Are you ready for state-sponsored zombie malware attacks?


In hindsight, the blog post should have been titled “Are you ready for state-sponsored zombie malware attacks?” Zombie malware combines the most deadly aspects of malware and zombie computers into one horrible mess. Typically malware gets […]. Artificial Intelligence CTO Cyber Security Cyber Threats Internet of Things News Robots Cybersecurity Malware

CIOs Need To Understand The Risk Of Internet Connected Devices

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CIOs need to ask the right questions before connecting everything to the internet Image Credit: Ryan. Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for a while, you may not be aware of this thing that is being called the “internet of things” (IOT).

Tips on How to Protect your Internet of Things Devices against Malware

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Here, we are going to discuss how to protect our Internet of Things devices against malware, as a large number of them is already infected, generally speaking

Website for DNS Organization ISC Down After Malware Discovery

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The website of the Internet Systems Consortium is down for maintenance after administrators find signs of a possible malware infection. Read More. Shared

Why Malware Prevention Should Be A Priority This Year


Information Technology Blog - - Why Malware Prevention Should Be A Priority This Year - Information Technology Blog. The internet has become such a daily part of everybody’s lives that it would be difficult to imagine life without it. What is Malware?

Winter Olympic ceremony struck by malware

IT Manager Daily

The 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, were hit with a malware attack on the opening night of the competition. 9 opening ceremony, several non-critical systems were attacked, including the Internet and television systems. The post Winter Olympic ceremony struck by malware appeared first on IT Manager Daily. In this week's e-newsletter Latest News & Views malware news Olympics

Malware Museum causes controversy among security pros

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The latter work (COFFSHOP.COM, artist unknown, if you’re keeping score) can be found at the Malware Museum, the brainchild of F-Secure Chief Research Officer Mikko Hypponen. The museum, part of the Internet Archive , houses DOS viruses from the 1980s and 1990s.

Conficker Used in New Wave of Hospital IoT Device Attacks

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Internet-connected medical devices such as MRI machines, CT scanners and dialysis pumps are increasingly being targeted by hacker seeking to steal patient medical records from hospitals. Malware IoT malwareWow Conficker is back like its 2009 … now targeting Hospital IoT devices. Check out threatpost’s article HERE or below.

Conficker Used in New Wave of Hospital IoT Device Attacks

Doctor Chaos

Internet-connected medical devices such as MRI machines, CT scanners and dialysis pumps are increasingly being targeted by hacker seeking to steal patient medical records from hospitals. Malware IoT malwareWow Conficker is back like its 2009 … now targeting Hospital IoT devices. Check out threatpost’s article HERE or below.

IoT malware starts showing destructive behavior

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Hackers have started adding data-wiping routines to malware that's designed to infect internet-of-things and other embedded devices. Researchers from Palo Alto Networks found a new malware program dubbed Amnesia that infects digital video recorders through a year-old vulnerability. Two attacks observed recently displayed this behavior but likely for different purposes.

DDoS attack from Mirai malware 'killing business' in Liberia

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The malware behind last month's massive internet disruption in the U.S. This week, a botnet powered by the Mirai malware has been launching distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on IP addresses in the African country, according to security researchers. These attacks are the same kind that briefly disrupted internet access across the U.S. They work by flooding internet connections with too much traffic, effectively forcing the services offline.

Top 5 Internet Security Tips


Internet security has become a hot topic of debate today, and his really comes as little surprise given the large amounts of devastating malware attacks users are experiencing all around the globe. Internet Protection Software.

Easy and Reliable Spyware & Malware Remover


Malware is an abbreviated term that stands for “malicious software.” What is Malware? There are various types of malware. Malware and spyware development has become popular in recent times due to the the lure of money that can be made through organized Internet crime.

6 Internet Security Tips For 2018


Information Technology Blog - - 6 Internet Security Tips For 2018 - Information Technology Blog. There are many other things that people need to adhere to in order to make sure that they keep themselves and their systems safe from harmful malware threats. Using Anti Malware Software.

Stop Malware Attacks and Online Identity Theft


Malware means a malicious or intrusive software application that is coded for executing on the targeted device without notifying its user or the owner. Acting as purposely malignant, malware is disguised as an authentic application available from an apparently trustworthy source.

New IoT malware targets 100,000 IP cameras via known flaw

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Over 100,000 internet-connected cameras may be falling prey to a new IoT malware that’s spreading through recently disclosed vulnerabilities in the products. The malware, called Persirai, has been found infecting Chinese-made wireless cameras since last month, security firm Trend Micro said on Tuesday. The malware does so by exploiting flaws in the cameras that a security researcher reported back in March.

IoT malware clashes in a botnet territory battle

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Mirai -- a notorious malware that's been enslaving IoT devices -- has competition. A rival piece of programming has been infecting some of the same easy-to-hack internet-of-things products, with a resiliency that surpasses Mirai, according to security researchers. Security researchers have dubbed the rival IoT malware Hajime, and since it was discovered more than six months ago, it's been spreading unabated and creating a botnet.

Exploit Kits 101 – How A Typical Exploit Kit Functions

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Exploit kits are typically not using targeted attacks meaning they try to get any system on the internet that is vulnerable to access their website and usually deliver ransomware. Hacking exploit hacking malwareA Exploit kit is collection of redirection pages, landing pages, exploits and payloads designed to automatically infect users for a revenue stream.

