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Events of Interest To The Enterprise Technologist


Amazon Web Services will host our complimentary seventh annual Public Sector Summit for government, education and nonprofit organizations on June 20-21, 2016 in Washington, DC. If you are an event organizer and would like more information on media partnerships contact us here. Bob Gourley. The following are some of the events we are tracking in our CTO Events Calendar.

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4th Annual SAP NS2 Solutions Summit


The anticipation is that the 700+ attendees from government, business, research, media, and nonprofits will gain fresh insights from an all-star roster of speakers – as well as exclusive opportunities to see SAP's solutions in action, and to give back to U.S. SAP's annual Solutions Summit is an opportunity to engage and lead the dialogue that is grounded in perspectives from national security leaders such as yourself, on critical issues facing the U.S. national security community.

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Reset the Net Campaign


Fight for the Future , a nonprofit that advocates for digital rights and Internet freedom, is spearheading an anti- National Security Agency protest on June 5 th to Reset the Net. One peculiarity of the campaign is its lack of coverage from many mainstream media sources.

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Why IT Leads the Pack in Corporate Social Responsibility

Geneva Technical Services

And when customers are vocal on social media about certain causes, tech companies monitor those sentiments and try to act with that data in mind. Social media provides plenty of raw information for data analytics. However, some companies are using what’s buzzing on social media and news outlets as a way to direct their corporate social responsibility. Monitoring social media and current events only takes a little extra awareness.