Google commits $1M to new Linux Foundation open source security rewards program

Venture Beast

Google is sponsoring Secure Open Source (SOS) Rewards, a new open source security program hosted by the Linux Foundation. Read More.

Tech giants commit $10M annually to Open Source Security Foundation

Venture Beast

The Linux Foundation has received a cross-industry $10 million annual commitment to secure the software supply chain. Read More.


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Linux Foundation launches open source agriculture infrastructure project

Venture Beast

The Linux Foundation has launched AgStack, a new open source digital infrastructure project aimed at the agriculture industry. Read More.

Open source API gateway KrakenD lands at the Linux Foundation

Venture Beast

The Linux Foundation has added open source API gateway KrakenD to its arsenal of projects, where it will now be known as the Lura Project. Read More.

Google invests in open source security by funding Linux kernel developers

Venture Beast

Google announced today that it will underwrite the salaries for two developers to focus on Linux's fundamental security. Big Data Cloud Dev Enterprise Security VB Home Page category-/Computers & Electronics/Software Google linux Linux Foundation Linux Kernal Open source

Linux Foundation creates research division to study open source impact

Venture Beast

The Linux Foundation is creating a new research unit to provide greater insight into open source technology and the people creating it. Read More.

OpenSFF’s Allstar aims to fix vulnerabilities in open source projects

Venture Beast

Allstar, a new tool released by the Open Source Security Foundation, aims to automatically fix vulnerabilities in open source projects. Read More.

How the pandemic is accelerating enterprise open source adoption

Venture Beast

Enterprise IT teams increasingly shifted to open source software solutions in 2020 as they adapted to the pandemic's disruptions. Read More.

Amazon shifts Lumberyard to open source 3D game engine supported by 20 companies

Venture Beast

Amazon is contributing its Lumberyard game engine to open source, and it will be known as the Open 3D Engine. Read More. GamesBeat PC Gaming AccelByte Adobe Apocalypse Studios Audiokinetic AWS

Linux and open source: The biggest issue in 2020

Tech Republic Security

This year was rough for all involved--even Linux and open source didn't come through unscathed. See what Jack Wallen considers to be the biggest issue for Linux in 2020

Google-backed Scorecards bolsters open source security metrics with new checks

Venture Beast

Google and the OpenSSF have introduced a big update to its open source security Scorecards project, including a swathe of new checks. Cloud Dev Enterprise Security VB Home Page category-/Computers & Electronics/Software Google Linux Foundation Open source OpenSSF

Tech giants unite to drive ‘transformational’ open source eBPF projects

Venture Beast

Big Data Cloud Enterprise Security VB Home Page category-/Computers & Electronics/Software eBPF eBPF Foundation Facebook Google linux Linux Foundation Microsoft Netflix the linux foundation

Facebook contributes Ent project to the Linux Foundation

Venture Beast

Facebook announced that it has transferred governance of Ent, an open source entity framework, to the Linux Foundation. Dev VB Home Page app development Ent entity framework Facebook Linux Foundation Open source

Linux 103

Google stakes new Secure Open Source rewards program for developers with $1M seed money

Tech Republic Security

The SOS program, run by the Linux Foundation, will reward developers with potentially more than $10,000 for enhancing the security of critical open source software

Embracing Open Source Workloads with Windows Server 2016

IT Pros Rock!

You may be surprised to learn that Microsoft has embraced open source in Windows Server 2016 and across applications and development tools. Watch this video learn how you can work with Linux and other Open Source platforms and applications with Windows Server 2016. Running Open Source Workloads with Windows Server 2016. [ 2:05 ] What are some of the advantages to “mixing and matching” Microsoft and Open Source technologies? [

The Linux Foundation takes control of open source Magma wireless ecosystem

Venture Beast

Linux Foundation takes control of open source Magma project from Facebook to advance adoption of 5G wireless networks. Big Data Cloud Commerce Dev Enterprise Mobile VB Home Page 5G category-/Computers & Electronics/Software Facebook Linux Foundation Magma wireless networks

Open-sourced Technology Levels the Playing Field Between Tech Giants and Startups


The contest between proprietary technology and open source has been ongoing for a decade.Today, some of the most premium technology is open-sourced and free. Even Google's highly prized Borg software is becoming open-sourced. After Google bowed to the pressure to make Borg an open source technology it’s safe to say open source is winning the tussle. Government push for open source software.

Deck and resources: Open Source + Microsoft Azure

IT Pros Rock!

Thank you to those who attended my webcast event on Open Source + Microsoft Azure last week. It was a great opportunity to discuss and demonstrate the broad support that's available on the Azure cloud platform for Open Source software solutions! In this article, I'm providing a copy of the deck we used for our session, as well as a set of additional resources that may be helpful in your continued learning and preparation around Open Source scenarios with Azure.

The Linux Foundation announces collective to enhance open source software security

Tech Republic Security

The newly formed Open Source Security Foundation includes titans in technology such as Google, Intel, Microsoft, IBM, and more

Linux Foundation Launches Open Source HPC Group

Data Center Knowledge

Recruits vendors to collaborate on open source HPC testing, software stack, configuration framework Read More. Shared

The cloud could drive open source out of the enterprise

David Linthicum

For a decade, there’s a question that just won’t go away: Is the cloud killing open source? Open source software has been the backbone of enterprise platforms for a long time—remember the LAMP stack of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Perl? But consuming open source software via the cloud could change open source’s enterprise footprint. [ Free’ open source is not cheaper.

