experience products to HCL Technologies for $1.8

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Adobe’s Service Partners Are What Will Make It A Proper Enterprise Software Company

Ted Schadler

Adobe strives to be an enterprise software company with the same reach and influence as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Salesforce. It built on that creative marketing and agency customer connection by acquiring Omniture, Day Software, Neolane, and more software vendors to enter the […].

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IBM gets 'woke,' pulls facial recognition software from law enforcement

Mashable Tech

Artificial intelligence powerhouse IBM has had it with law enforcement's misuse of facial recognition technology. In a letter to Congress this week, IBM CEO Arvind Krishna outlined the different ways the tech company intends to address racial injustice and police abuse.

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Industrial IoT Software Platforms Rise Above Just Connecting Things

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Over the past few months, I have been working with my US-based colleague, Michele Pelino, to analyse the industrial IoT software platforms that are so central to this […].

IBM blockchain automates contract labor processes


IBM licked this challenge using blockchain software to curb the costs and time it takes to process invoices generated by contingent labor workers. IBM’s Contingent Labor on IBM Blockchain automatically tracks time sheets, […]. Processing payments for thousands of contractors is an onerous task large enterprises grapple with as they hire outsiders for technical and business services.

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Russia Weighs Replacing IBM, Microsoft With Open-Source Software

Data Center Knowledge

Duma is drafting a bill to restrict government agencies from buying licensed software, giving preference to open-source software. Europe Government IBM Microsoft Oracle TechnologyRead More.

IBM exits facial recognition market, urges ?national dialogue? on use by law enforcement

Venture Beast

IBM will no longer offer facial recognition or analysis software and asked Congress for new measures to pursue justice and racial equity. Read More.

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Historical IBM Microcomputer Hardware/Software LAN Products

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One clearly evident (if not explicitly stated) IBM strategy in managing outside competition was to coopt popular technology The concept of an overarching connectivity architecture such as SAA was one approach to managing these compromises.

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IBM Cognos: Established Business Intelligence Player


It was acquired by IBM in 2008 and is now referred to as the IBM Cognos platform. While still considered by many to be associated with the legacy technology world, IBM has been investing in improving Cognos and we regard it as a function worth tracking. By May Gourley.

IBM’s Watson Behind Software Defined Storage Offering

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IBM plans to offer Elastic Storage as stand-alone software as well as a cloud offering through the SoftLayer platform Read More. Cloud Computing IBM Storage

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Forrester 2019 Enterprise BI Platform Waves ™ Research Update

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advanced analytics analytics applications big data business intelligence predictive analytics 1010data Amazon Web Services Birst Domo IBM Information Builders Looker microsoft MicroStrategy OpenText Oracle Qlik salesforce SAP SAS Sisense Tableau Software ThoughtSpot TIBCO Software Yellowfin

The IBM Press Release on Spark That Every Tech Leader Should Read


IBM just announced a major new push around Apache Spark. For years it has seemed like IBM was giving lip-service to Spark while emphasizing capabilities that they placed big bets on over the years (especially IBM's flagship stream processing product, InfoSphere Streams). But I never would have imagined IBM would so strongly endorse Spark like they did today. IBM called spark "the most significant open source project of the next decade.". Big Data CTO IBM spark

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IBM: Technology for both enterprises and the startup world


One reason to track IBM ( NYSE:IBM ) is to watch as they react to the threats from firms like Amazon. What Amazon has done in Cloud Computing is absolutely incredible and it really helped wake up IBM to the need to innovate in this area. But IBM also invests a great deal in their own internal R&D and is creating new capabilities in AI of note. And there seems to be at least a little bit of Watson in every thing every part of IBM has to offer. Research Team.

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IBM Fills Gaps with Red Hat, Also Creates Internal Competition

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Since the news broke about the Red Hat acquisition by IBM, there has been no shortage of articles analyzing the move, predicting its outcomes, and delivering judgments on the deal. But what about the perspective of the software developer, architect, or IT leader who has to make decisions about which capabilities to leverage from these, now potentially competing, software offerings? That being said, I haven’t seen much focus on the overlap between the two software portfolios.