Malware and Antivirus Systems for Linux


Each computer system may have a malware or viruses, including Linux. It is recommended that users install these antivirus softwares on the Linux operating system that can be downloaded via Internet. There are many ways to prevent malware on the Linux operating systems.

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This Mirai malware vaccine could protect insecure IoT devices

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The hazard of unsophisticated and poorly secured Internet of Things (IoT) devices came to the front last year with the Mirai DDoS attack that involved nearly a million bots. Many of these devices remain a threat. Researchers have posed an original solution to the problem: Use the vulnerability of these devices to inject a white worm that secures the devices.

Shodan search engine starts unmasking malware command-and-control servers

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There's now a new tool that could allow companies to quickly block communications between malware programs and their frequently changing command-and-control servers. Threat intelligence company Recorded Future has partnered with Shodan, a search engine for internet-connected devices and services, to create a new online crawler called Malware Hunter.

Data Security and its Importance on the Internet


Information Technology Blog - - Data Security and its Importance on the Internet - Information Technology Blog. Stop Malware Attacks and Online Identity Theft. A common way for malware to attack is for it to find exploits and vulnerabilities in a system.

Businesses beware: Smartphone malware rises 400% in 2016, Nokia reports

Tech Republic Security

Android smartphones and Internet of Things devices are increasingly at risk of attack, according to a new Nokia report. Here's how to keep your business safe

Sophisticated malware possibly tied to recent ATM heists in Thailand

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Security researchers have found a sophisticated malware program that may have been used recently by a gang of hackers to steal more than US$350,000 from ATMs in Thailand. A sample of the new malware, dubbed Ripper, was uploaded to the VirusTotal database from an Internet Protocol address in Thailand last week, shortly before local media reported that hackers used malware to steal 12.29

Lessons Learned: Are you one of the Fortune 500’s Unfortunate 221?


According to information gathered from open Internet sources (especially pastebin-type sites), 44% of Fortune 500 companies have employees with leaked credentials on the open web.

The True Vulnerabilities of the Internet


When people think about dangers on the Internet, terms like malware, ransomware and others come to mind almost immediately. The True Vulnerabilities of the Internet: What Happened with Dyn?

Are you ready for a state-sponsored cyber attack?


Right after identity theft, malware is the next favorite cyber attack technique. Installing malware on user devices and Internet accessible servers has become commonplace today. Malware detection software has greatly improved in recent years so there’s no reason not to implement it. CTO Cyber Security News cyber attack MalwareJunaid Islam. Geopolitical tensions ensure that 2017 will be another big year for state-sponsored cyber attacks.

Kicking the Tires: Verisign DNS Firewall


The Announcement: Michael Kaczmarek of Verisign announced the Verisign DNS Firewall offering as: An easy-to-configure, cost effective managed cloud-based service that offers customers the ability to customize filtering to suit an organization’s unique needs in order to offer robust protection from unwanted content, malware and advanced persistent threats (APTs). CTO Cyber Security Cybersecurity DNS Domain Name System IP address Malware Security Verisign

Malware from Friday's DDoS attack continues to harass in short bursts

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It's still unclear who pulled off Friday's massive internet disruption, but the malware largely responsible for the cyber attack has since assaulted new targets -- possibly including video gamers. Since last Friday, botnets created by the Mirai malware have been launching distributed denial-of-service attacks at seemingly random targets, in short bursts, according to a security researcher who goes by the name MalwareTech.

Internet Security: Stay Ahead of Malicious Threats


Internet security has become a hot topic of debate today, and this really comes as little surprise given the large amounts of devastating malware attacks users are experiencing all around the globe.

Media fails to tell consumers about device flaws in Friday’s internet outage

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Hacked cameras, DVRs and other internet-connected consumer devices were conscripted by perpetrators who installed botnet malware, causing last Friday’s internet outages. The national media reported the event, but it failed to tell consumers what they need to know about buying those types of devices. For example, before making a purchase, consumers need to ask: Does the manufacturer routinely update this device with security patches?

The Importance of an Online Encryption Policy


Once your computer or mobile device is connected to the Internet, there’s no guarantee of protection and safety of your personal files, whether you’re using it as a consumer or a corporate user. It’s indispensible if your organization runs in: On-premise environment – if your software and other computing resources run within your premises, yet the Internet is still a requisite for file sharing and handling within two or more computers within your location.

DOE’s secret weapon: Supercomputers, Developers Scramble to Build NSA-Proof Email and more


APT malware NetTraveler learning new tricks – “An Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) called NetTraveler has been spotted making mischief again, but it appears to have learned a few new tricks since it was last spotted in June.

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The New Mobile Enterprise Reality

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Global mobile traffic now accounts for 15 percent of all internet traffic. People now spend more time on the Internet via apps than through their PC-based browser. Mobility & Communications BYOA it security malware mobility

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Over 100 DDoS botnets built using Linux malware for embedded devices

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LizardStresser, the DDoS malware for Linux systems written by the infamous Lizard Squad attacker group, was used over the past year to create over 100 botnets, some built almost exclusively from compromised Internet-of-Things devices. LizardStresser has two components: A client that runs on hacked Linux-based machines and a server used by attackers to control the clients.

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