Symantec Discovers Fourth Malware Strain Used in SolarWinds Attack


Cybersecurity firm Symantec has uncovered an additional piece of malware used in the SolarWinds attacks, becoming the fourth piece of malware associated with the wide-ranging compromise of the popular IT […]. News SolarWinds Symantec Symantec Endpoint Protection

Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks, McAfee and Symantec Found the Cyber Threat Alliance


In what could be a very virtuous trend, four of the cyber security industry’s leading tech vendors (Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks, McAfee and Symantec) have established a consortium focused on the furtherance of the art and science of cyber threat intelligence. It’s no longer enough to share and compare yesterday’s malware samples. McAfee and Symantec join Cyber Threat Alliance ( Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC ). By Bob Gourley.


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Unusual Malware May Infect IoT Devices to Protect Them: Symantec

Data Center Knowledge

Infected devices connect to peer-to-peer network that distributes threat updates Read More. Shared

Strider cyber attack group deploying malware for espionage

Computer Weekly

Symantec security researchers have uncovered a spying campaign by a previously unknown group using modular malware as stealthware

Cyber attacks on at least three Asian banks share malware links

Computer Weekly

Cyber attacks on banks in Bangladesh, Vietnam and the Philippines used the same malware, which has links to other attacks on banks in the region, reports Symantec

PcTechmate: Automating repair of malware ridden systems


The most recent reports from Symantec and McAfee have publicly said “Do not rely solely on our products to protect your computer.” Signature based solutions are being bypassed by malware every day. The pervasiveness and sophistication of modern malware is damaging computers to a point where expert int. Problem: Everyone is in agreement that today’s antivirus software alone is no longer a viable solution by itself.

Microsoft fights botnet after Office 365 malware attack


Participants in the cybersecurity data exchange group include FS-ISAC, Lumen’s Black Lotus Labs, ESET, Symantec, and NTT

Bidding Open on DHS’ $6B Security Hub, House report stresses sharing


Google Play store inundated with scam apps, Symantec says – “A steady stream of questionable applications is flowing daily into Google’s Play store for Android devices, according to security vendor Symantec.” ” Symantec believes that they have found at least 1200 malicious apps in the last seven months. By Ryan Kamauff Here are the top news and stories of the day.

Barracuda, ReversingLabs, Telefonica and Zscaler Join Cyber Threat Alliance


February 13, 2015 – Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT), McAfee Labs, Palo Alto Networks® (NYSE: PANW) and Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC), co-founders of the industry’s first cyber threat alliance, today announced that Barracuda Networks, Inc. ABOUT SYMANTEC. Symantec Corporation is an information protection expert that helps people, businesses and governments seeking the freedom to unlock the opportunities technology brings -- anytime, anywhere. CTO Paloalto Symantec By Bob Gourley.

Shared malware code links SWIFT-related breaches at banks and North Korean hackers

Network World

Malware links suggest that North Korean hackers might be behind recent attacks against several Asian banks, including the theft of US$81 million from the Bangladesh central bank earlier this year. Security researchers from Symantec have found evidence that the malware used in the Bangladesh Bank cyberheist was used in targeted attacks against an unnamed bank in the Philippines.

Forget signatures for malware detection. SparkCognition says AI is 99% effective  

Network World

The notion of detecting malware by looking for malicious file signatures is obsolete. Depending on which source is cited, anywhere from 300,000 to one million new malware files are identified every day. Kaspersky Lab says it finds 323,000 files daily, AV-TEST claims to discover more than 390,000 new malicious programs every day, and Symantec says it uncovers almost a million new threats per day. This column is available in a weekly newsletter called IT Best Practices.

Recent malware attacks on Polish banks tied to wider hacking campaign

Network World

Malware attacks that recently put the Polish banking sector on alert were part of a larger campaign that targeted financial organizations from more than 30 countries. Researchers from Symantec and BAE Systems linked the malware used in the recently discovered Polish attack to similar attacks that have taken place since October in other countries.

The best malware protection software to guard you from online threats

Mashable VR

Additionally, you’ll have to decide whether you’re happy with antivirus and malware protection, or if you want extra layers of security like webcam protection, data encryption, password managers, and private VPNs. Symantec Norton 360 Premium. Norton 360 Premium certainly isn't cheap but it does offer just about everything you could want in malware protection. Get no-frills antivirus and malware protection at a rock-bottom price for just one device.

