T-Mobile breach exposed personal data of almost 50 million people

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Attackers captured the names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers and driver's license numbers of millions of current, former and potential T-Mobile customers

Fountainhead: Only in Silicon Valley: License Plate Sightings in the.


Only in Silicon Valley: License Plate Sightings in the Field. Mobile Work. (4). Mobility. (2). Social. (1). Only in Silicon Valley: License Plate Sightings in. Today at Citrix I'm helping others understand opportunities and pathways for mobility and cloud infrastructure. / /. skip to main | skip to sidebar. Fountainhead. Insights into Data Center Infrastructure, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing. Wednesday, February 6, 2013.


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Nintendo is shutting down its Dr. Mario mobile game

The Verge

Nintendo has announced that Dr. Mario World , a mobile take on the puzzle game series, will go out of service on November 1st, with sales of its in-app “diamond” currency ending today. percent of its revenue to “mobile and IP related income,” which includes licensing deals.

T-Mobile’s massive data breach leaked info for 5.3 million additional customers

The Verge

The news about T-Mobile’s latest data breach is only getting worse, as the company announced new details from its investigation. Now, T-Mobile has confirmed that for the 7.8 IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity and is a number that’s assigned to every mobile device.

nWay reveals official Olympics play-to-earn multiplayer game

Venture Beast

nWay has announced Olympic Games Jam: Beijing 2022, a play-to-earn licensed Olympic mobile game featuring tradable NFT pins. Read More.

T-Mobile: ‘We Know How the Hacker Did It’

SecureWorld News

We have new information on the T-Mobile data breach that compromised the personal information of millions of customers just a couple weeks ago. The personal information includes name, address, date of birth, driver's license information, and Social Security numbers.

T-Mobile investigating report of customer data breach that reportedly involves 100 million people

The Verge

T Mobile may have suffered a customer data breach | Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge. T-Mobile confirmed Sunday that it’s looking into an online forum post that claims to be selling a large trove of its customers’ sensitive data.

T-Mobile data breach exposed the personal info of more than 47 million people

The Verge

T-Mobile has released more information about its most recent data breach , and while the company’s findings fall short of the reported 100 million records, the numbers are staggering. In its last earnings report ( PDF ), T-Mobile said it had over 104 million customers.

Cloud, Mobile, Social and Cyber: 2015 Predictions That Will Rock The World (AGAIN!)

Cloud Musings

The worlds of cloud, mobile, social and cyber will continue expanding, permuting and recombining. Wearables will become the most impactful mobile device - BYOW will replace BYOD as the primary concern of enterprise IT managers. Social Media takes over - Social media will usurp other forms of marketing to become the leading tool for influence marketing and initial customer contact. Today the average Fortune 100 brand has 320 social media accounts.

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T-Mobile is giving customers a free year of Apple TV Plus

The Verge

T-Mobile has announced a new promotional perk for its customers: starting on August 25th, both new and existing subscribers to its Magenta and Magenta Max plans can get a year’s subscription to Apple TV Plus. Regular T-Mobile customers can do that, too, should they prefer.).

T-Mobile says 48 million current and former customers impacted by hack, offers free identity theft protection


Earlier this week, it was reported that a hacker was offering to sell T-Mobile customer data. They claimed to have information relating to 100 million accounts, asking 6 Bitcoin, around $270,000, for a subset that contained info on 30 million social security numbers and driver licenses

T-Mobile CEO calls latest data breach ‘humbling,’ claims it’s committed to security

The Verge

A recent T-Mobile data breach coughed up the information of more than 50 million people , including some who aren’t current customers or never were. This is T-Mobile’s fifth incident in four years.

T-Mobile says unauthorized access to its data occurred, not clear if customer info involved

The Verge

T Mobile data breach | Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge. Following a weekend report that its servers had been breached , T-Mobile said Monday that unauthorized access to some of its data occurred, but it had not yet determined whether personal customer data was involved. “We

What accelerates – and slows – the development of social networking mobile platforms - Trends in the Living Networks

Trends in the Living Networks

I’m happy that the journalist used what I felt were my most important comments in my interview for the article: But while initiatives in the US, Japan and Switzerland are flying thick and fast, Australias slow entry into the third-generation mobile market, and the prohibitive cost of mobile data downloads has meant that comparable services here remain thin on the ground, said Ross Dawson, the chairman of technology consultancy, Future Exploration Network.

The Death of Microsoft Office - When Will Collaborative Tools Disrupt?

