Symantec Government Symposium 11 March 2014 at the Renaissance Hotel Washington DC


By Bob Gourley DC seems to have a cyber security related event every week. All those factors together make the Symantec Government Symposium of 11 March 2014 one to pay attention to. Here are details from the invite: Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to join 1500 IT leaders and innovators on March 11 to collaborate and discuss the top issues in IT security and management. Learn how agencies are turning to BYOD to ensure security and ROI.

White House Tightens Security for Web Access


On Monday, 8 June 2015, Tony Scott, Chief Information Officer for President Obama, issued a memorandum that requires all federal websites and services to switch to HTTPS , a more secure method of connection than plain HTTP , by December 31, 2016. As the birthplace of the Internet, the U.S. government has a special responsibility to support the Internet's long-term health and vitality. For sure, this is not a security silver bullet.


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We Are Living In The Age of the Mega-Breach


Every year for 19 Years Symantec has produced an Internet Security Threat Report, capturing insights which can inform defenses. Symantec is known for their Global Intelligence Network , a monitoring capability made up of more than 41 million attack sensors. Here is how they describe this network: Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network is made up of more than 41.5 Attackers are Turning to the Internet of Things. By Katie Kennedy.

Barracuda, ReversingLabs, Telefonica and Zscaler Join Cyber Threat Alliance


February 13, 2015 – Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT), McAfee Labs, Palo Alto Networks® (NYSE: PANW) and Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC), co-founders of the industry’s first cyber threat alliance, today announced that Barracuda Networks, Inc. By raising the industry''s collective actionable intelligence, alliance participants will be able to deliver greater security for individual customers and organizations. "We ABOUT MCAFEE LABS, PART OF INTEL SECURITY. ABOUT SYMANTEC. By Bob Gourley.

Fed Tech Roundup August 27


Northrop Grumman M5 Network Security Wins Eureka Prize for Outstanding Science for Safeguarding Australia. Symantec takes on the Internet of unsecured things - USPS Official: First Priority with Internet of Things is Cost Cutting - Nextgov. News Aircraft FAA Navy Symantec Unmanned aerial vehicleThe following are some of the hot topics in the federal technology ecosystem (from and ): Fed Tech Ticker.

Understanding the Security Risks of New Cloud Software


However, some concerns about cloud security risks appeared early in the industry and are still relevant today. All information traveling between your company network and the servers of your cloud provider exists, if only briefly at times, on the internet, where it could possibly be captured by malicious computers. Both providers and customers must ensure that all data transfers occur over secure channels. Carol M. Evenson.

LinkedIn Shuts Down Four XSS Flaws, Is wireless the Trojan horse in your network security? and more


IE zero-day vulnerability exploited more widely than previously thought - “A recently announced and yet-to-be-patched vulnerability that affects all versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) has been exploited in targeted attacks against organizations in Taiwan since the beginning of July, according to security researchers.” Is wireless the Trojan horse in your network security? Secure wireless networks can make local critical business applications possible.

RSA Conference 2015 – San Francisco 20-24 April 2015


Offering five full days of educational training from experienced industry practitioners, the RSA Conference is widely regarded as one of the world''s leading forums for enterprises and technical information security professionals. As the 2015 theme suggests, info security is an ever-changing industry. In order to stay ahead of threats, you need to challenge today’s security thinking. 23 in all, along with new tracks like C-Suite, Identity and Securing the Ecosystem.

Why you need a strong authentication platform

Network World

Common challenges Image by Pexels As the security landscape is changing, so are the business challenges that organizations are facing. According to Symantec ’s annual Internet Security Threat Report , up to 80 percent of breaches could be eliminated with strong authentication. With data breaches and information theft on the rise, it’s becoming even more crucial to protect your data from unwanted third parties.

CIT Hires Robert Stratton as MACH37 General Partner


He is widely known as a community-focused thought leader with special skills in enterprise technology and cyber security. Stratton adds experience in information security and entrepreneurship to MACH37™. His experience in the information security industry will be highly valuable as we move forward with the first cohort session.”. Stratton comes to MACH37™ from Polymathics, a technology startup advisory and security strategy firm. Cyber Security Startup News

Paying the WannaCry ransom will probably get you nothing. Here's why.