Microsoft disrupted Trickbot, a ‘prolific’ ransomware distributor and election security threat


The “malware-as-a-service” is used to serve nation-states and criminal networks, Microsoft said. based tech giant worked with FS-ISAC, ESET, Lumen’s Black Lotus Labs, NTT and Symantec, a division of Broadcom, to help disrupt Trickbot. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

How to fend off cyberattacks and data breaches

Network World

According to research conducted by Symantec , the number of cyberattacks against small businesses (companies with fewer than 250 employees) has been steadily growing over the last six years, with hackers specifically targeting employees (phishing).

This Android Trojan blocks the victim from alerting banks

Network World

Security vendor Symantec has noticed a “call-barring” function within newer versions of the Android.Fakebank.B malware family. The malware works by first scanning the phone for specific banking apps. A new Trojan that can steal your payment data will also try to stymie you from alerting your bank. By including this function, a hacker can delay the user from canceling any payment cards that have been compromised, the company said in a blog post.

Second group of hackers found also targeting SWIFT users

Network World

Hong Kong, Australia, and other countries, according to a Tuesday report from security firm Symantec. As part of their attacks, the hackers used malware to cover up records of fraudulent transactions made over SWIFT, preventing their victims from learning about the money theft. A second hacking group is also trying to rob banks by exploiting the SWIFT money transfer system, following a US$81 million heist in February that used a similar approach.

Does Next-Generation Anti-Virus Solve the Fatal Flaws of Anti-Virus?


Many of us in the community, myself included, have long said that anti-virus is dead and even a senior VP at Symantec has now admitted such. PCworld on Macrobased Malware. Microsoft on Macro Malware. Trendmicro on Macro Malware. Moreover, even in the context of attacks that are file-based, malware is increasingly encrypted or packed using obfuscation engines, and then unpacked or decrypted in memory when executed.

Invincea Names Former Verizon Terremark CISO as Chief Operating Officer


He also oversaw managed services as a vice president at VeriSign and Symantec, as a result of the company’s acquisition of Riptech. Invincea is the premier innovator in advanced malware threat detection, breach prevention and forensic threat intelligence. By Bob Gourley. The news below was posted at Norm Laudermilch Brings 25 Years of Technical and Executive Experience Spanning Fortune 50 Companies and Security Startups.

RSA Conference 2015 – San Francisco 20-24 April 2015


Meet representatives from over 400 companies, including sponsors such as Microsoft, Intel, HP, Cisco, Symantec, IBM and more. RSA Conference 2015: Re-Think Your Approach to Malware Analysis By Leveraging Intelligence ( By Charles Hall. Offering five full days of educational training from experienced industry practitioners, the RSA Conference is widely regarded as one of the world''s leading forums for enterprises and technical information security professionals.

Understanding the Security Risks of New Cloud Software


The code they use is designed to escape detection by common anti-malware solutions and can lie dormant for days or weeks until an opportunity presents itself. Security companies like Blue Coat and Symantec have focused their efforts on advanced threat protection that integrates both local and cloud services into the same comprehensive security policy. Carol M. Evenson.

6 of the best antivirus software options for securing your online world

Mashable VR

Staying safe from viruses, malware, ransomware, and phishing threats is just the beginning when it comes to what a good antivirus software package can protect you from. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus has a great reputation for detecting viruses, malware, and pretty much all other nasties you might need to spot. Symantec Norton 360. A familiar name, Symantec Norton 360 will make the majority of its users feel safe and protected, even if the options are a double edged sword.

The Sony Hack in Context


Indeed, penetrations of corporate information systems are so widespread, persistent and severe that government agencies and cyber security firms such as Symantec independently estimate America is losing “hundreds of billions” of dollars in intellectual property per year. Criteria might include such things as double authentication, end point security, heuristic malware detection technology etc. By Chris Mellon.

Here are some of the best wireless routers you can buy


Symantec Norton Core Secure Wireless Router. The Symantec wireless router offers superior Wi-Fi connectivity with its MU-MIMO technology and 4×4 antennas. This powerful wireless router is designed to keep the malware at bay.

The Hacker Mind Podcast: Hacking Healthcare


CareFusion’s parent company Becton Dickinson responded, saying that all 14 hundred and 18 of the identified vulnerabilities were within third-party software applications including Windows XP and Symantec pcAnywhere, and others.

Top 10 Most-Destructive Computer Viruses


Computer viruses have come a long way from the early days of personal computers, when teenage hackers competed for bragging rights, creating malware designed for mischief or random mayhem. Now, the hackers have gone professional, and their ambitions have grown; rather than amateurs working out of their parents’ basement, malware creators are often part of an underworld criminal gang, or working directly for a foreign government or intelligence agency.