Open-sourced Technology Levels the Playing Field Between Tech Giants and Startups


The contest between proprietary technology and open source has been ongoing for a decade.Today, some of the most premium technology is open-sourced and free. Even Google's highly prized Borg software is becoming open-sourced. Great benefits with open-source.

All You Need to Know About VMI for Mobile Apps


VMI stands for Virtual Mobile Infrastructure and basically, it provides end users with a highly effective and an efficient way to have access to delicate mobile applications and information without much hassle. It allows end users to have the organic and unadulterated mobile experience.

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Tech Titans To Visit At Geoint: Here is my take on the must-see firms on the expo floor


While there, be sure to ask about: Optensity (say hello to CEO Pam Arya) and Pentaho (great for connecting all info sources in the modern enterprise into an open integration framework). By Bob Gourley. This is a follow on to our post on planning your time at the Geoint Symposium.

Understanding Readium – Features, Architecture and Alternatives


The Open Source Foundation aims to develop technology for expediting the adoption of ePUB3 and the Open Web Platform by the Digital Publishing Industry. It strives to deliver leading-edge functionality that is fully specified, free, open, and interoperable.

MOBI to ePUB Conversion Made Easy with These 7 Converters


When it comes to MOBI eBook format, it is specialized for Kindle devices, and since Kindle is not an open-source format, the eReaders which support MOBI are not many. The MOBI file extension was created by Mobipocket for eBook readers (Kindle, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, etc.),

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The Best eBook Platforms for the Post-Readium Era


These are some of the recent, native Readium test apps on mobile platforms created to demonstrate the current Readium technology. A co-founder of the Readium Foundation, Bluefire helps all iOS and Android mobile apps to add ereader features to it.

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Fraunhofer’s new H.266 codec promises to cut the cost of streaming 4K video in half

The Verge

With VVC, Fraunhofer says you can get something far better than AVC and HEVC without any of the licensing headaches. Through a reduction of data requirements, H.266/VVC makes video transmission in mobile networks (where data capacity is limited) more efficient.

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Analyst One Announces Top Analytical Technologies List


H2O is the open source math & machine learning platform for speed and scale. ClearStory Data is making it easy for business users to find, combine and interactively analyze big, diverse data across first-party and third-party sources for immediate insights. Datameer’s Hadoop-based Big Data Analytics solution makes it easy for business users to discover insights in any data, regardless of its structure, size or source.

The Sovrin SSI Stack

Phil Windley

Summary: The Sovrin Identity Metasystem is based on a sophisticated stack of protocols, implemented in open-source code, backed and supported by hundreds of organizations, large and small, around the world.

Futurist conversations: Ross Dawson and Gerd Leonhard on Open vs Closed Systems

Trends in the Living Networks

Continuing our series of conversations between friend and fellow futurist Gerd Leonhard and myself, here are some discursive thoughts on open versus closed systems. Open systems are faster, more viral, have more innovation, and are more fun to work in.

IntelliDyne’s ITAC Published Top 10 Tech Trends In 2015 For Government Enterprise Infrastructure Management


LPTA Vs. Best Business Value – With Shared Services and Pay-Per-Use licensing, LPTA decisions will be judged on business metrics such as business impact, network efficiency and real-time reporting as part of a new evaluation paradigm. By Katie Kennedy.

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The ACLU is suing Los Angeles over its controversial scooter tracking system

The Verge

The lawsuit centers on the Los Angeles Department of Transportation’s use of a digital tool called the Mobility Data Specification program (MDS), which the agency created as a way to track and regulate electric scooters operating on its streets. Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images.

How to find the best low-code development platform: Ask these 9 questions

mrc's Cup of Joe Blog

Does the tool generate proprietary code or open-source code? Is the tool based on open source software or is it completely proprietary?”. Some are best at building mobile apps. Don’t assume that all licensing structures are created equal.

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Finding the Best ebook Creator | 10 Best ebook creation software


Sigil – Open-source application for eBook creation. Sigil is a free, open-source application that allows users to import and edit eBooks in text, HTML and ePUB format. Steps for eBook creation: Upload the source file (text, PDF, HTML) into the tool.

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Fountainhead: Will The "Stack Wars" Impact the Hybrid Cloud?