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IBM targets real-time data analytics with new database software

Tech Republic Big Data

At the IBM World of Watson conference in Las Vegas, IBM announced the latest version of its DB2 database software, in an effort to empower better analytics

IBM's newest reorg won't fix its cloud problem

David Linthicum

Register , IBM will be divided into new departments that include cloud, Watson, and Analytics. IBM''s restructuring will put software at the forefront, while hardware takes a backseat. IBM is scheduled to post fourth-quarter earnings today, and it abandoned its guidance of $20 earnings per share altogether in October after shares dropped to a 52-week low. IBM is struggling in the current technology landscape. According to the U.K.

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NVIDIA Partnershp With IBM Could Widen Use of GPU Accelerators

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In a move that could help expand the market for graphics processing units (GPUs), NVIDIA and IBM will collaborate on GPU-accelerated versions of IBM''s wide portfolio of enterprise software applications on IBM Power Systems. HPC IBM gpu nvidia

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eBay Enterprise Expands Magento Infrastructure with IBM Cloud

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Popular e-commerce software services to benefit from IBM''s global scale Read More. Cloud Computing eBay IBM

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Red Hat’s Marketplace Seeks To Simplify Kubernetes (K8s) Management

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The biggest announcement from Red Hat’s Summit was Red Hat Marketplace, operated by IBM. Building on its existing container orchestration software, OpenShift, Red Hat has created a central software purchasing location for automated deployment to any cloud.

IBM Acquires Red Hat, Gains a Competitive Edge

Perficient - Digital Transformation

On Sunday, IBM announced its acquisition of Red Hat. Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of open source cloud software. A ‘Big Bet’ for IBM. IBM has struggled over the last five years to see consistent revenue growth. The Future of IBM.

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IBM Stakes POWER8 Claim to SAP Hana Hardware Market

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Launches Power Systems optimized for SAP's in-memory database management software Read More. Big Data Blades IBM

IBM Jumps Into RPA Market With Automation Anywhere - Perhaps A Turn To More Practical Challenges

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IBM and Automation Anywhere (AA's) today announced a collaboration (note-not a formal partnership yet) to integrate (AA's) Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform, used to create software bots to handle repetitive, task-based work, with IBM's portfolio of digital process automation software, that includes IBM Business Process Manager and Operational Decision Manager. IBM Can Add Smarts to AA's RPA Platform.

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How to deal with big cloud acquisitions like IBM’s Red Hat purchase

David Linthicum

We’ll see more big deals like IBM’s purchase of Red Hat next year. In this case, IBM is trying to grow its hybrid cloud business. Indeed, cloud computing is eroding big enterprise tech providers’ profitability by removing hardware and software from enterprise data centers. Here’s why: The big enterprise tech companies are losing market share to the cloud, so they are looking to buy back the market share they are losing.

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Enterprise Software Firm Workday Signs Major Cloud Deal with IBM

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Workday says that it intends to expand the use of IBM Cloud over time to support its global expansion Read More. Shared

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The Impacts of IBM's SNA Networking on LANs Part 1

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IBM also supported a wide variety of other software interfaces, as well, including IEEE's Logical Link Control (LLC). In addition, IBM sold a number of Ethernet (802.3) related products during this time as a hedge

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Why Open Source Is Really Disrupting Enterprise Software

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I had an epiphany today about a major reason open source is disrupting enterprise software. The acquisition - one of the main weapons that big software vendors had to fight disruptors - is losing effectiveness. Cool, talented open source developers don't generally want to work for big, stoggie software vendors. This makes Hortonworks and Cloudera, for example, unattractive acquisition targets for the likes of IBM or Oracle.

IBM's Watson + ERP = unique business insights

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ERP software developer VAI has begun working with IBM’s cognitive system known as Watson to develop new ways to glean useful business insights from data collected with VAI’s enterprise resource planning solution. The New York-based company first began working with IBM last year to investigate the correlations and patterns Watson could spot in ERP data combined with other

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No Testing, No Artificial Intelligence !

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AI is being infused into new and classic software everywhere. The research related to this post is the first in a series of documents on testing AI-based software. However, only one-third of developers claim to know how to test AI-based systems.

IBM says it will no longer make "general purpose" facial recognition tech


IBM told members of Congress that it's making a retreat from the general purpose face recognition market, which means it will no longer develop and sell any facial analysis software tools.

What CIOs Need To Know About Software Defined Networking

The Accidental Successful CIO

Software Defined Networking is going to change everything for CIOs Image Credit: Cisco. For the longest time, we’ve all been building our networks in pretty much the same way: we go to a big equipment vendor such as Cisco, Juniper, HP, IBM, etc.

