Apple's security chief charged over alleged iPads for gun licenses scheme


James Jensen of the sheriff's department and insurance broker Harpreet Chadha were indicted by a grand jury last week following a two-year investigation into the alleged scheme The LA Times writes that Apple Chief Security Officer Thomas Moyer, Santa Clara County Undersheriff Rick Sung, Capt.

Newly public, Porch makes 4 acquisitions for more than $122M, discloses larger-than-expected loss


It makes money from software licenses and transaction fees that it receives when connecting homebuyers to movers, insurance agents, home automation and security firms, TV/internet companies and other service providers. Real Estate Homeowners of America Insurance Porch Group


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AI Solution Development Requires Trusted Cooperation For The Long Haul

Forrester's Customer Insights

Many AI practitioners and those exploring AI solutions expect to reap the benefits of AI technologies simply by adopting licensed API services in the cloud. application development & delivery artificial intelligence (AI) computer vision emerging technology machine learning AI Automation digital business digital insurer Emerging Technologies innovation

Marc Andreessen on the future of technology and implications for interactions between government and citizens


A key examplesto consider is health insurance. We can now envision entirely new ways of conceiving health insurance– if you take big data/machine learning approach. We can say the same with auto insurance and crop insurance, financial services, loan risk scoring – all of which can be done far more accurately now than historically. Also consider the application of AI and automation to constructs like the drivers license. By Bob Gourley.

Microsoft's is sharing dangerously sensitive personal files and information

Network World

PCWorld found social security numbers, health insurance ID numbers, bank records, job applications, personal contact details, legal correspondence, and drivers license numbers with just a few minutes of searching. If you use Microsoft’s to store personal documents, stop reading this and make sure you aren’t inadvertently leaking your private information to the world.

Avalara’s acquisition spree continues: Seattle tax automation company to buy INPOSIA Solutions


Earlier this month, Seattle-based Avalara acquired Impendulo Limited , a London-based company that sells insurance tax compliance software. Last month, Avalara said it paid $97 million in cash and stock to buy the operational assets of Business Licenses , a Monsey, N.Y.-based

Building Identity Systems on the Sovrin Network

Phil Windley

For example, I may have a credential representing my drivers license and one representing my employee ID. Yet, because they're based on a metasystem and use a common protocol, I could go to the bank and use those in concert to prove that I'm employed (employee ID) and my date of birth (drivers license) at the same time in one operation. Drivers license. Business licenses. Professional licensing (government and private). Insurance cards. Insurance claims.

Relationships in the Self-Sovereign Internet of Things

Phil Windley

In addition to relationships with owners, cars also have relationships with other players in the vehicle ecosystem including: mechanics, gas stations, insurance companies, finance companies, and government agencies. Doug also has a relationship with his insurance company.

71 countries and counting. Uganda joins Spearline fixed-line testing!


SimbaNET is a licensed East African Public Data Operator. SimbaNET’s client list includes some of East Africa’s largest banks, regional hotel chains, insurance, education institutions, ISPs and several government ministries, institutions and agencies. Hello Uganda! 71 countries and counting … welcome Uganda to Spearline fixed line testing! We are delighted to announce that Uganda has joined our list of certified countries for fixed-line testing.

JetClosing raises $8.5M as pandemic highlights demand for digital title and escrow service


The company charges a flat escrow fee to both sides for each transaction and makes additional revenue on issuing owners and lenders title insurance policies. JetClosing is now licensed to operate in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington.

Top 10 Quotes About Cloud Security

SecureWorld News

He can take his own credit card and buy some licenses and connect online. And part of that is going to be your cyber liability insurance. Are you looking for relevant quotes about security in the cloud to help frame your thoughts or frame a discussion on the topic?

You've Had an Automobile Accident: Multi-Source Identity to the Rescue

Phil Windley

Both Alice and Bob have a number of credentials in their digital wallets that they control that will be important in creating the report: Proof of insurance issued by their respective insurance companies. Driver's license issued by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) in Alice's case and the DMV in Bob's. The exchange works regardless of the fact that Alice and Bob use different insurance companies. Summary: The real world is messy and unpredictable.