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Even after payment, the ransomware doesn’t automatically release your computer and decrypt your files, according to security researchers. Instead, victims have to wait and hope WannaCry’s developers will remotely free the hostage computer over the internet. The odds of getting back their files decrypted is very small," said Vikram Thakur, technical director at security firm Symantec.

AT&T, IBM, Nokia join to make IoT systems safer

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Some big players in security and the internet of things, including AT&T and Nokia, are joining forces to solve problems that they say make IoT vulnerable in many areas. The IoT Cybersecurity Alliance , formed Wednesday, also includes IBM, Symantec, Palo Alto Networks, and mobile security company Trustonic.

5 tips to stay ahead of ransomware threats

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According to Symantec's 2016 Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) , there were more than 4,000 ransomware attacks per day since Jan 1, 2016, a 300-percent increase over 2015, which saw an average 1,000 attacks per day, according to the ISTR. The incidents of ransomware -- especially crypto-ransomware, in which cybercriminals hack vulnerable systems, encrypt the data and hold it for ransom -- saw a huge spike in 2016, and the practice shows no signs of slowing down.

Technology News and Hot Topics


Regin, new computer spyware, discovered by Symantec. A leading computer security company says it has discovered one of the most sophisticated pieces of malicious software ever seen. Symantec says the bug, named Regin, was probably created by a government and has been used for six years against a range … Read more on BBC News. They understand the potential of the cloud, or the internet of things, but realize that these technologies cannot be … Read more on ZDNet.

The Sony Hack in Context


The good news for the moment is that the North Korean attack on Sony Pictures is in the headlines and has the nation discussing cyber security issues. Indeed, penetrations of corporate information systems are so widespread, persistent and severe that government agencies and cyber security firms such as Symantec independently estimate America is losing “hundreds of billions” of dollars in intellectual property per year. National Security Risks. By Chris Mellon.

Are next-generation firewalls legacy technology?

Network World

A few years ago, next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) came out of nowhere to become a network security staple. These devices combined traditional L3/L4 packet filtering with deep packet inspection, IPS, and other network security services along with knowledge about users and applications. This broad functionality packaging changed the network security paradigm—everyone needed, or at least wanted a NGFW at the perimeter or within the internal network.

The best malware protection software to guard you from online threats

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Additionally, you’ll have to decide whether you’re happy with antivirus and malware protection, or if you want extra layers of security like webcam protection, data encryption, password managers, and private VPNs. Bitdefender Total Security. Symantec Norton 360 Premium. Kaspersky Internet Security. Guard yourself with a wide-ranging suite of security, from password encryption to webcam protection — perfect for one person with a few devices.

Here are some of the best wireless routers you can buy


Today, almost all establishments use Wi-Fi for their Internet connection and rely on wireless routers to offer this access. For systems with high-speed internet connections, a wireless router can act as a firewall too. Netgear Nighthawk High-Security Wireless Router.

Help! I have a Virus!

Sean Daniel

If someone says you need something like McAfee, Symantec, or a paid Antivirus solution, you don’t. Those applications provide additional security, but the base prevention of viruses is included with Windows 8. IMPORTANT WINDOWS 7 NOTE: if you’re on Windows 7, then Windows Defender doesn’t do anti-virus, you’ll need to get Microsoft Security Essentials , which is a free download. A browser should open take you to your home page, and let you get on the Internet.

Top 10 Most-Destructive Computer Viruses


Conficker’s real purpose still confounds security experts. In the age of Internet banking and online shopping, a compromised identity is much more than just a name and social security number: it’s your address, date of birth, mother’s maiden name, and even your secret security questions (your first pet, your favorite teacher, or your best friend from grade school). Security Server

Lost In Translation? - Chuck's Blog

Chuck's Blog - EMC

At EMC, we work with tape, we interoperate with tape but again our investment strategy is to invest in growth markets so  -- for example -- we were very early in flash, in virtualization, in security, in big data analytics.  Several competitors are doing better than EMC in backup software (CommVault, Symantec, Veeam, etc.) We have publicly announced that we're very interested in investing in next-generation security. security. Chucks Blog.