IBM will no longer offer, develop, or research facial recognition technology

The Verge

IBM will no longer offer general purpose facial recognition or analysis software, IBM CEO Arvind Krishna said in a letter to Congress today. The company will also no longer develop or research the technology, IBM tells The Verge. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge.

The cloud rains on Big Software's parade

David Linthicum

It''s becoming a familiar story: Even the core enterprise systems that were supposed to be immune from cloudification -- those from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP -- will die the death of a thousand cloud cuts. Big Software is feeling the cloud heat. SAP has reported first-quarter sales and earnings that missed analysts'' estimates. The reason: Cloud computing alternatives grew in popularity.

Just Published — The Forrester Wave™: Global Continuous Testing Service Providers, Q1 2019

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Digital disruptors and customer-obsessed organizations are improving customer experience (CX) by shortening their software delivery cycles, delivering features in smaller increments, and scaling their existing Agile processes in concert with DevOps.

OpenDaylight Project Releases Software to Simplify SDN

Data Center Knowledge

During the OpenDaylight Summit in Santa Clara this week for advancing Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV), IBM announced a new unified network controller based on OpenDaylight Project technology designed to get organizations up and running fast on Software. IBM Networking opendaylight SDN NFV

Remembering IBM LAN Server Part 2

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would incorporate some relatively strong enterprise-wide services, including support for the Open Software Foundation's (OSF) Distributed Computing Environment (DCE), a graphical user interface, and extended peer services Notwithstanding its heritage, LAN Server 4.0

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IBM, Pivotal Team to Boost CloudFoundry » Data Center Knowledge

Data Center Knowledge

Cloud Computing » IBM. IBM, Pivotal Team to Boost CloudFoundry. IBM, Pivotal Team to Boost CloudFoundry. CloudFoundry is open source software developed by VMware and now part of the Pivotal Initiative, an independent entity funded by VMware and EMC. About DCK.

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Catching Up With Summer 2018 IBM Cloudy Software Defined Storage Announcements

Storage IO Blog

Summer 2018 IBM Cloudy Software Defined Storage Announcements Time for some catching up with summer 2018 IBM cloudy software defined storage announcements that were made earlier this week. Thus, it is no surprise that it is time for catching up with summer 2018 […] The post Catching Up With Summer 2018 IBM Cloudy Software Defined Storage Announcements appeared first on StorageIOblog.

National Security Software On Wall Street: Cognitio’s Roger Hockenberry Comments


The Wall Street Journal examined this trend in their piece titled: Spy Software Gets a Second Life on Wall Street. Poor IBM i2: 15 Year Old Company Makes Headlines in Fraud Detection and Big Blue Is Not Mentioned (

The Software Mainframe

Virtualized Greek

had IBM’s CTO Jeffrey Frey on theCube during IBM’s InterConnect2015 conference. Moritz stated the goal of VMware was to create a software mainframe. SiliconANGLE.TV Host John Furrier referenced a comment by former VMware CEO Paul Moritz from 2009.

Why it matters that IBM is getting out of the facial recognition business


As a decades-long leader in the industry, IBM’s actions stand to influence technology companies and lawmakers alike. The news that IBM will no longer produce facial recognition technology might not sound huge at first. This was not a quiet announcement by IBM.

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Antifragile Software: 6 Things to Know and Watch

Perficient - Digital Transformation

This blog is a summary, with lots of links, of the antifragile software movement. You can refer to the budding antifragile software manifesto , but note also that this goes beyond robust/resilient (see the picture below). Bilgrin Ibryam’s picture of Antifragile Software.

How Software-Based Storage Is Changing Servers

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Here, we’re discussing software- based storage (vs. software- defined storage).    The distinction is important: software- based storage is anything that doesn’t prefer specialized external storage hardware, e.g. designed to run on industry-standard servers.

IBM to Acquire Cloudant: Open, Cloud Database Service Helps Organizations Simplify Mobile, Web App and Big Data Development


The following press release announces IBM’s intent to Acquire Cloudant: ARMONK, N.Y. – 24 Feb 2014: IBM (NYSE: IBM ) today announced a definitive agreement to acquire Boston, MA-based Cloudant, Inc., Cloudant will extend IBM’s Big Data and Analytics , Cloud Computing and Mobile offerings by further helping clients take advantage of these key growth initiatives. Cloudant could not have found a better home than IBM.”