GeekWire Summit: Telehealth experts say COVID-19 created an opportunity to reimagine healthcare


The pandemic helped raise awareness and demand for the remote delivery of healthcare, but even more important, said the panelists, was the pressure it put on government regulations and the insurance industry to support telehealth.

The FAA is opening the door a crack for self-flying drones like Skydio to reach their potential

The Verge

It’s not the first time the FAA has granted a BVLOS waiver; the agency has granted limited waivers since the first drone rules rolled out, but early waivers were often for a single flight or series of flights by a licensed pilot who’d applied months in advance. But now, we’re talking about a waiver for a consumer-grade drone, under the standard Part 107 license anyone can apply for to start a drone business, that applies across an entire state for multiple years at a time.

Best Uber alternatives


And then, to ensure the safety of its passengers, the company provides liability insurance worth 1 million dollars. Unlike with Uber, taxis under this app are licensed making sure that users won’t be subjected to price hikes when there is a high demand, like during rush hour.

Self-service: From the living room to the enterprise


Individuals also can arrange insurance with one click. Because all the systems are interlinked, a manager can see which employees he is responsible for, which applications these employees use and the total licensing costs are for that usage. By Robert Doswell. It’s now common practice to perform a variety of banking tasks from home. Health records can be viewed securely from any device in the world with a web connection.

Porch makes stock market debut, raising $322M to fuel its ambitions in home services technology


It makes money from software licenses and transaction fees that it receives when connecting homebuyers to movers, insurance agents, home automation and security firms, TV/internet companies and other service providers.

Authentic Digital Relationships

Phil Windley

Both Alice and Bob have a number of credentials that will be necessary to create the report: Proof of insurance issued by their respective insurance companies. Driver's license, potentially from a different agencies than the one who registers cars and potentially in different states.

The Driving Force Behind Autonomous and Connected Vehicles

Perficient - Digital Transformation

Findings from an August 2017 report released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and Highway Loss Data Institute indicate that lane departure and blind spot detection systems are preventing crashes. People with disabilities, or those who have lost cognitive privileges or even their driver’s licenses, such as the elderly, could also benefit from driverless cars. The benefits of driverless cars are limitless. According to the United Nations , each year 1.25

My War On Wallets

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Gentlemen, Check Your Wallets  If your wallet is like mine, here are the contents: - ID: a Massachusetts driver’s license, my employee ID (photo, name, ID number). - Example #1: I walk into my doctor’s office, and present my health insurance ID card.    I get pulled over by a friendly officer of the law, and asked to show (a) my drivers license, (b) proof of vehicle registration, and (c) proof of insurance

Kitty Hawk abandons its Flyer project, lays off dozens

The Verge

TechCrunch reports that a few Flyer staff will be brought over to the Heaviside project, and the rest will walk away with 20 weeks of pay, annual bonuses, and will have their health insurance covered through the end of the year. Launched in 2015 but revealed in 2017, Kitty Hawk promoted that the Flyer would be so simple to fly that people wouldn’t need a pilot’s license. On a single day, we trained 50 new novice Flyer pilots, none of whom were licensed. Image: Kitty Hawk.

Tackling Total Cost of Ownership

CIO Dashboard

Software Licenses (one-time). Insurance. One of our insurance clients introduced new CRM and lead management systems but paid little attention to user adoption sensitivity. cc licensed flickr photo shared by AgentAkit. Guest post by Sean Sell. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis is intended to determine the lifetime costs of acquiring, operating, and changing something.

Big Data: The Hadoop Business Case


When including the cost of software, hardware, and licensing/support, the cost per terabyte (TB) of an MPP system is estimated at tens of thousands of dollars [4]. General purpose solutions, like the Hadoop ecosystem, deliver an economical way of storing, pre-processing and/or summarizing these data sets and streams, thereby minimizing the unchecked growth in commercial licensing investments within your enterprise. By Jeremy Glesner.