Social, Agile and Transformation

Last week, Microsoft announced that mobile and tablet versions of its Office applications would be free. Most companies and enterprises spend a good deal of money yearly on user computing devices and Microsoft licenses. Now let''s say a number of those users are mobile, say the sales team. The question is, should we care? In the short term, the answer is yes. The new pricing enables IT to. cio data management data scientist enterprise 2.0

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Mobile social networking, meaning virtual networks bringing people physically together, will inevitably be a pervasive application - Trends in the Living Networks

Trends in the Living Networks

Arrington writes: A few years from now we’ll use our mobile devices to help us remember details of people we know, but not well. I see a parallel path to browser-based social networking. From its early beginnings with sixdegrees.com in 2000, it took until 2007 for social networking sites to work out the basics of what people found compelling and were comfortable with, leading to a broad-based uptake of social networking sites.

Marc Andreessen on the future of technology and implications for interactions between government and citizens


Gourley: Do you have any suggestions that can help us think through how automation plus AI change the social fabric and interactions between citizens and government? Lessons to draw from these regarding the future of interactions between citizens and government include better, more relevant provisioning of social services and health support from government, tailored to individuals. Also consider the application of AI and automation to constructs like the drivers license.

The role of specialist social networks for professionals: opening out communities of practice - Trends in the Living Networks

Trends in the Living Networks

It’s another issue to uncover which are the most relevant social networks for your professional life, and to use these effectively. As such, it often makes sense to belong to specialist social networks. Now that, over the last seven years or so, we have worked out the fundamentals of effective online social networking platforms, these are ripe to be applied to specialist domains. Licensed physicians go to each other for advice, and get access to relevant content.

6 Risk factors that publishers face without digital rights management


You can also amplify your marketing efforts via online and social media marketing and reach an extended audience across geographies and areas that do not have physical book stores. We are all aware of the time and effort that goes into creating high-quality ebooks and other online content.

Marc Andreessen on the future of technology and the nature of government services


Consider the many services that states are already moving online, like driver licenses and car registration. If government does not embrace it there is a high likelihood that citizens will use the power of the Internet and their applications to better mobilize against government. The next posts in this series will dive into ways automation, robotics, and AI can impact government service and the social fabric of interactions between citizens and government. By Bob Gourley.

Mobiles leapfrog the fixed internet in Africa - Trends in the Living Networks

Trends in the Living Networks

One of the many insights on this fascinating trip was how mobiles are leapfrogging the Internet across Africa. Mobiles have already leapfrogged fixed line telephony across the continent. Research done last year indicated that 85% of small businesses run by black people in South Africa rely solely on mobile phones, and 97% of people in Tanzania have access to a mobile phone compared to 28% for fixed lines.

MicroSoft: Still dominating in enterprise office automation


Here is how Microsoft describes themselves: Microsoft Corporation is engaged in developing, licensing and supporting a range of software products and services. The Company operates in five segments: Devices and Consumer (D&C) Licensing, D&C Hardware, D&C Other, Commercial Licensing, and Commercial Other. Microsoft's $26Bn LinkedIn Deal Begs 'Immaterial' Social Media Valuation Questions (forbes.com). public company, passes Exxon Mobil (geekwire.com).

Prepaid mobile airtime becomes currency in Africa – what happened to e-cash? - Trends in the Living Networks

Trends in the Living Networks

in Australia: Showcasing the best | Main | Particls switches on the power of RSS » Prepaid mobile airtime becomes currency in Africa – what happened to e-cash? Ross Dawson, May 28, 2007 3:17 PM US PT Om Malik has a very interesting article on how pre-paid mobile minutes are effectively becoming a currency across Africa. At the time I wrote about how mobiles are allowing Africa to leapfrog the fixed internet , and also about the potential and challenges of South Africa.

KITABOO – Providing Insightful Learning Analytics in an eBook Reader


For a particular title, you can view the total number of licenses, number of licenses distributed, and the remaining licenses. If you click on ‘Distributed,’ for example, it will show you the names of people who currently have the license for a particular title.

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Enterprise Twitter – or how to tap social networks for expertise without using email - Trends in the Living Networks

Trends in the Living Networks

About Ross Dawson Keynote Speaking/Strategy AHT Group Future Exploration Network The Insight Exchange Repyoot Recent Media Appearances « Mobile social networking, meaning virtual networks bringing people physically together, will inevitably be a pervasive application | Main | More media coverage of Enterprise 2.0 Sam Lawrence of Jive Software has done a nice piece titled Twitter: A two-way social computer , illustrating his ideas with the image above.

As protests spread across the country, mobile video creates mosaic of violence and tool for change


” Those early clashes were shared widely on social media, creating enormous pressure on Seattle Police to deescalate in the days that followed, and leading city leaders to sit down with organizers and make a series of concessions.

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How to Select the Best eBook Publishing Platform


Can use social media and eStores to promote, market & sell your eBook. Then comes the choice of devices like mobiles, tablets and laptops. But at the same time, it is also reasonable to go for a licensed subscription where you can renew your license at the end of the term validity.