IBM’s Power-ful open source gift: China wins big, and these are the losers


At the Linux Foundation’s Open Source Summit in San Diego, IBM announced it would open-source key technologies in its Power processor. based technology giant also revealed it would open-source reference designs for the Open Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface and Open Memory Interface, which the company described as architecture-agnostic technologies to maximize memory bandwidth […].

what every open source project needs


In the last few years open source has transformed the software industry. From Android to Wikipedia, open source is everywhere, but how does one succeed in it? While open source projects come in all shapes and sizes and all forms of governance, no matter what kind of project you’re a part of, there are a set of fundamentals that lead to success. What Every Successful Open Source Project Needs. Open Source is taking over the world.

TechNet Radio: (Part 1) Open Source + Azure: Building Linux in the Cloud

IT Pros Rock!

Keith Mayer and Tommy Patterson kick off a new series today on “ Open Source + Azure ” and in part 1 they cover the building blocks and how to for Linux in the Cloud with Microsoft Azure. [ 2:44 ] Open Source and Microsoft? 8:11 ] Why should someone pick Azure for their Open Source solutions? [ Microsoft Azure Platform Azure Open Source Windows Azure LINUX

Linux Foundation unveils new permissive license for open data collaboration

Venture Beast

The Linux Foundation has announced a new permissive license designed to help foster collaboration around open data for AI projects. Read More.

Microsoft: we were wrong about open source

The Verge

Microsoft has admitted it was wrong about open source, after the company battled it and Linux for years at the height of its desktop domination. Microsoft president Brad Smith now believes the company was wrong about open source. Image by Alex Castro / The Verge.

What is Microsoft doing with Linux? Everything you need to know about its plans for open source

Tech Republic Cloud

Microsoft is following the customers and the ecosystem, but pragmatic investment in Linux doesn't diminish the company's commitment to Windows

Linux Foundation: Open Source is Eating the Software World

Data Center Knowledge

OpenStack Summit: Competent management of open source software is a new must for modern enterprises Read More. Cloud Computing Enterprise

Linux Foundation: New Members Highlight Open Source Containers, Cloud

Data Center Knowledge

Says members underscore growing importance of open source in enterprise IT Read More. Shared

A new Linux Foundation open source signing tool could make secure software supply chains universal

Tech Republic Security

sigstore could eliminate the headaches associated with current software signing technology through public ledgers

Linux Foundation: Open Source Code Worth $5B

Data Center Knowledge

Report attempts to quantify value of collaborative code Read More. Shared

How to install and use the open source OTPClient 2FA tool on Linux

Tech Republic Security

If your desktop of choice is Linux, you don't have to be without a 2FA tool, thanks to OTPClient

Red Hat touts safety in future Linux OS for cars

Venture Beast

Red Hat is set to launch a new Linux-based operating system for road vehicles, with a focus squarely on safety and certification. Cloud Enterprise Security Transportation VB Home Page category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Operating Systems Exida linux Open source red hat

Linux 83

Microsoft PowerShell Goes Open Source

Data Center Knowledge

It will also now be available on Linux Read More. Shared

IBM Launches Linux Mainframes, Open Sources Mainframe Software

Data Center Knowledge

Unveils Open Mainframe Project as part of Linux Foundation at LinuxCon Read More. Enterprise IBM

SPDX is now official data standard for software bill of materials

Venture Beast

Cloud Dev Enterprise VB Home Page category-/Business & Industrial category-/Computers & Electronics/Software Linux Foundation Open source Software Package Data Exchange SPDX the linux foundation

Open source in 2020: The future looks bright

Tech Republic Cloud

Jack Wallen offers up predictions on open source, Linux, docker engines, automation, and more for the coming year

Linux Foundation debuts new, secure, open source cloud native access management software platform

Tech Republic Security

Based on the Gluu server, the Janssen Project prioritizes security and performance and features signing and encryption functionalities

1Password targets enterprise DevOps with Linux desktop app

Venture Beast

1Password has launched a desktop app for Linux. Cloud Consumer Dev Enterprise Security VB Home Page 1Password category-/Computers & Electronics/Software/Operating Systems linux Open source password management

Linux 72

IBM, Grillo, and the Linux Foundation partner on early earthquake detection systems

Venture Beast

IBM, the Linux Foundation, and Grillo have launched an initiative -- OpenEEW -- to promote the deployment of early earthquake detection systems. AI Big Data Business Cloud Dev Mobile ai artificial intelligence Grillo IBM Linux Foundation machine learning Open source software

Linux 109

How Linux Conquered the Data Center

Data Center Knowledge

Linux’s ubiquity in the data center wasn’t by design. Blades Featured Microsoft Oracle composable infrastructure Dirk Hohndel Erin Chapple Git history Linus Torvalds linux linux foundation Mark Hinkle open sourceIt was the effect of a powerful and unpredictable undercurrent. Read More.

Linux 199

Amazon's Lumberyard goes open source, it's now called Open 3D Engine, gets wider support


The Open 3D Foundation results from the collaboration of various developers, aiming to support open-source projects designed to improve the capabilities of 3D graphics, rendering, authoring, and development.

Linux Foundation and ONOS Partner on Open Source SDN and NFV Networks

Data Center Knowledge

Foundation to help carrier-grade open source SDN grow community Read More. Shared