You Aren’t Using a Cloud Platform

CIO Dashboard

One insurance CEO asked for a summary of the hype vs. reality as we see it. More competitors in enterprise apps/ERP/CRM field; Much more office automation in the cloud; Some industry apps mature (ie Exigen /Insurance). cc licensed flickr photo shared by mikebaird. I’m pretty sure that in larger companies, aside from the internal use of virtual machines that are mis-labeled as cloud computing, the cloud wave is a wave of talk.

SMB 66

Thoughts on IT Cost Cutting

CIO Dashboard

During a recent business re-org, one of our long-time insurance clients took the opportunity to strengthen their enterprise IT function by centralizing it. HW/SW maintenance and 3rd party licenses, telecom, virtualization and open source. A major North American insurer analyzed its IT spend and was able to reallocate $300M in “non-discretionary” spend to strategic projects. cc licensed flickr photo shared by mullica.


Every student must know these hacks and tricks for college living


Driver’s license. Health insurance card. Moving to a campus is your first big step towards the adult life. The best what you can do is to pave the way to your study years. Prepare yourself to do everything on your own and be ready for any unexpected situation when you may need to paddle your own canoe. Someone thinks he or she is ready to overcome any troubles. However, it would be better to learn some pieces of advice on this topic. Get ready to college together with our tips!

A Low Code Option for the Complex Data World

Perficient Data & Analytics

With that car comes the purchase of a driver’s license, maybe some training costs to get it, new car insurance, and the acceptance of future purchases for gas and maintenance to use it. Let’s Go Car Shopping! When you go car shopping what is it that you’re looking for? Maybe a kid-hauler or maybe it’s a fun sports car now that they’re out of the house….but but either way you have something in mind and a price range you’re trying to work in.

Adobe 49

Rent-a-Spook: private detective school

Course Index

They might work for insurance companies to investigate insurance fraud, snoop on medical professionals for medical malpractice, or engage in surveillance for marital investigations. but licensing in the U.S. What do private detectives actually do? Well, they don’t spend all their time solving murders. The police tend to deal with that.

Exploring Self-Sovereign Identity in India

Phil Windley

We talked with fetilizer distribution agents, farmers, families receiving food distribution, people running the ditribution centers, an insurance office at a local hospital, and a bank officer. And you likely have a relationship with the state, and credentials they issue representing your birth certificate or drivers license. Summary: I spent almost two weeks talking with people about self-sovereign identity in Switzerland and India.

What are the “true costs” of Business Intelligence?

mrc's Cup of Joe Blog

You’re paying for insurance, gas, maintenance, parking, car washes, accessories, etc… If you were to dive into a car purchase without calculating these “true costs”, you’d be in for a rude awakening. You must also factor in the differences in fees and licensing structures that may impact your cost over time. Licensing type. While many BI vendors license their software on a per-user/seat basis, it’s not the only licensing type.

Nano Server Image Builder


3- Review and accept the license terms in the next screen before you proceed to selecting the deployment type. 7- Next i setup WinRM to insure i can remotely manage the Nano server once it’s deployed. Hello folks, I was looking at some questions i got in my last user group sessions where we were discussing Microsoft Windows Server 2016. i was going to answer one of them in this post. how do you hardcode an IP address in Nano server?”.

5 Reasons Consumer Innovations Outpace the Enterprise

CIO Dashboard

He is also a world-class enterprise architect and has designed and directed the build of many successful financial services and insurance systems. cc licensed flickr photo shared by Alex Osterwalder. With all of the killer apps and data , social systems , creative visualization and different devices out there in the consumer space, why we aren’t making more and faster progress in adopting some of them in the companies where we work?

Every Citizen needs a Data Dossier

Chief Seattle Greek Blog

Examples: License Plate Recognition. Cities and other police forces collect large quantities of license plate scans which include location and time-of-day information. For example, Seattle Police deployed 12 police units and collected about 7 million license-plate records in one year, identifying 426 stolen cars and 3,768 parking scofflaws. incorrect notice of suspended driver’s license) should be allowed to correct that information. Schrier’s Data Dossier.