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Video goggles will unleash mobile video - Trends in the Living Networks

Trends in the Living Networks

Once this is commonplace, mobile video and content will be unleashed. Permalink | View blog reactions | Comments (1) Categories : Technology trends Share this: Digg this | Reddit | StumbleUpon | Del.icio.us | Share on Facebook 1 Comments mobile video said: great blog, i also like mobile video! Recently commented on The Future of Sales is Social (the rise of social CRM) (3) Brian Vellmure (@CRMStrategies) wrote:Ross,Good stuff as always.

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Futurist conversations: Ross Dawson and Gerd Leonhard on Open vs Closed Systems

Trends in the Living Networks

Android within the platform is open – arguably too open – yet it competes with other mobile platforms it in fact so has boundaries. Facebook has become more open over time due to customer pressure, however now that Google+ has provided a ready way to export personal profiles that changes the competitive landscape in social networks. * Creative Commons provides more finely tuned ways to license content, enabling more innovation and richer creation.

10 Best eBook Creation Software for Mac Users


Moreover, your readers can easily access the eBook on multiple devices, thanks to its device-agnostic and mobile-responsive features. However, before exporting your manuscript (PDF) in ePUB, you’ll have to purchase the license for the software.

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Twitch now lets anyone host an online movie party with the Amazon Prime Video library

The Verge

Watch parties have taken off in general over the last few months as people stuck at home figure out ways to make watching TV shows and movies more social and interactive.

What is Web 3.0?


And I think what Web 3 comes out of, cause the most interesting of all the candidates is mobile, but it’s kind of obvious, like mobile’s transforming the world, we always have in our pocket except for on stage. It’s data that we generate explicitly, like putting into social networking platforms or blogs or tweets. Mobile Internet access. Mobile devices. Open data (Creative Commons, Open Data License, etc.).

How to Ensure Secure Distribution of Digital Books with DRM


Once you upload your eBook on a digital publishing platform , you will get the option to add DRM encryption and Social DRM, digital watermarking. The second is that you distribute the DRM-protected eBooks on a digital platform of your choice based on a licensing model or royalties.

Using DRM to Securely Distribute Textbooks Online


In this case, once you upload your digital textbooks, you will get the option to add DRM encryption, Social DRM, or digital watermarking. You can create a web store and license your eBooks to educational institutions who can in-turn distribute them to learners and instructors.

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How to Select the Best eBook Publishing Platform


Can use social media and eStores to promote, market & sell your eBook. Then comes the choice of devices like mobiles, tablets and laptops. Some vendors may sell their eBook publishing tool on an annual licensing basis or they would make a final sale where you can use the product endlessly. We would recommend going for a yearly license-based tool, as this way you can switch to another eBook publishing platform at the end of the year if you are not happy with the software.

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Facebook user’s quest to recover hacked business account highlights lack of customer service


Her experience highlights the perils of trying to reach customer service at giant social media platforms. This might include providing identification, such as an SMS code sent to a mobile number associated with the account or a photo of the user’s driver’s license.

With pandemic taking a toll on mental health, Joon Care raises $3.5M to help teens and young adults


The Joon Care app connects customers to a licensed youth-focused therapist. Joon Care is riding another pandemic trend as social distancing has accelerated demand for remote healthcare options. Joon Care co-founders Amy Mezulis and Josh Herst. Joon Care Photos).

Everyone will be able to clone their voice in the future

The Verge

These examples also frame some of the social and ethical dimensions of this technology. Bruce Willis, for example, has already licensed his image to be used as a visual deepfake in mobile phone ads in Russia. Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge.

Digital Environments Engaging in Non-Human Identities Require Separate Data Structures

SecureWorld News

Non-human identities include IoT and mobile devices, digital secrets, service accounts, and social media accounts. Secrets identities: Digital secrets include certificates, passwords, SSH keys, API keys, and license keys, etc.

VideoProc Review: Easy and Fast GoPro iPhone 4K Video Processor and Compressor


With VideoProc you can edit videos from the devices mentioned above in order to solve various problems: for example, you can convert the videos to a format that can be digested better by the PC or mobile devices for a more efficient and effective reproduction, or compress video disk size. For example, you can convert a 4K-to-HD video for playback on a mobile device, and change bitrates and frame rates by reducing the size of the storage space for playback, for example, on a smartphone.

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Former U.S. Intelligence Personnel Turn 'Hackers-for-Hire'

SecureWorld News

Prosecutors say, “despite being informed on several occasions” that the defendants’ work required a license to be issued, they pressed on anyway. companies, and to obtain unauthorized access to computers, like mobile phones, around the world, including in the United States.”.

Netflix thinks games matter more than buying movie studios

The Verge

Put another way, Netflix wants to be more like social apps than other streaming services. It plans to develop games for mobile first, though other formats may be considered down the line.

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5 Best Ads Revenue Boosting WordPress Plugins


It also offers you options for mobile advertisements. This plugin will cost you $47 with a single license to use on unlimited websites. You can easily display ads on AMP pages since this plugin supports AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).