The open-sourced effort. The open-sourced effort, newly affiliated with the Apache Software Foundation. Already, Amazon has licensed its API to Eucalyptus (see James Statens blog "Has Amazon Solved Its Private Cloud Dilemma?" Mobility.

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Choosing LambdaTest for Selenium Automation


When executing it, we will see how a browser opens on our screen and, without touching anything; the actions that have been previously programmed are carried out. It is an open source software under the Apache 2.0 license that can be downloaded and used free of charge.

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Under the Hood of Amazon EC2 Container Service

All Things Distributed

The agent is written in Go, has a minimal footprint, and is available on GitHub under an Apache license. This key/value store acts as the single source of truth for all information on the cluster (state, and all changes to state transitions) are entered and stored here.

Herding Kangaroos - A Screw's Loose

A Screw's Loose

I spend a lot of time talking to EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) vendors these days. Previously these were all MDM (Mobile Device Management) vendors, but as that acronym has started to lose some buzz they decided a name change is in order. The Consumerization of IT (CoIT) has led them to realize that they can’t keep selling businesses licenses to their product that will sit on the shelf unused due to the exorbitant control that IT would be exerting on a user’s device.

VMworld 2016 Day 2 Keynote

Scott Lowe

Preparing the end-user for the mobile-cloud era. Unified management for desktops and mobile. Buscemi talks briefly about Salesforce One and the broad collection of mobile apps available via Salesforce One, and then moves into a live demo (showing off a sales-focused mobile application). There’s a brief mention of VMware Fusion and VMware Workstation (including mention of free licenses for VMworld app users), but quickly moves on to VMware Horizon.

What is Web 3.0?


And I think what Web 3 comes out of, cause the most interesting of all the candidates is mobile, but it’s kind of obvious, like mobile’s transforming the world, we always have in our pocket except for on stage. Relational databases are an important source. Business applications include: Facilitating the integration of information from mixed sources. Mobile Internet access. Mobile devices. Open Technologies. Open APIs and protocols.

Low-Code Development 101: Understanding the Basics

mrc's Cup of Joe Blog

It’s a common source of problems in many businesses. The demand for web and mobile business applications is rising. This opens the door to technological improvements, as IT can finally focus on areas that can push the business forward.

Paul Maritz Explains Pivotal - Chuck's Blog

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Paul described the approach as “strongly anchored in open source” – use enterprise-grade distributions of open source functionality when and where appropriate, or layer in more proprietary components on an as-needed basis. mobile enterprise. Chucks Blog.

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When Cloud Grew Up

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Coming off of Oracle Open World, the message was clear: cloud, cloud and more cloud. But in an enterprise world, cloud-native apps don't live in a vacuum: they often source data from existing databases, and use those same databases to capture system-of-record transactions.

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Pluggable Databases Vs. Database Virtualization - Chuck's Blog

Chuck's Blog - EMC

As part of Oracle Open World 2012, Oracle gave their first peek into how they're going to address what I would call "database virtualization concepts" (expressed in their terms as the need for multi-tenancy) in their core database products.  mobile enterprise.

Greenplum: Pushing The Boundaries Of The New Data Science.

Chuck's Blog - EMC

Greenplum Chorus Goes Open Source. That's right: the world's leading collaboration and productivity environment for data science professionals is now open sourced.    In this case, the motivation was clear: to create an open ecosystem around Chorus.

How protesters are turning the tables on police surveillance


And because of the public’s burgeoning surveillance capabilities, the media has been less willing to blindly accept police statements that contradict videos and photos from multiple sources. Open Sourced is made possible by the Omidyar Network.

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Six Trends that are transforming Living Online: Presentation at Influence conference - Trends in the Living Networks

Trends in the Living Networks

As importantly, 3G mobile technologies that require less power and thus can be used for extended periods by handheld devices will enable access to the Internet by anyone anywhere. The critical enabler here will be reasonable pricing of mobile data.

The promise and challenges of South Africa - Trends in the Living Networks

Trends in the Living Networks

Owning a mobile phones is now considered essential, with the poor not forgoing cell phones, but being prepared to spend 25% or more of their income on phone bills. As I’ve written earlier, mobile internet will be the foundation for connectivity for the entire continent.