Analyst One Announces Top Analytical Technologies List


0xdata customers have built powerful domain specific predictive engines for Recommendations, Pricing and Outlier detection in Fraud & Insurance. Revolution Analytics is committed to fostering the growth of the R community, and offers free licenses of Revolution R Enterprise to academia. By Bob Gourley Editor’s note: This list first appeared on our site Analyst One. -bg.

Car-sharing returns to Seattle, but will it last? Testing AAA’s new GIG service amid a pandemic


The sign-up process took less than five minutes — scan a drivers license, take a selfie, enter credit card info, and you’re off. GIG covers gas and insurance fees. GIG CarShare now has 250 Toyota Prius hyrbid cars on Seattle’s streets. GeekWire Photo / Taylor Soper). Car-sharing is back. Seattleites have a new mobility option thanks to AAA, which just launched its GIG Car Share service in the Emerald City with 250 Toyota Prius hybrid vehicles on the streets.

5 Innovations for 2011

CIO Dashboard

Those might lie in real-time tracking for a logistics firm, or in conducting deep analysis of location-based information, such as the crime data for neighborhoods of highest risk exposure, for a property and casualty insurer. cc licensed flickr photo shared by Blprnt_Van.

The Digital Transformation Checklist (Part 2)

mrc's Cup of Joe Blog

photo credit: Unsplash via pixabay cc About 10 years ago, I remember speaking with someone who worked at an insurance company. Sure, the software offers a low per-user licensing option. Look at the licensing model. Summary: Digital transformation is a hot topic for many businesses these days. However, it’s a complex task. Many don’t know where to start, or what steps they must take in the process.

Fountainhead: Profiling questions nobody's asking re: cloud.


N Apps where software licensing prohibits cloud e.g. some software licensing may be tied to specific CPUs; some licensing may not permit virtualization (as is found in most clouds); certain licensing may not permit use outside of specific physical domains. Going to the cloud also provides some insurance that if (for whatever reason) compute demand increases, you have flexibility to respond. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Fountainhead.

IBM And VMware Tie Up: What Does It Mean?

Chuck's Blog - EMC

 Can these customers take their licenses to IBM's cloud, or do they have to buy again?  Think of this as "cloud insurance" if you will. Our IT industry has always adored "strategic relationships", we seem to read about several every week.  They can be convenient answers to painful gaps in individual strategies.   Some work out, most don't.   Hope springs eternal.

The Private Cloud Has Failed Us

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Equipment, licenses and labor is bought in bulk, but consumed as a service. Not all that long ago, I had to do some personal car stuff: license, registration renewal, etc. If your data center plans change, everything comes with cloud insurance. Perhaps there is no deeper disappointment in life than when a cherished concept fails to produce the desired results. Such is the case with the industry’s notion of private clouds.

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Should the OpenStack Community Embrace Amazon & Google?

Data Center Knowledge

AWS is the big player is the public cloud space, so it makes sense that CloudScaling would insure compatibility for these customers. JVC quickly licensed VHS, giving up control, while Sony didn’t take what the consumers wanted into account. About DCK. Advertise. Subscribe. Events. Cloud Computing. Should the OpenStack Community Embrace Amazon & Google? Should the OpenStack Community Embrace Amazon & Google? By: Jason Verge July 24th, 2013. Tweet.

Google 166

- No More Car Collisions or Speeding Tickets

Chief Seattle Greek Blog

BMW already connects most of its vehicles worldwide to collect performance data via Teleservices. GM’s Onstar has been around for a number of years. Insurance companies are starting to offer discounts for good drivers who consent to put a monitoring device in their vehicle to sense sudden starts and stops, speeding, and other actions which may be dangerous (or at least insurance companies think are dangerous). Seattle Car Accident courtesy Univ Of Washington.

Cheating VanMoof e-bikes will be slowed outside the US

The Verge

Bikes with more powerful specs require insurance and registration at a minimum, which is why the vast majority of e-bikes sold in Europe seem underpowered and slow to Americans accustomed to 750W motors. A VanMoof bike that used to be faster. Image: VanMoof.